Thursday, July 06, 2006


7 Random Facts About Me:
- When i am sick/tired i'll be really cranky.
- I miss being able to be really sarcastic coz now i'm sooo out of touch.
-Queen of procrastination, that's me
-i actually do like economics (does that make me weird or really weird???)
-I enjoy saying/doing the craziest stuff
-Everyday, I miss the people at SYC 2005, even though it was like more than 6 months ago
-my friends are the light of my life while my family is the rock

7 Things That Scares Me:
- God
- Not being able to meet my expectations of myself.
- Losing my identity
- not being able to cope with things in life
- losing my inner strength
- being without my friends and family
- the A levels. (seriously)

7 Random Music At The Moment:
- I wish i was a puck rocker with flowers in my hair, Sandi Thom
- do i make you proud, taylor hicks (believe it or not...)
- promiscuous, nelly furtado featuring timberland
- I write sins not tragedies, panic at the disco
- everytime we touch, piano version; cascada
- almost here, delta goodrem and bryan mcfadden
- life is wonderful, jason mraz

7 Things I Like:
- my (in dunno what condition) mp3 player
- my auntie's ayam masak merah!!! *sigh. just ate it yesterday* ==> actually most of the food she cook also lah. haha
- the library near my house. hehe.
- fiction books!!!!!!
- tv
- radio

7 Things I Say The Most:
- bullshit
-nonsense (coz i can't say bullshit at home)
- you are kidding me right?
- hmmm... i think so....
- what seh
- i'm bored
- do you think i care?

7 People To do this :
anybody who feels like it?? haha. can't really come up with a list.

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