Friday, July 28, 2006

this is the title....


sorry. hmmm... in a weird hyperish but not really mood.

yay!!! i've got new songs on my mp3 player!! thanks aaron....
*i write sins not tragedies!!!!*
*geek in the pink!!!*

meeting my syc friends later... going home reallllllly late today coz of that........ *whoops. need to call home and let them know* =) =) =)

sometimes i just don't deserve what is being given to me...... i am sorry to all those people whom i have deprived of opportunities since i can't take full advantage of all the oppprtunities given to me.................

i am happy that i am in IJ but i am soooo not too...

could life have been better somewhere else? is this part of fate or really a consequence of just my choices???

would i have had the same experiences somewhere else?????

it's not always about me is it.....

why do i waste the abilities that God has given to me???

WAKE UP GIRL!!! there's no more time for slacking and saying that tomorrow is soon enough....

why is it so easy to lose whatever momentum i once had...

MAYBE I'M NOT SMART................. MAYBE I'M JUST LUCKY..... has that thought ever occurred??

don't judge me by the little stuffs. don't be impressed when i am not impressed with myself.

i am constantly disappointed in myself. but i never make a move to change. what does that make me??

maybe i am just too sensitive

an onion is exposed when you peel away its skin.
an onion's inside is different from what its skin hints
an onion's colour is different from what you see outside.
i am like that onion.
don't peel away my skin.
i am not ready to be exposed when my skin is peeled.
i don't think you are ready to see what i am really like inside.
my inner colour is something i need to keep to myself. for now.
i am like an onion.
please don't peel away my skin.


this post is just something that needed to be written. before i explode. it's just what's running through my mind. the "poem" was something i wrote two days ago.

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