Monday, July 24, 2006


isn't 100 such a round number??? sigh. 100 days to a levels... (if you can trust the countdown thingy at my school.) freaky!!!

sooo... a really really short entry coming up... [s]what the hell lah. i don't have internet at home and they set REAP hmwk on MLG. now is 3.04pm and i have to do 2 full length essays. BY 5pm. when i would be fully occupied from 3.10-4.40. sheesh... [/s]

first: shout out to the pple i played pool with on 17/7: faiz, zul, filzah, wani, sufie, faizal, adib.
it was fun!! if not for the fact that a levels is coming up, we should go again. But we still haven't gone bowling!!!

second: yesterday's "bbq" with my 1st 3 mth frenz: wei ling, zara, yeda, joanne, rekha.
Go out again soon ok?? maybe to study???

that's all. malay class now...


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