Tuesday, March 14, 2006

updates =D


Anyway, i actually typed an update yesterday but my stupid computer decided to go crazy on me. So irritating :(

however, its ok!! coz i'm in a pretty good mood these past few days. So a lost update won't spoil it. Definitely :D

So here’s what has been happening the past 5 days since my last update.

Friday, 10/03/06:
Last day of term 1. yay!! Happy happy!! I mean, ya… while the holidays will have to be spent with studying coz of the upcoming block test but a one week break from school is still a one week break from school. Haha. Though it is actually quite a sad day too. Since it is my Malay teacher’s last day at school. After about six to seven years of teaching, she’s decided to retire and concentrate on her family. Oh wells… Cikgu suhana: I wish you all the best in your life and may everything work out really well for you. I (and all the other MLA students) will definitely miss you A LOT!!! But we’d rather you do something that makes you happy. Continue being the wonderful person you are!!! Her farewell party was fun!! hehe.

Saturday, 11/03/06:

Did my presentation for my SMU AS class. Sooooo cool. It was different presenting in front of those people from all the different schools. We were basically presenting on logical fallacies and my group presented on Ad Hominem, Ad populum and fallacy of accident. I think university life is definitely much much more interesting. In fact the fun I had presenting is kinda motivating me to work harder so that I can go to the uni and course of my choice. God willing, I will!! Anyway, the atmosphere was so casual and everybody (all my course mates from whatever JCs) was quite supportive lah. the AP programme has really given me an insight to university life. Happy that I made the decision to participate.

Sunday, 12/03/06:
Went out with my secondary student council friends. Yay!! JSS 21st SC, we sooo rawk! Haha. Missed you guys so much! It’s like the last time I saw most of them was at SLC last year. So this was a very long overdue reunion. We went for a drink and to chat with those who aren’t gg for the movie at TCC. So, there we were enjoying our respective drinks when the waitress accidentally spilt 2 drinks on wailon’s back. So poor thing!!! Funny though ;D
Image hosting by Photobucket
Us at TCC. (from left: nurul. Wing yan. Rudy. Wee Song. Marcus. Eugene. Serene Lim. Serene Wong. Wailon. Desmond. Chwee Peng. Me. Faiz)
So after that went to watch Date Movie. Damn stupid lah. As in funny and really, really, really lame. Hahaha. Parodies of so many other movies. Good for non-intellectual laughs lah. haha. Then had dinner at pizza hut. We suuuuper budget. Haha. Imagine, 11 people eat there, each person only paid $14. Initially, it was only like $9+ per person lah. But we found out that we were still hungry so… Bought more food. Hahahaha

Monday, 13/03/06:
Decided to be a naughty girl and skip Lit extra lesson. Tired lah. Woke up late. Haha. Ended up bumming around, studied econs and watched TV. Quite productive actually. As in my econs lah.

Today, 14/03/06:

Went to school for extra econs lecture. Went through essays etc. Quite useful to prepare for the upcoming tests. Also found out that Lit didn’t really do much yesterday. Oh well. Lucky I didn’t go? Going to watch the play Army Daze later. Can’t wait!

Okiez. That’s all for now!


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