Friday, February 17, 2006

my weird v-dae (update)

to the people who wants to know what goes on in my life, here are the more impt updates (basically, here's the stuff that i can remember....)

Valentine's Day. Thanks for all the gifts everyone! Hope my gift was ok :D
Soooooooo, nope. No V-dae date. hee. But I did have an interesting trip home................
Anyway, had PE last period. As always, it killed me. Like, i know I'm NOT fit. Must the teachers then still torture me by asking me to do PE? And guess what? For every silver or gold a student get for NAPFA, the school will be given $15 for whatever. Like, what the heck? But happy coz extra econs lesson cancelled. So was able to go home early.

Went home with Wei Chiang. Just happened to be going home together, sort of. Crazy guy. He keep on asking for a flower. (nt from me personally but generally...) So, i was fed-up right then i gave him a "flower". Just that i drew a flower on an ice-cream stick and gave it to him. hee... Haha. And he brought me to a "new place" :D It's the underground NTUC near civics centre? Yupz. I've never been there before you see. Bumped into Cheng Teng on the train home. Talked crap as usual and reminisce about times in JSS. *sigh* We were even saying how our "cliques" all have names. FaBuLouS, Flames etc. hee... (which reminds me.... we had a talk on friendships during Civics period. and we were supposed to reflect on friendships that meant a lot to us. Guess who mine was??? FaBuLouS lah. Who else? and Alfred too. I miss you guys soooo much! Love ya!) Anyway, saw a different side of Wei Chiang. Quite serious. Quite unlike him. *to wei chiang. hang in there okiez? all is not lost i'm sure.* Had quite an interesting conversation lah. and at Jurong East some person waved at him thinking we were on a date. So WEIRD! Mind you, it was not a date. Just went home part-way together. hahahaha. So that was my Valentine's Day. It was most probably the weirdest V-dae ever. heee...

Gotta start studying!!! A levels coming really really really soon. *sigh* and guess what? I'm gonna do well in it. So are all my friends ok?? Make sure we excel and then go to university together. Other innovians: remember what the teachers said on Thursday. We have a reputation and expectations to leave up too! Jiayou everyone!


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