Sunday, January 29, 2006

a quick one

For those who are wondering... yes i am still on my "sabbatical" Which is basically juz another excuse not to update frequently...

Memoirs of a Geisha was nice. Watched it on friday. The day we were supposed to "go bowling". Nope. I'm not angry at anybody. Neither is Wani. Juz disappointed... Anyway to my movie buddies, Wani, Lat, Hilwa, Hao Ren and Eileen Chew: Great watching Geisha with you guys! Watch another movie again?? haha.

Anyway, this post is actually dedicated to all my teachers, especially those that i owe homework too... (let's see.... 3 out of 5). Here goes:

Hey teachers!!!!
Really, really, really sorry for any homework that I've owed you guys. However, thanks to this 4 days of holiday, hopefully all my debts will be cleared by Wednesday. I will try to be a better student who does her homework all the time and also coz i wanna do really well in my A levels. Wish me luck teachers!!

And to all my friends/readers celebrating Chinese New Year:
Gong Xi Fa Cai. May the year be a prosperous one for you!


p/s: i realized that i have A LOT of lurk mode readers (readers who read but dun tag). I only find out when they make some comment regarding my blog..... Guys, if you do pop by/happen to stumble by please tag okiez? Thanks so much. =D

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