Tuesday, January 10, 2006


hey... Know it has been really boring coming to my blog since i haven't been updating... Okiez. I'm not gonna shut down the blog but i'm going to take a sabbatical. Basically, i won't be updating for a while... I'll try to update once a week. That's the most i can do.

I'm tooo busy. Seriously. School. Council. Homework. SMU. I'm just really glad orientation is over...
I'm really too worried about my grandfather to update....... He doesn't seem to be getting better..... i dunno... what if he doesn't????......
Finally, i'm just tired. And when i'm tired, i just don't have the mood to sit in front of the computer. So, i'll either read or watch tv.

Other than that... My life has been pretty great. Still do think about and miss the SYC peeps A LOT!! First week of skool was fine. Orientation went pretty well. SMU classes seems quite interesting. We'll see, won't we???

updating soon (i hope....)

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