Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a surprise night


So Nurul wanted to surprise Shirgi with my presence and Shirgi then "took revenge" by surprising Nurul with Bibi. hahahaha.

So, Nurul and Shir was supposed to meet up for dinner. Then Nurul sms-ed me asking me to join them as a surprise to Shir. When Shir asked Nurul to invite me too, Nurul lied and said that I cannot make it. Shir being Shir, was super surprised and had such a HUGE reaction when she saw me! hahahaha.

so... here's our super random photo-taking session in Giant. haha. of all places right?? Please ignore the fact that my hair was really messy. I mean, what's new? hahaha.

ARGH!!! the super slow connection *bleah* I'll post the pics later. Can't get photobucket. sheesh. Maybe tomorrow. I'm suddenly losing all mood to stay online. *bleah to me*


shirgi.bibi.nurul. ==> ask me for pics aite?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!! Ridiculous as it may seem, it's actually already number 1 on the German and UK Amazon charts. Wahahaha

Saturday, December 23, 2006

my baby :)

upSo... I told Marya that i'm a bit too lazy to upload the photos onto my blog. But I thought I should give my NEW baby some credit. So here's some photos taken at the Singapore Garden Festival with me and 2 fellow crazy people (Marya and Khairi!!) on my new baby the Sony Ericsson K618i.

Here's how my baby looks like except that she (yes, i'm sexist :P) is white:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The first ever photo taken with the camera:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
khairi while we were walking towards centrepoint in his standard cameraphone pose. I already have 2 pics of him looking like this :P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Lunch!! (or wadeva you call it when you are only eating lunch at 3++)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the 3 of us!! again. on khairi's cam.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Marya wishing she has such a pressed flowers lamp. (or lightbulb as i called it :P)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Khairi "dreamily" looking into the pond. hahahahaha.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
semangat berkampung :P we must have held that pose for about three to four minutes waiting for khairi to snap the pic. hahaha

other pretty photos from the Singapore Garden Festival (from my new baby's camera!):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

See what happens when you don't come along Mus???

Monday, December 18, 2006

SYC 06.

subtitle: and other unwelcomed news

Let me vent first alright?
My stupid uncle (by status) who is 22 years old and the oldest son is such an irresponsible ass. I don't know how i'm supposed to see him as an elder anymore. Who in the world would want to get married without notifying the family at least MONTHS in advance instead of days? And how about the teeny-weeny detail of him NOT being gainfully employed anywhere and not even able to take care of his mother and sisters yet still wants to get married to someone who already has a 1yr-old child? HIs father just passed away, his mother cannot work (50++ yrs old and sickly) and it's not as if the family has mountains of savings saved up. if he had told us earlier maybe we could have saved up a bit more or sth? and hello? What's the rush? As far as I know it's not a shot-gun thing. and the MAIN reason I'm freaking pissed is the consequences of his actions. His second sister who is 20 yrs old has to give up her poly education because the family cannot really afford it especially with these additions. Erm... Hello???? Doesn't he care about the fact that his sister is THROWING AWAY her future (albeit reluctantly) because of his stupid decision? Find a freaking job why don't you and put your sister through poly first before thinking about marriage? She deserves soooo much freaking more seeing as how she worked so hard to get be able to qualify to a poly from her ITE education. Bloody hell. You think it's easy to go from ITE to poly? He should know from personal experience that it's freaking hell not. And how about his youngest sister who is 15 this year?? What? stop at her N levels lah. Why study so hard if this is what happens anyway? Shit. I'm just so freaking pissed, disappointed, angry everything!! I mean, can't he think??? His sister's ONE chance at a brighter future and she sacrificed it. What the hell. Forget it. I'm just praying that for his sake, the marriage lasts. If not, I will strangle his freaking neck and make sure he regrets even knowing this girl that he's getting married to tomorrow.

Anyway, on to happier stuff.
SYC 2006 was fun fun fun!!
It's not better than SYC 2005 (slap such disloyal thoughts away) but it was fun in a different way. I loved hanging out with the SYC05 people as ACEs (ACE is the fancy name for facilitator) , meeting all the new SYC-ers and really regret not meeting more of them. But then, most of my time are concentrated on my malaysians and the group 1 people, seeing as I'm in-charge of them. Yay!!! My malaysians are just the GREATEST bunch of people. they are not angels but they are such a lovable bunch. I ENJOY every single minute i spend with them and I never regretted being assigned to them. I'm really sad to say that I personally do not have a picture of/with them :(

Group one was great too!! WE didn't win anything like some other group that was soooo kiasu (hint hint group 7) but it was such a great bunch of pple anyway. Once, obstacles was crossed after the 1st day, everybody more or less got along fine.

And guess what? Nights are not for sleeping. They are for bitching, gosssiping and practically everything else!! Last night of camp was the best. Slept for only 20 mins at most. Haha. too busy writing out messages and all that. too my roomies, Marya, Yani and Steph: You guys are the best!! Can't ask for better people to share a room/apartment with!! And to the 2 back door guys (Mus and Kelvin): Erm. Next time give a bit more advance warning aite? Especially Kelvin. Wahahahaha.

I cried on departure day. Not as badly as last year, but I cried. Especially when my Malaysians left. *sigh* I don't want to let them go!!!! I'm missing everybody still. I thank Allah everybody for making me such a lucky person that I get to experience this wonderful thing twice in my whole life.

I miss you!!


p/s one of my group girls, Jiny from Laos just sms-ed me and nearly made me cry again. *sigh* toooooo sweet.

another side note. While looking thru the SYC photo cds, I seem to notice a lot of photos of Shane. Is it just me or was the photographer spending a bit too much time on that guy...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
group 1: (top, from left) Ben, Jake, Syed, Chengju, Zahan, Gery, Mim, Syu,Kassym, Shasha, Wei Yew, Thearith.
(bottom, from left) Joyce, Neomi, Jiny, Dung, Hui Ying, Diyanah, me.
The lying down guy is Shane. You might have gotten a glimpse of him in this year's Star Awards as the guy who carries the trophies on stage. hahahaah.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the *ahem* brilliant ACEs (mostly) in white
(Front row, from left:) Siew Siew, the commander in chief!!; me, marya, yani, xiu jing, gen, anting,steph and Caryn(an intern, part of the working comm).
(Centre:) Kah Huay (another member of the working comm), Darren, Ben, Jaren, Justin, Leslie, Kelvin, mus, Wei Sheng (another intern in the working comm) and Mr Ong Boon Hwee (managing director of Temasek Holdings and STEP, i think....)
(Back): John De Roza (I also don't really know what's his position. Sth STEP related), Zhi Zhan, Khairi and Tristan.

There you go...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

prom and its pics

First of all. A record was broken last night at prom. For the first time ever, I actually took more about 50 pictures in one night. That includes playing wani's photographer (17 pics) and excludes photos i took with somebody else's camera. Which is a lot when i think of the no of times I used filziee's cam or ika's cam w/o using my own. And this includes at least 3 solo pics of myself. Hello... 3 is a lot for me ok? hahaha.

Anyway, the prom itself was unremarkable. There were only 6 of us wearing Victorian-ish clothes. Haha. But we were pretty high in demand when it comes to pictures!! and I don't look like me. What the heck. It's prom. haha. The make-up artist insisted on putting fake eye lashes on me to make it more "meletup" (explosive) coz I'm wearing that kinda dress. hahaha. Let's see. Prom dress+hair+make-up= $72. Like filziee said on her blog, how can people spend sooooo much on their prom??? sheesh.

Boo. Didn't win anything at the lucky draw. those who did: Congrats.

Speaking of congratulations, my heartiest goes out to our first ever, inaugural prom king and queen: Adeel and Sufie!! Yay!! Here's a pic (courtesy of filziee!!) :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The food was... food i guess. It's edible. But there is no way I'd say that it's FANTASTIC!! sigh...

And here's my fave pic of the night:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Don't ask me why. Just thought this is a great pic. yay Izyan! You should feel honoured you know... Haha.

So for the rest of the pics, just click here to go to my myspace(don't laugh wani) to see them.

Thanks to Swissotel Merchant Court for having us there and to filziee and family for having me over. yay!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

yet another one

this another one of my random entries. erm. that's really coz I have nothing to talk about. hahaha. So...

Prom is tomorrow. Just came back from collecting my prom dress. With a theme like masquerade of course I'm wearing something rather unusual. hahahah. Right... So filz. You confirm with Wani the final timing tmr and stuff and she'll let me know.

I'm pretty excited about SYC 2006!! yay! I shall see all (or at least most) of the Singaporeans involved on Fri. The rest of the people from all the other countries: see you guys on Sunday!! And a big hi to all the Malaysian participants from your facilitator :)

yup. that's all. all those having prom tomorrow (IJC, RJC, MJC, NYJC, NJC and I think there's one more school) have fun aite?


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ok fine. Many, many, many people have been asking me to update my blog. Here goes...

Let's begin with the exams!!
Right. For (most of) my friends the end of the exams was actually ONE week before mine. Lucky people. *sigh* So i did my final A level paper (that is Literature Paper 5 btw) on the 24th of Nov 2006. As of 1100 on that day, i stopped being identified by a series of numbers (3034/0051) and let the fun begins :). Or so I thought. I haven't really had a real break since that friday and I'm still darn tired lah. Sigh.

On the overall though, the exams wasn't bad. I guess. I belief that I can pass all my subjects, but i'm not sure how well i'd do. (By the way... I know my blog is super outdated. I'll update it and most likely get a new layout too...)

So. What have I been doing so far? Making myself tired!! hahaha.
Let's see:
24th Nov: JSS open house with Linnet and Hui Ying followed by Popular book sale at Expo with Fifi and Filziee. (whole day)

25th Nov: Belated birthday celebration for Bibi and just going out lah... haha. Bibi, Faiz, Lia, Alfred and me. :) So fun!! We haven't really hung out like that for a while. And of course, arguing over where there is a comfy starbucks in town when i told them we should have just stayed at Wisma. Hahahaha. In the end, went to TCC at cine where we brought back souvenirs that go beyond mere pictures. Right Faiz and Bibi? Wahahaha. Erm. Faiz. Can give me the link to download the photos?? thanks :) and i finally cleaned up my room!! Ok. Not really. I just chucked everything in the cupboard :P

26th Nov: My aunt and uncle's belated 18th anniversary celebration. Big party at the house. hahah. My cuteeeeeeeeee cousin came over again! Argh! I love love love her :D

27th Nov: Outing with my IJC clique.... supposed to be a BIG IJC MCS (kinda) bbq but in the end it was back to just the 7 of us. Went Seoul Garden-ing. haha. Filz forgot Faiz present!!! I'll post pics another time... Me, Wani and Filz really ate A LOT seh. more than the couple table. that would be fie and fai, zul and faiz. hahaha. Oh well... Should get that $23.50 worth right? Wondered how come we could actually eat so much. haha. In the end I had to help Wani with her ice-kacang. Wahaha.

Today: Went to watch Happy Feet!! My cousins have been pestering me to bring them go so I finally did. Love love love penguins :D

Ok. I'm tired now. still going out tmr. Erm. Are we still prom dress shopping wani and filz? and fifi? and there's that make a wish foundation volunteer orientation thing. Really hope i can stay home on Thurs. Coz I'll be going out (bright and early) on Fri for SYC prep. Oh well...

Have a nice trip Faiz (and Zul--later on that is) and happy holidays all!!

P/S. I've been using the old-school (as quoted from our Seoul Garden waiter cum impromptu photographer) disposable cameras so it's a bit hard to upload photos. I shall go collecting photos from friends and post it up soon :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

picture time

24th Oct:
Raya!! Here's what my family and I wore
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

27th Oct:
Yay!! My baby cousin came to visit. Here's me and her. (That's me with my new haircut by the way...)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

26th Oct:
Went to school for consultation, came home with Pizza materials
Here's what I made. I know they kinda all look alike but it's 5 different pizzas
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

28th Oct:
Raya-ing and studied on the go. Took pics but can't be bothered to post them. They are mostly pics of my baby cousin anyway...

29th Oct:
Did this entry and studied and help handle visitors.
cya guys! And all the best on Thurs.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


First of all:
I know it's a bit late but thanks for all the presents.
My IJC friends for the High School Musical soundtrack.... (then I can just save up for the new Clay Aiken album :P)
Bibi NurShakirrah for the necklace (you interpreter of pendants.... wahaha)
and my sister for the Sony Microvault tiny which is purple in colour. (My 2nd fave colour and I'm feeling quite purple-y nowadays anyway...)

Next thing:
It's so irritating to be standing in the foyer and using the computers there(which is what I'm doing now) The countdown board is just attracting attention, no matter how much I try not to look it is just calling to me lah. Anyway it's (for those who don't want to be reminded, please DO NOT read on) 21 days or 3 weekends to the A levels. WR have to be handed in on the 18th of Oct, OP is from 6-13 Nov, and please hand in GPF on the 13th of Nov.

OK. I should totally be studying now but i am (as you can see) killing time. Sigh.

Gotta go.


Monday, September 25, 2006


Go HADY!!!!!
Yay!! Support Hady people!!

Anyway, at skool now. Just got back my GP paper :( I passed but... not really what I want. *sigh*
Heard other people's comments on their econs paper 1....

ARGH!!! I am so freaking out can???
*deep breaths* I am trying not to, but I am freaking out. ARGH!!!!

Happy Birthday Faiz!!!
and Joel and Jocelyn Chia....


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Birthday Season

Wow!!! Don't know why but seems that everybody's birthdays are coming up all at once. These are ONLY the birthdays that I remember of the top of my head....

Last 10 days of September
19th: My cousin
20th: My sister, Mus
25th: Faiz, Joel
27th: Hui Wen
28th: Chia Hsien, Jun Wen
29th: Arjunan

1st: Me!!!! and Bash!!!!
2nd: Phebe
7th: Nadzirah
9th: Wani
16th: Lia
20th: Alex Lee
21st: Eric
30th: Wen Jin

1st: Sheryl
3rd: Sufie
15th: Bibi
20th: Ying Jie
28th: Cheng Teng

1st: See Wai
6th: Zhi Yong
7th: My brother....
12th: Cousin
14th: Aunt
20th: Shuhui
21st: Wei Kiat
28th: Cui Ping
29th: Alvin

I am very sure that there's a lot a lot more people i forgot .... Hmmm. Anybody I missed feel free to let me know so that I can feel in the blanks!! haha.

In the meantime:
To my sister.
Congratulations on turning 2* (she wouldn't want me to admit how old she is. but she's still in her early twenties. haha.) Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. All the best to you ya???
Best wishes from your sister,
Siti Rozianti!!!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

sleeping patterns


I should never sleep anytime before 11.30 pm.

I slept at 10.30pm on Friday night and guess what? I woke up at 3am and wasn't able to sleep again until 7.30am. Yup. While the rest of Singapore was sleeping, I was rattling around my house. Going to the kitchen, even switched on the tv and went online. Ended up reading until i finally fell asleep.

Stupid body clock! Seems that I really cannot sleep longer than 6 hours. Then when I finally fall asleep at 7.30, woke up again at 9am. By 1pm, I was so tired I crashed all the way until 3. So stupid lah.... Argh!!!!!!

ok. Bye!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i've lived through 38 of these 99 things

OK... I am so going random too!! yay!!!

Put numbers in the boxes instead of x's(ex. 1, 2, 3, 4,)
repost as"I have lived through_ of these 99 things. "

[1] I have read a book before
[] I have run more than 2 miles without stopping.
[ ] I have been to Canada.
[] I have been on some sort of sports team.
[2] I have watched cartoons for hours before
[3] I have tripped UP the stairs.
[ ] have fallen down an entire flight of stairs.
[ ] have been snowboarding/skiing.
[ ] I have played ping pong.
[4] I swam in the ocean. (technically, wasn't swimming but can count lah... haha)
[ ] I have been on a whale watch.
[5] I have seen fireworks.
[ ] I have seen a shooting star.
[ ] I have seen a meteor shower.
[6] I have almost drowned. (I can't swim so what do you expect??? happened at a class outing in Sentosa)
[] I have been so embarrassed I wanted todisappear.
[7] I have listened to one cd over & over & overagain.
[ ] I have had stitch(es).
[ ] I have licked a frozen pole and got stuck there.
[8] I have stayed up til 6am doing homeworkprojects. (and ended up taking early dismissal coz of that...)
[] I currently have a job.
[9] I have been ice skating.
[] I have been rollerblading.
[] I have fallen flat on my face.
[] I have tripped over my own two feet.
[ ] I have been in a fist fight.
[10] I have played videogames/com for more than 3hours straight.
[11] I have watched The Power Rangers before.
[ ] I do have attended Church regularly.
[12] I have played truth or dare. ( there was this period in sec 1 when we played it like all the time..)
[13] I have already had my 16th birthday.
[14] I have already had my 17th birthday.
[15] I've called someone stupid. And meant it.
[16] I've been in a verbal argument . (with a teacher somemore!!!)
[17] I've cried in school.
[ ] I've played basketball on a team.
[ ] I've played softball on a team.
[ ] I've played football on a team.
[ ] I've played soccer on a team.
[] I've done cheerleading on a team.
[ ] I've swam on a team.
[ ] I've been swimming more than 20 times in mylife.
[ ] I've bungee jumped.
[18] I've climbed a rock wall before.
[] I've lost more than $20.
[19] ive called myself an idiot
[20] I've called someone else an idiot
[21] i cried myself to sleep
[22] ihad (or have) pets.
[] I've owned a Spice Girls cd. and or tape
[] I've owned a Britney Spears cd
[] I've owned an N*Sync cd
[] I've owned a Backstreet Boys cd
[ ] I've mooned someone
[] I've sworn at someone in authority
[23] I've been in the schoolnewspaper / insights.
[] I've been on TV
[24] I've eaten sushi.
[ ] I've been on the other side of a waterfall
[25] I've watched all of the Lord of the Ringsmovies.
[26 ] I've watched all the Harry Potter movies. (and loved all of them!!!)
[ ] I've watched the 3 Stooges at least once.
[ ] I've watched "Newlyweds" Nick & Jessica.
[27] I've watched Looney Tunes before.
[ ] I've been stuffed into a locker
[] I've been called a geek.
[28] I've studied hard for a test and got a badgrade.
[29] I've not studied at all for a test and aced it.
[30] I've written poetry. (its bad poetry but who cares...)
[ ] I've been arrested
[31] I've been attracted to someone much older than me (it was stupid and lasted for no more than a few days!)
[] I've been tickled till I've cried
[] I've tickled someone else until they cried
[32] I've had / have siblings
[ ] I've been to a rock concert
[33] I've listened to classical music and enjoyed it
[34] I've been in a play (my stupid class play in pri 6 count??)
[ ] I've been picked last in gym class
[ ] I've been picked first in gym class or so
[ ] Ive been picked in that middle-range in gymclass.
[35] I've cried in front of my friends
[ ] I've read a book longer than 1,000 pages
[] I've freaked out over a sports game
[] i've vomited in public
[] I've washed someone else's vomit
[] I've ran away
[] I've had a stalker
[] I've had a fight with someone on txt
[] I've had a fight with someone face-to-face
[ ] I've been in a car accident
[36] I've forgiven someone who has done something bad to me
[] I've personally seen someone die
[37] I've been confronted by a police officer but got away(not exactlypolice... it was a security guard of ginza plaza)
[38] I've lost someone who meant the world

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I dunno what i am doing here. as in blogging. right now. at this time. Just feeling a little lost. a little aimless i guess. I am kinda missing a lot of pple. Totally random people that i don't normally think of... sheesh. don't even know why the random mood.... argh! ok forget it... i'll probably ramble on aimlessly again and nobody deserves to be subjected to that.

gotta go...


Thursday, September 07, 2006

breaking free from high school musical!!!

woohoo!!! love love love the movie and especially this song!!!!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!!! and they look so good together!



Saturday, September 02, 2006


this goes out to all you pple out there who has been asking me to update....

well. guess what??? nothing is going on in my life. how to update???

ok fine.

woohoo!! at least i wasn't the only one in my class to go skool on thurs!! i was so sad that that would be the case lah. aaron decided to come at the last min. wahaha.

hmmm.. birthday wishes to a few pple:
Ricca Melissa!! (31st August)
Ahmad Saleh (today... 2nd September!!!)
and Nadine Lim (also today!! yipee!!)

anyway, met up with my sec skool lit teacher with my Bibi on thurs. woohoo!! i went to town on thurs instead of studying!!! any IJ teachers want to express unhappiness at that???


oh ya!! the teachers' skit on thurs for us was NICE. cliched but nice. :)

fine. i actually did study on thurs. went studying at library@orchard! thanks for dinner girl! haha.

did a bit of studying yesterday and today. probably not enough but still studied ok?

oops!! have this really sick feeling that i gained weight!! argh!!!!!

ok. i am really bored and this is a really pointless entry. you pple shouldn't have read it.
YAY!!! i just managed to waste the time of a lot of people!! woohoo!! (not that a lot of pple read my blog but still.... hee... )

okiez. shall either study or sleep so that i can wake early tomorrow and study! (or at least make a really HUGE effort to)


on second thoughts i shall read my lit text while watching divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood!! sandra bullock is the BEST!!! woohoo!!

anyway, innovians who wants a quirky read about the going-ons in our school check out tristan's blog :
have fun!!

Monday, August 07, 2006


i am so pissed off its NOT funny....

(at least it made me laugh a bit.......)

just not a good day.... actually more like not a good past few days.....


and for those you who are wondering, nope. it is NOT PMS.
just everything getting to me i guess...

first i missed the bus. coz of that i had to walk and then miss the train. so ended up late. alighted at marsilling to take cab and was beaten to the taxi by some woman....... realized that i didn't do my work, and didn't bring my lit file....


then i tried to make myself feel better by typing out my presentation.... when it's nicely typed out i realized that the bloody printer system is down. what the hell.... not only are they charging us when we print out stuff (IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!), the system is always going down. i mean come on.... how are we going to get anything done????


maybe i am just tired. i do get cranky when i'm tired....

who am i fooling? i am tired all right. sick and tired of school. gosh. it seems like life would have no meaning if i totally flunk my a levels...

seriously, i don't intend to flunk. but teachers are giving me the impression that by not studying ENOUGH (based on their 15hour every saturday and another 15 every sunday definition) i am signalling the fact that i want to flunk.

thanks ah... you guys are making me feel like a super inadequate failure even before the exams come around. so encouraging...........

fine... i accept that i am to blame for the fact that i am not studying enough. but enough with the scare tactics already can? the more i hear it the more discouraged i get. and guess what??? that might mean i will just give up. who cares about a levels anyway? isn't it just 2 years out of the 70++++ you are expected to live??

well.......... i do care.

Friday, July 28, 2006

this is the title....


sorry. hmmm... in a weird hyperish but not really mood.

yay!!! i've got new songs on my mp3 player!! thanks aaron....
*i write sins not tragedies!!!!*
*geek in the pink!!!*

meeting my syc friends later... going home reallllllly late today coz of that........ *whoops. need to call home and let them know* =) =) =)

sometimes i just don't deserve what is being given to me...... i am sorry to all those people whom i have deprived of opportunities since i can't take full advantage of all the oppprtunities given to me.................

i am happy that i am in IJ but i am soooo not too...

could life have been better somewhere else? is this part of fate or really a consequence of just my choices???

would i have had the same experiences somewhere else?????

it's not always about me is it.....

why do i waste the abilities that God has given to me???

WAKE UP GIRL!!! there's no more time for slacking and saying that tomorrow is soon enough....

why is it so easy to lose whatever momentum i once had...

MAYBE I'M NOT SMART................. MAYBE I'M JUST LUCKY..... has that thought ever occurred??

don't judge me by the little stuffs. don't be impressed when i am not impressed with myself.

i am constantly disappointed in myself. but i never make a move to change. what does that make me??

maybe i am just too sensitive

an onion is exposed when you peel away its skin.
an onion's inside is different from what its skin hints
an onion's colour is different from what you see outside.
i am like that onion.
don't peel away my skin.
i am not ready to be exposed when my skin is peeled.
i don't think you are ready to see what i am really like inside.
my inner colour is something i need to keep to myself. for now.
i am like an onion.
please don't peel away my skin.


this post is just something that needed to be written. before i explode. it's just what's running through my mind. the "poem" was something i wrote two days ago.

Monday, July 24, 2006


isn't 100 such a round number??? sigh. 100 days to a levels... (if you can trust the countdown thingy at my school.) freaky!!!

sooo... a really really short entry coming up... [s]what the hell lah. i don't have internet at home and they set REAP hmwk on MLG. now is 3.04pm and i have to do 2 full length essays. BY 5pm. when i would be fully occupied from 3.10-4.40. sheesh... [/s]

first: shout out to the pple i played pool with on 17/7: faiz, zul, filzah, wani, sufie, faizal, adib.
it was fun!! if not for the fact that a levels is coming up, we should go again. But we still haven't gone bowling!!!

second: yesterday's "bbq" with my 1st 3 mth frenz: wei ling, zara, yeda, joanne, rekha.
Go out again soon ok?? maybe to study???

that's all. malay class now...


Thursday, July 06, 2006


7 Random Facts About Me:
- When i am sick/tired i'll be really cranky.
- I miss being able to be really sarcastic coz now i'm sooo out of touch.
-Queen of procrastination, that's me
-i actually do like economics (does that make me weird or really weird???)
-I enjoy saying/doing the craziest stuff
-Everyday, I miss the people at SYC 2005, even though it was like more than 6 months ago
-my friends are the light of my life while my family is the rock

7 Things That Scares Me:
- God
- Not being able to meet my expectations of myself.
- Losing my identity
- not being able to cope with things in life
- losing my inner strength
- being without my friends and family
- the A levels. (seriously)

7 Random Music At The Moment:
- I wish i was a puck rocker with flowers in my hair, Sandi Thom
- do i make you proud, taylor hicks (believe it or not...)
- promiscuous, nelly furtado featuring timberland
- I write sins not tragedies, panic at the disco
- everytime we touch, piano version; cascada
- almost here, delta goodrem and bryan mcfadden
- life is wonderful, jason mraz

7 Things I Like:
- my (in dunno what condition) mp3 player
- my auntie's ayam masak merah!!! *sigh. just ate it yesterday* ==> actually most of the food she cook also lah. haha
- the library near my house. hehe.
- fiction books!!!!!!
- tv
- radio

7 Things I Say The Most:
- bullshit
-nonsense (coz i can't say bullshit at home)
- you are kidding me right?
- hmmm... i think so....
- what seh
- i'm bored
- do you think i care?

7 People To do this :
anybody who feels like it?? haha. can't really come up with a list.

Monday, June 19, 2006


faiz... i'll do that thingy on your blog another day. haha
nope. my internet is still not back. in library now. wahahaha.

holidays now. booooooooooooo *thumbs down* such a boring holiday! haha. guess i am too used to spending my holidays in camps. ever since sec one. from sec one to JC1 i actually averaged about 3 camps per year. think i actually went to 4 camps in sec 3. this year not even a single camp prospect. (SLC, which i didn't go to anyway, wouldn't have counted...) hmmm... but i'm looking forward to helping out at SYC 2006. hopefully i can. hehe.

Never mind. guess i sounded crazy. as in who really likes going to camp right? (hmm.. i do..)

i am tired and brain dead. sigh.

malay A exam this fri. Economics and Literature exam when school re-opens next week. shit. i don't think i'm ready. i doubt i ever will be.

human organ donation sharing session today. it's interesting to hear the experiences of these people whose lives have been made better by human organ donation. to my malay friends: check out berita harian on 5th June 2006. there's an article called project M-18 in there at the page about school activities. That's the project i'm involved with right now. anyway, we were talking to these 3 people whose parents' lives were definitely saved thanks to a kidney transplant. however, hearing the other skool's campaign response is a bit scary. quite a few skool's campaigns weren't really very successful. whatever lah. our objective has definitely changed. It's now not to collect pledges but centred on creating awareness. hopefully from the awareness there will be more people moved to pledge their organs for donations. and not more people who would opt out of the human organ transplant act (HOTA) <== click to know more!!!!!!!

Working on the project itself is fun. you get to interact with the people from the other JCs who are also involved in the project. thanks hanlong for letting me know about the project :) I really admire Christine and her dedication to the project.

kk. gotta go home. still lotsa studying to do. sheesh.



Thursday, May 18, 2006


just found out that elliot did get voted out.



anyway, weekend coming up. yay!

school sports day tomorrow. Go Saggitarians!!!!!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006



hate not being able to update as and when i want to.


had a few thoughts over the weekend but i lost inspiration for it.


never mind. hang in there siti!!!!!!!! everything should be back to normal by next month.

*faints* sheesh. imagine the hols without internet. *sigh*

ah well. that would mean i have more time to study right? right

anyway, school "break" in one more week people!! (ok fine. slightly more than a week)
use the time to study hard ok? we shall prove to everybody that innova students are no losers and can pass the exams with flying colours! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!


(in school library now. going to study after this is posted. =D)

American Idol: who will be eliminated tmr???
(not elliot please!!!!!!!!)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


hey everyone.


i will however take every opportunity the school presents me on any one of my school computers to update this blog whenever I can.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey everyone.

So… I guess I spoke to soon just now. This afternoon during lunch, I told soupie and filziee that I won’t blog in until the end of this month. However, I reached home and I had this sudden urge to blog. *hears applauds and cheers* yay!

Hmmm… First: Doing the task set up by soupie.

If you have been tagged, you are to come up with 7 qualities of your perfect lover. Do specify the gender. Then list down, and tag, seven other bloggers on their pages. If you've been tagged, you need not do this again.

Gender: Male.

Hmmm… my perfect lover? Here goes:

1) Don’t have to be too good-looking or whatever. Just as long as he’s nice to my eye, that’s all that matters.
2) Know when to be there for me and when to leave me alone. No matter how much I love a person, I can’t survive being with him 24/7. call me weird or whatever, I’m just a gal who really values her personal space and extreme independence.
3) Somebody I am able to have interesting discussions with. Challenge my mind and don’t always give in to me. I’m not always right :D
4) Values me for who I am and not for who I’m not. I’m currently going through a lot of issues regarding my personal identity and I want someone who won’t try to make me into a different person.
5) Highly tolerant. I can be really impatient and so he must be somebody that can keep his own temper while calming me down.
6) Can make me laugh. That is really important. I love to laugh and I want somebody that can laugh with me.
7) Finally, most importantly, cherish me and make sure I know how much he cares for me everyday. I don’t have to be with him everyday, I just want to know that when he says he loves me and cares for me it is sincere and will always be that way. Instead of someone who will tell me one thing today and another thing tomorrow.

There. Done. And no. This is not in any way describing or referring to any particular person.


Next order of business:
PW results. Sigh. Gotta admit that they are a damn bloody big disappointment. But seriously, I think ask students alone should not shoulder the blame for the results. Yes, we may be the one that does the project but… the teachers were the ones guiding us. So, both parties should equally shoulder the blame. Its just that, how can our standards and that of all the other JCs be so different? The LARGE disparity between our two standards should not be possible if everything that we were taught were correct. (there’s something really wrong with the grammar of that sentence but, who cares…) I dunno. Good luck to the J1s. Hopefully the teachers would be able to organize better notes to help you guys out. Okiez. That’s all I’m gonna say on the subject. I’m moving on coz no matter how much I rant and complain and whatever, my results are not going to change. So, I just gotta live with it and work on my other subjects.

My analytical skills course at SMU is finally over. It has been a wonderful experience and the insight into university life have been very interesting. And professor Tan has been a wonderful teacher while my coursemates are great! All in all it has definitely been a rather unforgettable experience I should say. I strongly recommend my juniors to go for the programme next year. Yup!!

I had a little chat with a friend of mine that day regarding a mutual friend of ours. I was quite sad that the topic of conversation had to happen. As in, we were commenting about how this friend of ours seems have to have changed quite a lot. And my friend felt that the change is not really for the better. In a way, I do agree with my friend but on the other hand, my friendship with that friend of ours has not changed drastically in spite of the change. Or maybe its just me. Maybe I’m just willing to overlook the change just as long as we remain friends. Sigh. For those who are wondering, yes, you are not meant to understand this last paragraph. Its just me contemplating the issue.

Okiez. That’s all. Today has been quite an ok Monday for me. Hopefully the rest of the week will be just as great for me and all my readers out there. Love you guys!!


Friday, March 31, 2006

On a bored friday evening

Your Five Factor Personality Profile
You have low extroversion. You are quiet and reserved in most social situations.A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you.You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people.
You have medium conscientiousness.You're generally good at balancing work and play.When you need to buckle down, you can usually get tasks done.But you've been known to goof off when you know you can get away with it.

You have high agreeableness.You are easy to get along with, and you value harmony highly.Helpful and generous, you are willing to compromise with almost anyone.You give people the benefit of the doubt and don't mind giving someone a second chance.

You have low neuroticism.You are very emotionally stable and mentally together.Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly.Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure.

Openness to experience:
Your openness to new experiences is medium.You are generally broad minded when it come to new things.But if something crosses a moral line, there's no way you'll approve of it.You are suspicious of anything too wacky, though you do still consider creativity a virtue.

okiez. The orange stuff are sooooo true while i have doubts about the statements in green. heee.

Your Scholastic Strength Is Deep Thinking
You aren't afraid to delve head first into a difficult subject, with mastery as your goal.You are talented at adapting, motivating others, managing resources, and analyzing risk.
You should major in:
Foreign language

Argh!! Where's journalism???? sigh... Although theology, philosophy history, and foreign language is interesting.

Your Blog Should Be Purple
You're an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything.You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey.You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say.

I'm sure.....

Your True Love Is a Capricorn
Why you'll love a Capricorn:
Hard working and driven, a Capricorn will work overtime to win your heart.Be prepared to get wined and dined, even once you're convince that your Capricorn is the one!
Why a Capricorn will love you:
You don't rush things. You know it will take a while for a Capricorn to trust you, and you can wait.Social and outgoing, you can introduce normally shy Capricorn to a great circle of friends.

Any capricorns wanna apply? mwahahaha. but i must warn you that i'm pretty shy myself. Okiez. I'm kidding. not really looking for a bf now. wahaha.

Final one for the day:
You Are 28% Abnormal
You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul.
You are at medium risk for having a borderline personality. It is somewhat likely that you are a chaotic mess.
You are at low risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is unlikely that you are in love with your own reflection.
You are at medium risk for having a social phobia. It is somewhat likely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement.
You are at low risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is unlikely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.


boring days nowadays.
Don't even have anything to complain about.

Anyway, cross country on 29032006 was quite fun. Didn't run coz of council duties. Hee... Those people who called me a slacker, please take note that i was asked to do duty. Not that i pleaded to do duty. Obviously though, it isn't a hard task to convince me not to run but to do duty instead :D
Yay!!! Sagittarius won the cross-country this year again.

Life is so damn routine!!!!!

Anxious coz still haven't got back ANY of my exam results yet. Sheesh. teachers, PLEASE hurry up can?? Otherwise i will totally lose any motivation to study as i won't really have much of an idea of what to aim for. Like now. I'm just going through the motions.


Friday, March 24, 2006

details details

1.Bold the following words that are true about you,
2. GREEN! the things you wish were true,
3.add one thing true about you,
4.and then tag onetwothreefourFIVE more people.

I miss somebody right now.
I don't watch TV these days.
I own lots of books.
I wear glasses or contact lens.
I love to play video games.
I've tried marijuana.(it's heaven on earth!)
I've been in a threesome.
I've been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.
I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I curse sometimes.
I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.
I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
I'm TOTALLY smart.
I've broken someone's bones.
I'm paranoid sometimes.
I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost and scar-free.
I need money right now.
I love sushi.
I talk really,really fast/unclear.
I have long hair.
I have lost money in Las Vegas
I have at least one sibling.
I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past
I couldn't survive without Caller I.D.
I like the way i look.
I am usually pessimistic.
I have alot of mood swings. =p
I have a hidden talent.
I'm always hyper no matter how much sugar i have.
I have alot of friends.
I am currently single!
I have pecked someone of the same sex.
I enjoy talking on the phone.
I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants.
I love to shop.
Enjoy window shopping.
I would rather shop than eat.
I don't hate anyone. I dislike them.
I'm a pretty good dancer.
I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother.
I have a cell phone.
I believe in God.
I watch MTV on a daily basis.
I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months.
I've rejected someone before.
I have no idea what i want to do for the rest of my life.
I want to have children in the future.
I have changed a diaper before.
I've called the cops on a friend before.
I'm not allergy to anything.
I have a lot to learn.
I have been with someone at least 10 years older or younger.
I am shy around the opposite sex.
I have made a move a friend's significant past or crush in the past.
I own the "South Park" movie.
I would die for my best friends.
I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza.
I have used my sexuality to advance my career.
i love Michael Jackson, scandals and all.
Halloween is awesome because you get free candy.
I watch Spongebob Squarepants and i like it.
I have dated a close friend's ex.
I am happy at this moment! (:
I'm obsessed with guys.
I am punk rockish.
I am preppy.
I study for tests most of the time.
I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone i've ever met.
I can work on a car.
I love my job.
I am comfortable with who i am now. ;)
I have more than just my ears pierced.
I walk barefoot wherever i can.
I have jumped off a bridge.
I love sea turtles.
I spend ridiculous money on makeup.
Plan on achieving a major goal/dream.
I'm proficient in a musical instrument.
I worked at MacDonald's restaurant.
I hate office jobs.
I love sci-fi movies.
I think water rules.
I went college out of state.
I like sausages.
I love kisses.
I fall for the wrong people.
I adore bright colours.
I can't live without black eyeliner.
I don't know why the hell i just did this stupid thing.
I usually like covers more than originals.
I can pick up things with my toes.
I can't whistle.
I can move my tongues in waves, much like a snakes slithers.
I have ridden/owned a horse.
I still have every journal i've ever written in.
I can't stick to a diet.
I talk in my sleep.
I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distraction.
Climbing trees is a brilliant past-time.
I have jazz in my blood.
I wear a toe ring.
I have a tattoo.
I can't stand at LEAST one person i work with.
I am a caffeine junkie.
I cosplay or know what cosplaying is.
I have been to over 15 conventions.
I will collect anything, and the more nonsensical, the better.
I'm an artist.
I only clean my room when necessary.
I like a person of the same sex.
I love being happy.
I am an adrenaline junkie.
i have riden an elephant.
I love chocolates and crowns!
I go to school NOT for the sake of lessons.
I can't ride a bicycle.
i have/have tried to cut myself.
i think i'm the only person crazy enough to do this at 6 in the morning without any sleep for the night.
i feel crazy.
i love tomatoes!!
i like peanut butter on bananas.
Been told "you're on fire!".
I'm a netballer.
I believe in Serendipity.
I think the word 'RASPBERRY' is sexaaay!
im a bitch sumtimes.
love getting to know new people.

hmmm. haven't decide who to tag yet. get back 2 you guys another day. mwahaha

Monday, March 20, 2006

personal record


guess what? except for 1 1/2 hours, i haven't slept for about 36 hours. and counting! yup yup yup. mwahahaha. especially since i've got to study for econs. so. we'll see what time i'll finally crash. I wanna catch Gray's Anatomy too... heee

I really dunno what i'm running on. I can't believe i'm still awake and not crashing. weee... yay. okiez. studying for econs nw. and gonna go eat dinner. and study for malay too. sigh.

cya guys!!

FYI for those who dunno: i dun drink coffee. so i'm not having a caffeine rush either. I'm really surprise i'm still lucid. weee...

hmm. found out that this is my 100th post. yay! PARTY!!!!!! (sorry. kidding!)


p/s just in case some pple think i was out studying, i wasn't. i juz can't sleep.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


the newest addition to my family!!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Hi, :) My name is Nurul Juhairah Binte Jumaat (F)Born on 31 Jan 2006. Jumaat Bin Mohamed Nasir is my dad & Faridah Binte Jumaat is my mum.

hehe. argh! i just love babies. hahahahaha. =D


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

updates =D


Anyway, i actually typed an update yesterday but my stupid computer decided to go crazy on me. So irritating :(

however, its ok!! coz i'm in a pretty good mood these past few days. So a lost update won't spoil it. Definitely :D

So here’s what has been happening the past 5 days since my last update.

Friday, 10/03/06:
Last day of term 1. yay!! Happy happy!! I mean, ya… while the holidays will have to be spent with studying coz of the upcoming block test but a one week break from school is still a one week break from school. Haha. Though it is actually quite a sad day too. Since it is my Malay teacher’s last day at school. After about six to seven years of teaching, she’s decided to retire and concentrate on her family. Oh wells… Cikgu suhana: I wish you all the best in your life and may everything work out really well for you. I (and all the other MLA students) will definitely miss you A LOT!!! But we’d rather you do something that makes you happy. Continue being the wonderful person you are!!! Her farewell party was fun!! hehe.

Saturday, 11/03/06:

Did my presentation for my SMU AS class. Sooooo cool. It was different presenting in front of those people from all the different schools. We were basically presenting on logical fallacies and my group presented on Ad Hominem, Ad populum and fallacy of accident. I think university life is definitely much much more interesting. In fact the fun I had presenting is kinda motivating me to work harder so that I can go to the uni and course of my choice. God willing, I will!! Anyway, the atmosphere was so casual and everybody (all my course mates from whatever JCs) was quite supportive lah. the AP programme has really given me an insight to university life. Happy that I made the decision to participate.

Sunday, 12/03/06:
Went out with my secondary student council friends. Yay!! JSS 21st SC, we sooo rawk! Haha. Missed you guys so much! It’s like the last time I saw most of them was at SLC last year. So this was a very long overdue reunion. We went for a drink and to chat with those who aren’t gg for the movie at TCC. So, there we were enjoying our respective drinks when the waitress accidentally spilt 2 drinks on wailon’s back. So poor thing!!! Funny though ;D
Image hosting by Photobucket
Us at TCC. (from left: nurul. Wing yan. Rudy. Wee Song. Marcus. Eugene. Serene Lim. Serene Wong. Wailon. Desmond. Chwee Peng. Me. Faiz)
So after that went to watch Date Movie. Damn stupid lah. As in funny and really, really, really lame. Hahaha. Parodies of so many other movies. Good for non-intellectual laughs lah. haha. Then had dinner at pizza hut. We suuuuper budget. Haha. Imagine, 11 people eat there, each person only paid $14. Initially, it was only like $9+ per person lah. But we found out that we were still hungry so… Bought more food. Hahahaha

Monday, 13/03/06:
Decided to be a naughty girl and skip Lit extra lesson. Tired lah. Woke up late. Haha. Ended up bumming around, studied econs and watched TV. Quite productive actually. As in my econs lah.

Today, 14/03/06:

Went to school for extra econs lecture. Went through essays etc. Quite useful to prepare for the upcoming tests. Also found out that Lit didn’t really do much yesterday. Oh well. Lucky I didn’t go? Going to watch the play Army Daze later. Can’t wait!

Okiez. That’s all for now!


Thursday, March 09, 2006


siti + 09032006 = moody bitch.

Sorry to all the undeserved victims of my moodiness. Just not in a really good mood and is therefore cranky and moody. I love you guys!! Really sorry if i've hurt any of you or has been really abrupt to you etc.

tired out. Especially with the pressure of exams coming up. Sometimes i regret my decision to be a JC student who has to prepare for her A levels this year.


Monday, February 27, 2006

relationship between homework and health

Hi everyone. Here's my theory:

Premise 1.When you did do your homework to the best of your abilities, you will fall sick the next day.
Premise 2. When you did not bother to do your homework, you will probably be the healthiest person on earth the next day.

Therefore, from these 2 premises, I have reached 2 conclusions:
1. Homework and health has an inverse relationship.
2. To stay healthy, I should not do my homework.

As you can see, I'm a bitter girl who has fallen sick after doing my homework. *sigh*

streams of conciousness


wonder what people did online before there were wacky, funny, quirky blogs to read. =)
other than those who choose to spend their time on undesirable websites of course....

anyway, here's a list of blogs i like to read besides those by my usual friends:
1. seb This guy is one quirky writer and his is currently the blog i'm super addicted too. That's why he's first. Of course, there's also the fact that he hired me to be his Press Secretary........ =P

2. Tristan Okiez. he actually is a real friend. But (at the risk of inflating his ego) his blog is a wonderful read. Non-singaporeans might not understand some of his slang but it is still a good read. (tristan, plese do not brag about this.)

3. Martin there’s lots of links to a lot of interesting material from his blog. And he too write a lot of good stuff.

4. Practical Press If you wanna read good fiction on the net, here’s the place to go. The contributors are all good fiction writers and their stories are usually worth reading. One of my all time favourites would be a story written early last year (you’ve got to look through the archives for it) but here’s a link to part 1:

5. wayne santos A writer living in Singapore. Talks about life in Singapore when you are not local and also of life as a writer. Interesting personality.

6. buckGood for laughs!!

So, don’t hesitate to click on the links and enjoy reading the blogs! I’ll add more to the list soon.

Anyway, for those who are wondering why I am up so late(or early depending on ur perspective) I seem to have a touch of insomnia. Sheesh… School will so suck later... I'll probably be feeling sleepy then...


Sunday, February 19, 2006

reminiscing while i was bored

Look at what i did while i was supposed to be doing my homework:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Nice??? hee....

Love and miss you guys alot!!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

natural disasters

Seriously. What's going on? Why... Why the onslaught of natural disasters?

There's a reason for everything. Only Allah knows what is really going on. Please God, keep the world safe for us all. Please!


Friday, February 17, 2006

my weird v-dae (update)

to the people who wants to know what goes on in my life, here are the more impt updates (basically, here's the stuff that i can remember....)

Valentine's Day. Thanks for all the gifts everyone! Hope my gift was ok :D
Soooooooo, nope. No V-dae date. hee. But I did have an interesting trip home................
Anyway, had PE last period. As always, it killed me. Like, i know I'm NOT fit. Must the teachers then still torture me by asking me to do PE? And guess what? For every silver or gold a student get for NAPFA, the school will be given $15 for whatever. Like, what the heck? But happy coz extra econs lesson cancelled. So was able to go home early.

Went home with Wei Chiang. Just happened to be going home together, sort of. Crazy guy. He keep on asking for a flower. (nt from me personally but generally...) So, i was fed-up right then i gave him a "flower". Just that i drew a flower on an ice-cream stick and gave it to him. hee... Haha. And he brought me to a "new place" :D It's the underground NTUC near civics centre? Yupz. I've never been there before you see. Bumped into Cheng Teng on the train home. Talked crap as usual and reminisce about times in JSS. *sigh* We were even saying how our "cliques" all have names. FaBuLouS, Flames etc. hee... (which reminds me.... we had a talk on friendships during Civics period. and we were supposed to reflect on friendships that meant a lot to us. Guess who mine was??? FaBuLouS lah. Who else? and Alfred too. I miss you guys soooo much! Love ya!) Anyway, saw a different side of Wei Chiang. Quite serious. Quite unlike him. *to wei chiang. hang in there okiez? all is not lost i'm sure.* Had quite an interesting conversation lah. and at Jurong East some person waved at him thinking we were on a date. So WEIRD! Mind you, it was not a date. Just went home part-way together. hahahaha. So that was my Valentine's Day. It was most probably the weirdest V-dae ever. heee...

Gotta start studying!!! A levels coming really really really soon. *sigh* and guess what? I'm gonna do well in it. So are all my friends ok?? Make sure we excel and then go to university together. Other innovians: remember what the teachers said on Thursday. We have a reputation and expectations to leave up too! Jiayou everyone!


Sunday, January 29, 2006

a quick one

For those who are wondering... yes i am still on my "sabbatical" Which is basically juz another excuse not to update frequently...

Memoirs of a Geisha was nice. Watched it on friday. The day we were supposed to "go bowling". Nope. I'm not angry at anybody. Neither is Wani. Juz disappointed... Anyway to my movie buddies, Wani, Lat, Hilwa, Hao Ren and Eileen Chew: Great watching Geisha with you guys! Watch another movie again?? haha.

Anyway, this post is actually dedicated to all my teachers, especially those that i owe homework too... (let's see.... 3 out of 5). Here goes:

Hey teachers!!!!
Really, really, really sorry for any homework that I've owed you guys. However, thanks to this 4 days of holiday, hopefully all my debts will be cleared by Wednesday. I will try to be a better student who does her homework all the time and also coz i wanna do really well in my A levels. Wish me luck teachers!!

And to all my friends/readers celebrating Chinese New Year:
Gong Xi Fa Cai. May the year be a prosperous one for you!


p/s: i realized that i have A LOT of lurk mode readers (readers who read but dun tag). I only find out when they make some comment regarding my blog..... Guys, if you do pop by/happen to stumble by please tag okiez? Thanks so much. =D

Friday, January 20, 2006

yet another random event

I realize my life is filled with randomness.... *sigh* Oh well.......

This super random post at this time of the day is juz to record that I'm still in skool while most of the peeps I know are busily having fun outside. Including MY class peeps who went for LUNCH at swensens to celebrate Gab's bdae. Oh well.........



random thought of the day: arrows are damn hard to draw and paste.............

an evening filled with jokes???

TIRED!!!!!! guess i'm not the only one. But i'm the only one who is in super deeeeep shit coz i can't seem to handle my skool work. Cant wait for the Northern Youth Challenge to be over. It was interesting working with the police officers and all that but...................................... this thing is juz totally tiring me out.
Maybe i'm not as stressed as most of the others.... In fact, FINE! I am not as stressed but i haven't been feeling to good nowadays..........................................

Anyway, gotta make sure i finish ALL my homework soon. My teachers are most likely at the end of their patience already. I am more than ready to go home when the sky is still light, not night...................
Anyway, more worth it in the long run if i finish up my homework isnt it????

Woots!!! weekends are just around the CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait. and Next week??? There'll be the super long CNY holiday. Although I do have to "work" for CNY prep. I think........ *hang in there Siti*

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........ First thing to do this weekend, FINISH UP MY WORK!
First step to being a better student....

For those wondering about new year resolutions? I'm keeping it SUUUUUUPER simple this year. Just study and do well in my A levels. Prove that WOMAN that with my combi I can still go to a lot of courses in uni, since i DO have the equivalent grade to "AO" math. Argh!!!! If ever i hear her say such a thing again................. Who does she think i am? Not smart enough to consider my future? Ridiculous! I will prove to YOU. Me and the rest of 05A22 are going to show YOU that we are so much better than YOU gave us credit for!!!!!!!

okiez.... better go sleep. So late liao.

Nite guys!


P/S: Guess what??? I lost my file. Not juz any file. My everyday working file. The one which is the one of a kind INNOVIAN orientation 2005 file. The one with all my notes and tutorials and homework. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid, careless me!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

random post alert!!!

sheesh. Weird dreams please Please PLEASE stay out of my sleep tonight!!!!!!! thanks.

American Idol on TV in less than 10 mins.


Image hosted by
My fave season mainly coz of Clay =D

Image hosted by
The reason I'll be stuck in front of my TV every wed&thurs night from now on...

Okiez. Show's starting...

Gotta go!


Sunday, January 15, 2006


here's prove why orange's the perfect colour for me:

Your Power Color Is Red-Orange
At Your Highest:
You are warm, sensitive, and focused on your personal growth.
At Your Lowest:
You become defensive and critical if you feel attacked.
In Love:
You are loyal - but you demand the respect you deserve.
How You're Attractive:
You are very affectionate and inspire trust.
Your Eternal Question:
"Am I Respected?"


thanks to everyone for the outpouring of concern and stuff. Love you guys!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

guess what???

he didn't.... my grandfather that is....

it's GOD's will. Allah. Please take care of him.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


hey... Know it has been really boring coming to my blog since i haven't been updating... Okiez. I'm not gonna shut down the blog but i'm going to take a sabbatical. Basically, i won't be updating for a while... I'll try to update once a week. That's the most i can do.

I'm tooo busy. Seriously. School. Council. Homework. SMU. I'm just really glad orientation is over...
I'm really too worried about my grandfather to update....... He doesn't seem to be getting better..... i dunno... what if he doesn't????......
Finally, i'm just tired. And when i'm tired, i just don't have the mood to sit in front of the computer. So, i'll either read or watch tv.

Other than that... My life has been pretty great. Still do think about and miss the SYC peeps A LOT!! First week of skool was fine. Orientation went pretty well. SMU classes seems quite interesting. We'll see, won't we???

updating soon (i hope....)