Saturday, December 03, 2005

yet another rehearsal & improvements!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!

I know... Seems like the rehearsals are the only things that I'm blogging about nowadays... So hopefully my faithful readers (not that there are a lot of you :D) don't get bored ok???

1st improvement: Today we had a rehearsal on our own. Without our normal instructors. There was one guy helping us out lah. But he wasn't our normal instructor lah. Never mind. Still helped us out quite a lot =D And we did improve a lot. A LOT!!!!!!! and its like we noe our stuff already. Just left the refining of the steps. Make it look nicer etc etc. haha. Think we are looking quite good, even if i do say so myself. =D

2nd improvement: GOOD NEWS people!!!!!!! My grandfather seems to be getting better. He hopefully will regain full consciousness soon. syukur alhamdullillah. Thank Allah for the improvement. I really wish he will get better soon. It's heart wrecking to see him lying there on the bed in the ICU dependent on machines with tubes poking into him. It's even more heart breaking to see my grandmother crying crying all the time.............. *sigh*

anyway... I've decided to go for the SMU thingy... Hopefully I made the right decision....

okiez people. Tired now. Spent the morning at rehearsal, afternoon-night at hospital.

All SYC particiapants!!! Please please please come for the mini-gathering that we'll be having on the 6th ok??? at least to watch our dress rehearsal????? Thanks!


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