Friday, December 09, 2005

on to some fun??

you know what I'm thinking now???

I'm wondering what exactly are all the other SYC participants doing at this very minute... I don't mean the Singaporeans... Most of them are most likely sleeping, online (i see 2 pple on right now..), maybe even out enjoying their Friday night.. I'm talking about all the other country pple.. Like UK. soooo far away. Are they like right now waiting at the airport for their plane to fly into Singapore? Or maybe they are already flying... *hmmm.* Then, how about the malaysians. Like, are they coming via plane or coach? So if they are coming via coach, are they happily(or maybe not...) seating in their bus right now? Or if by plane, are they like us Singaporeans, happily settling into their beds before flying here. Well... They do have until 5pm tmr to reach here. So, maybe the malaysians are sleeping... ooohhh... Pity the UK peeps... They are most likely going get jet-lagged lah. haha. 7 hrs different what. hmmm... Oh ya. There'll be 3 pple in a room and my roommates are from vietnam and UK. Hope they are cool pple...

Points to rmb:
1. Make sure everything's packed!!!
2. Make everybody feel welcomed.
3. Don't speak english too quickly especially to all the other countries 'cept for UK i guess.
4. Don't use Singlish =D
6. have fun!
7. Do a great performance for cultural night!

Anyway, spent the whole day packing. Thanks to Alfred for the bag, Lia for the shoebag, Nurul for the shorts, Lat for the court shoes, skool for the blazer, Temasek Holdings&STEP for organising the camp (okiez.. sorry. the last two was ridiculous... =D)

So... Seems like Temasek Holdings is making creating a cybercafe at the corner of the lobby for our use during the camp... So i'll try to update when i can?? haha.

Wani!!!!! Welcome back! (since you said that there's A LOT of your name in my blog, I juz feel like adding to that no... =D) Thanks for the wadeva orange-coloured *woohoo* thingy that you bought for me from bangkok. *sheesh... I'm high. dunno why.* *jumps around* *sorry. high!*

Faiz!!! I'll check my letter box before i go for camp okiez??? Thanks! When are you coming back??

okiez. That's all folks.. *big grins* (wani! I think u somehow is responsible for this high feeling. I dunno why!!! I'm like laughing*to myself* and grinning like an idiot. and it has nothing to do with your secret. Seriously...) My last entry at home for 8 days, I'll see you guys when i can, if not, when I get back! Oh ya. Anybody who misses me, i'm juz an sms away... =D

p/s haha. Think my high-ness is quite obvious from all the colours isn't it??

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