Tuesday, December 13, 2005

camp report, part 1

Heyhey people!
Here i am in the "cyber cafe" at the hotel. Actually its just a store room or sth and there's 4 computers. Oh well, better than nothing right? hahaha.

So here's my camp report so far. By the way, I'm having fun. Mostly...

1st day(10/12) LEt's see... The Singaporean delegates spent the whole day waiting. and waiting. and waiting. and waiting. Seriously. Coz everybody comes in on different flights what. and the timing between flights is such a big diff lah. For me (and a few others) its so much worse. That's coz one UK roommate came in on the 9th and so on the 10th the whole UK group went to bird park. My another roommate on the other hand came in at 2230 hours. So its like my 2 room mates came within 24 hrs of each other. Basically what we are supposed to do was welcome our respective roommates you see. So the fact that one of my room mate is already there while the other one came in at night means that I had NOTHING to do the whole day... Juz bummed around the hotel like nobody's business....

2nd day(11/12): OBS!!! Haha. Quite fun =D I went up the rock wall!! okiez. Not all the way. at least sort off halfway... Made friends. That's what that matters most isn't it?? =D Tiring day though... Rehearsal at 10. Did anyhow coz too tired.

3rd day(2/12): NUS visit. BORING!!! seriously. I got placed into Group D where they started talking about statistics... *sigh* I dun even take math lah... haha. In the end everybody fell asleep in the LT. I mean seriously. The language used is also quite complicated. Then like I doubt many of the non english speaking people can understand. *sigh* SO not fair lah. The other groups did so many interesting things! *sigh* Oh ya. But I saw this fierce cat. It looked so cute and harmless. But when I said hi it actually bared its fangs at me lah. So fierce... I screamed and grabbed Han Long's hand... Zul: Now i noe why you scared of cats.... Never mind. I still like cats though =D
Sci centre: 4 words. Been there, done that. Nothing much changed i guess.... Went to omni theatre to watch dunno what movie. ENded up falling asleep. I'm not alone though. haha. Almost everybody fell asleep. =D
Night Safari: not too bad. Missed the show though. sad.

Today, 4th day(13/12):Discovery! Haha. Went around Singapore and stuff... Damn tiring also... sigh. My group was the first one back. In fact, we are still the only one in here. Nobody else is back yet..... Another rehearsal later.... Going offline soon. wanna go up and enjoy the relative quiet of my room. For now.


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