Sunday, November 13, 2005

so... I know I haven't been updating in a while. Well, guess why? That's because I haven't really been going online. Now you guys know... :) haha

so what has happened so far??
1. presentation for project work is finally over.
2. With the handing in of I&R, project work is officially over.
3. Still thinking whether should go for advance placement programme
4. had a "reunion"with a bunch of my fave gals (zara, joanne, yeda, weiling, me) too bad Rekha can't make it coz she's got rehearsal.
5. finally went to watch a movie after corpse bride AGES ago. Just Like Heaven is NICE..... must watch. haha
6. saving money to go watch ACJC's production of A Christmas Carol in support of Rekha. yes dear. We are going to go support you.... Anybody interested??? Don't forget. ACJC's productions are always worth watching. tix are going for $20 though.

anyway, advance placement(ap) programme. SHould I go for it??? Basically, if I'm successful after the screenings and the interviews etc, I'll have the chance to try life as a uni student studying economics at SMU every sat for the 1st 4 mth of next year. Its a wonderful experience but.... time??? *sigh* see how lah. Need to hand in the form by tue though.

aokiez lah. nothing much to write....


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