Friday, November 18, 2005

old friends, new friends. leaving friends?

hey everyone!!!

ok. 1st of all. Had fun today. at first supposed to go out jalan rayer but people all busy or malas... sheesh. haha. So, me, nurul, firah decided to meet up on our own just to see each other lah. Followed Nurul go buy paint and cloth for her banner. Went all the way from 399 to boon lay to jurong west. haha. Kinda fun. Talking crap etc etc. as usual lah.
Glad that I went with my first instinct and decided to meet with them. Coz today actually my mood a bit weird coz i was quite fed-up lah. My own fault. Dropped my phone. I guess it decided that it doesn't want to be dropped anymore so it spoilt. I dropped it dunno how many times before lah. But today it spoils. *sigh*
Didn't get to go to nadhiyah's house coz i had to go home early so that Hafiz won't be locked out of the house again.

Rekha!!!! Read my blog than never tag lah. Hmph. haha. anyway, good luck for your upcoming performance! Everything will go great ok? remember, lousy rehearsals means that it's going to be a great opening night! All the best! Love ya ok?

A walk down my friendship line...
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1A05: Miss you guys, LOTS!!! (sorry. only pic i have that can relate to 1A05...)
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05A22: Wish that people don't have to be lost... *sigh*
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IJC 1st student's council: Big challenges ahead. Our 1st major event tgt. We'll pull through ok?
My other IJC friends: You guys rawk too. =D
4/4 (2004): realized that i really miss the collective lameness of the class =D ( argh! Can't find a good pic. anybody has one?)
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JSSRCY commitee 03-04: I totally miss ALL the things we've gone through tgt.
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JSS 21st student council: you guys are incomparable. Nobody can beat working with you guys. 21st SC rawks!
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Finally, FaBuLouS: You guys are the best! It has been wonderful having you guys in my life and I never want the three of you to be out of it. Life has been so much sweeter with your presence.
Bibi: Love ya lots! hope tmr goes well okiez? Happy belated bdae!
Faiz: Have fun in Sydney!! Thanks for everything. Love ya.
Lia: Love ya. Have fun and good luck with squash!

cheers! Love thy friends people, the way i do mine =D
Love you guys!

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