Saturday, November 19, 2005

money, well spent??????

okiez, today is like the day where i go out to eat expensive food. hahahahahaha.

1st: Lunch at swensens, Bibi's bdae celebration. Ok. a bit belated lah but still... Its the thought that counts?? haha. quite fun lah. Just hanging around and chatting etc etc. Then halfway thru, Ian sms-ed me to let me know venue changed to yishun. Less than 15mins later said that its changed to Orchard after that we decided to meet at Dhoby Ghaut NEL. what's the reason? Coz no tickets for the movie. Didn't book lah. ( money spent: ?? Can't say the amt lah. scared Bibi see. she's not supposed to know... haha)

2nd: So... Went to meet them at Dhoby Ghaut. Thought there was gonna be a lot of people. Guess what? only 6. including me. So there was like Ian, At, Daniel, Hei Man, Grace, me. Woots. Out of 34 peeps mind you... Raf came later though... So, 7!! woots! Nvm... Had fun anyway. Went to settlers cafe. It's a cafe where you can go to play games and stuff. Cool lah. And we kept on changing games like every 15 mins or sth? Like within 2 hours, we played 4 games.. Ok fine, 1/2 and hour on average... But its like the other tables can spend like at least 1 hr on 1 game. haha. It's ok. More worth our money that way. Ian was the hit-boy. Everybody bullied him. All the bad cards we gave to him, made fun of him etc. Besides, according to Hei Man, the sound a donkey makes is "Ian stupid". haha. But hey, he named a duck after me. So... haha. Wouldn't mind going there again... Anybody wanna go??? (Money spent: $8 for 2 hours. Weekend rates. Weekday rates: $6 for 4 hours...) Oh ya... Forgot. We even pranked him. really lah. Poor guy. haha. And when somebody called Dan, he actually told the person he was "busy" with something. Sure.... Busy pranking Ian. haha.

3rd: Went for dinner at taka. Realised that its no longer sponsored coz mrs Naidu was busy... Fine... So since we were all broke, we decided to go Breeks instead... more money spent on food... Should have kept the receipt and asked for reimbursement... haha. Okiez. But at least more people came for dinner. 12 of us? think so... Let's see: Me, Grace, Raf, Ian, Kenneth, Hei Man, Dan, Hao Ren, Cindy, Zhi Min, Tristan, Shawn. yupz. I ate lasagne but it was too filling and in the end, didn't finish it. Left about 1/4. Dan said he wanted but after one bite he realized that he was full. haha. Hao Ren finished it though... I swear, that guy's a bottomless pit or something. He just ate 1/2 a chicken, 2 servings of mashed potato and still can finish like 1/4 of my rather large lasagne... But hey. Thanks anyway. At least my money wasn't wasted.... (money spent: $10)

So... walked along orchard road to somerset station. "wanted to see the christmas light" sure... Somebody just wanted to have more time with somebody else... haha. okiez. tired now. probably sleeping soon since I have wake up early tmr!!!

*must rmb to check out the phone repair shop*


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