Saturday, November 05, 2005

late work sia

Okiez... Guess what time I went home today???

Reached home at 11.30pm. *sigh* and its not because I go out have fun lah. It was because I was working on my project work stuff at Weiling's house. Damn crap... Cooked food for our presentation. Wanted to do filming but we encountered like one problems after another. Memory card not enough space, then battery flat. Irritating. Now I'm very tired after sleeping at 1+ last night doing the website. After a whole day of going out visiting etc. *sigh*

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anyway.. found out that today is send your messages to the wrong person day. 1st, Weiling actually wanted to sms her darling about something and she ended up sending it to Bryan. For myself, I wanted to sms Weiling about something and I accidentally sent it to Vern. Bryan wanted to SMS weiling in reply to her mistaken sms and accidentally sent it to somebody else. Its like a cycle or somthing. Very funny when you think about it.... haha.

okiez lah. I wanna sleep seh.. Tired. Luckily tomorrow no meeting. But there's still Sunday. whatever! project work's going to be over REALLY soon. Monday... Come quick!!!


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