Tuesday, November 29, 2005

finally an update. Happy nurul???

Hey everyone!!!

Actually lah, even before Nurul hinted at me to update I was already intending to update today. haha... So... Good timing Nurul. haha.

Perjumpaan Hari Raya on 22/11: I went. Quite late though. Only watched like 2 performances? I think. And ate the food (oops! Just remembered that I haven't paid filziee yet....). Not bad food. Tried to get Wani to spill but she WON'T!!!!!!!! *sigh* never mind wani. I won't give up. hmph. hahaha.

Open House on 24/11: *sigh* tiring. Do you know how tiring it is to do skool tours? To show all these kids around the skool etc. and some of them aren't even interested in coming to the skool. They were just "looking". Took some time off in between to drink Wani's milo. Then watch the soccer boys playing street soccer. Went with Wani to help take milo for the soccer boys. Tried to get Wani to talk and again she won't. *double sigh* Didn't do mass dance. Escaped by "taking care" of the feedback station. *naughty naughty*

2nd rehearsal on 25/11: yay! SYC 2005 Singapore cultural night group rawks! Learnt our steps, got sorted into our own roles. Not bad lah. Learnt quite a lot within 2 hours. And everybody's easy to talk crap with. haha.

3rd rehearsal on 26/11: tired sia. 2 rehearsals in a row. But this time round is EVEN better. we combined ALL the different components together. Looking good. haha. even if I can't for the life of me DANCE! haha.

Banner painting on 28&29/11: wow! Finally the banner's over. And I think it looks damn nice. Almost as nice as that teachers' day banner we did in sec 2. (sorry people... That really was the nicest banner I've seen so far...)

Another rehearsal tomorrow. I'm just tired lah... Can't wait for camp though!!! SYC, here I come!!!


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