Wednesday, November 30, 2005

another rehearsal...

hey everyone!

Yupz. Today's another rehearsal day for me! Pretty fun. Practicing, laughing at our mistakes, laughing at each other, inside jokes that will come out. And I think I've finally really mastered the steps. So... Must appear MORE confident!!!! :D yay!

Haha. Think today was the first time we actually have all the cultural night-ers at rehearsal. Except for the MI girl... Dunno who also. Never see her before. And even then, it's also a bit too late for her to be added in coz we finalized everything already. Too bad Justin has to withdraw from performing coz his plane tix to australia can't be changed. (why is everybody flying to australia???)

+ points: Bonded us together.
Got to know each other
Made lotsa new friends.

- points: The Singapore Town song ALWAYS rings in my head after rehearsals.
The weekday rehearsals end so late=tiring.

Another rehearsal this Sat, without instructors. Next Tue, 6/12 (zhi yong's bdae!) dress rehearsal. We thinking of asking the seminar/exhibition people to come see us. We need to practice with an audience... (where in the world is RELC anyway??? I'll be staying there for the camp)

Anyway, my grandfather is in hospital. Okiez, he's more grand-uncle than grandfather but it really doesn't matter lah. Lung, heart problems. Worse still, he's a smoker. that just makes the situation really so much worse lah. *sigh* Seems that the doctor is saying that he's in critical condition. *sigh* well. Have faith in ALLAH. He will take care of my grandfather. Worse thing... I dunno how i feel. I just feel really uncomfortable going to the hospital (not to mention the fact that after my visit just now I fell sick) but I feel even weirder not visiting. And since I'm sick I also can't really enter the ICU. *Sigh* Get well soon. Please! Wake up soon.

Nearly forgot to add... I got accepted into SMU's Advanced Placement(AP) Programme!!!!! But now I'm kinda in a dilemma. Should I accept and gain the experience etc or should I let it go and concentrate on A levels preparation instead?

+ points: experience
rare opportunity
really prepare me for uni life
new horizons.

- points: time consuming (every sat from 7 jan for 13 weeks, 1 1/2 hour each)
unable to cope/juggle

so how??? *sigh* i have until this friday to decide. hope i will make the best choice lah...
Okiez. That's all people! "See" you at the next update =D


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