Wednesday, November 30, 2005

another rehearsal...

hey everyone!

Yupz. Today's another rehearsal day for me! Pretty fun. Practicing, laughing at our mistakes, laughing at each other, inside jokes that will come out. And I think I've finally really mastered the steps. So... Must appear MORE confident!!!! :D yay!

Haha. Think today was the first time we actually have all the cultural night-ers at rehearsal. Except for the MI girl... Dunno who also. Never see her before. And even then, it's also a bit too late for her to be added in coz we finalized everything already. Too bad Justin has to withdraw from performing coz his plane tix to australia can't be changed. (why is everybody flying to australia???)

+ points: Bonded us together.
Got to know each other
Made lotsa new friends.

- points: The Singapore Town song ALWAYS rings in my head after rehearsals.
The weekday rehearsals end so late=tiring.

Another rehearsal this Sat, without instructors. Next Tue, 6/12 (zhi yong's bdae!) dress rehearsal. We thinking of asking the seminar/exhibition people to come see us. We need to practice with an audience... (where in the world is RELC anyway??? I'll be staying there for the camp)

Anyway, my grandfather is in hospital. Okiez, he's more grand-uncle than grandfather but it really doesn't matter lah. Lung, heart problems. Worse still, he's a smoker. that just makes the situation really so much worse lah. *sigh* Seems that the doctor is saying that he's in critical condition. *sigh* well. Have faith in ALLAH. He will take care of my grandfather. Worse thing... I dunno how i feel. I just feel really uncomfortable going to the hospital (not to mention the fact that after my visit just now I fell sick) but I feel even weirder not visiting. And since I'm sick I also can't really enter the ICU. *Sigh* Get well soon. Please! Wake up soon.

Nearly forgot to add... I got accepted into SMU's Advanced Placement(AP) Programme!!!!! But now I'm kinda in a dilemma. Should I accept and gain the experience etc or should I let it go and concentrate on A levels preparation instead?

+ points: experience
rare opportunity
really prepare me for uni life
new horizons.

- points: time consuming (every sat from 7 jan for 13 weeks, 1 1/2 hour each)
unable to cope/juggle

so how??? *sigh* i have until this friday to decide. hope i will make the best choice lah...
Okiez. That's all people! "See" you at the next update =D


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

finally an update. Happy nurul???

Hey everyone!!!

Actually lah, even before Nurul hinted at me to update I was already intending to update today. haha... So... Good timing Nurul. haha.

Perjumpaan Hari Raya on 22/11: I went. Quite late though. Only watched like 2 performances? I think. And ate the food (oops! Just remembered that I haven't paid filziee yet....). Not bad food. Tried to get Wani to spill but she WON'T!!!!!!!! *sigh* never mind wani. I won't give up. hmph. hahaha.

Open House on 24/11: *sigh* tiring. Do you know how tiring it is to do skool tours? To show all these kids around the skool etc. and some of them aren't even interested in coming to the skool. They were just "looking". Took some time off in between to drink Wani's milo. Then watch the soccer boys playing street soccer. Went with Wani to help take milo for the soccer boys. Tried to get Wani to talk and again she won't. *double sigh* Didn't do mass dance. Escaped by "taking care" of the feedback station. *naughty naughty*

2nd rehearsal on 25/11: yay! SYC 2005 Singapore cultural night group rawks! Learnt our steps, got sorted into our own roles. Not bad lah. Learnt quite a lot within 2 hours. And everybody's easy to talk crap with. haha.

3rd rehearsal on 26/11: tired sia. 2 rehearsals in a row. But this time round is EVEN better. we combined ALL the different components together. Looking good. haha. even if I can't for the life of me DANCE! haha.

Banner painting on 28&29/11: wow! Finally the banner's over. And I think it looks damn nice. Almost as nice as that teachers' day banner we did in sec 2. (sorry people... That really was the nicest banner I've seen so far...)

Another rehearsal tomorrow. I'm just tired lah... Can't wait for camp though!!! SYC, here I come!!!


Saturday, November 19, 2005

money, well spent??????

okiez, today is like the day where i go out to eat expensive food. hahahahahaha.

1st: Lunch at swensens, Bibi's bdae celebration. Ok. a bit belated lah but still... Its the thought that counts?? haha. quite fun lah. Just hanging around and chatting etc etc. Then halfway thru, Ian sms-ed me to let me know venue changed to yishun. Less than 15mins later said that its changed to Orchard after that we decided to meet at Dhoby Ghaut NEL. what's the reason? Coz no tickets for the movie. Didn't book lah. ( money spent: ?? Can't say the amt lah. scared Bibi see. she's not supposed to know... haha)

2nd: So... Went to meet them at Dhoby Ghaut. Thought there was gonna be a lot of people. Guess what? only 6. including me. So there was like Ian, At, Daniel, Hei Man, Grace, me. Woots. Out of 34 peeps mind you... Raf came later though... So, 7!! woots! Nvm... Had fun anyway. Went to settlers cafe. It's a cafe where you can go to play games and stuff. Cool lah. And we kept on changing games like every 15 mins or sth? Like within 2 hours, we played 4 games.. Ok fine, 1/2 and hour on average... But its like the other tables can spend like at least 1 hr on 1 game. haha. It's ok. More worth our money that way. Ian was the hit-boy. Everybody bullied him. All the bad cards we gave to him, made fun of him etc. Besides, according to Hei Man, the sound a donkey makes is "Ian stupid". haha. But hey, he named a duck after me. So... haha. Wouldn't mind going there again... Anybody wanna go??? (Money spent: $8 for 2 hours. Weekend rates. Weekday rates: $6 for 4 hours...) Oh ya... Forgot. We even pranked him. really lah. Poor guy. haha. And when somebody called Dan, he actually told the person he was "busy" with something. Sure.... Busy pranking Ian. haha.

3rd: Went for dinner at taka. Realised that its no longer sponsored coz mrs Naidu was busy... Fine... So since we were all broke, we decided to go Breeks instead... more money spent on food... Should have kept the receipt and asked for reimbursement... haha. Okiez. But at least more people came for dinner. 12 of us? think so... Let's see: Me, Grace, Raf, Ian, Kenneth, Hei Man, Dan, Hao Ren, Cindy, Zhi Min, Tristan, Shawn. yupz. I ate lasagne but it was too filling and in the end, didn't finish it. Left about 1/4. Dan said he wanted but after one bite he realized that he was full. haha. Hao Ren finished it though... I swear, that guy's a bottomless pit or something. He just ate 1/2 a chicken, 2 servings of mashed potato and still can finish like 1/4 of my rather large lasagne... But hey. Thanks anyway. At least my money wasn't wasted.... (money spent: $10)

So... walked along orchard road to somerset station. "wanted to see the christmas light" sure... Somebody just wanted to have more time with somebody else... haha. okiez. tired now. probably sleeping soon since I have wake up early tmr!!!

*must rmb to check out the phone repair shop*


Friday, November 18, 2005

old friends, new friends. leaving friends?

hey everyone!!!

ok. 1st of all. Had fun today. at first supposed to go out jalan rayer but people all busy or malas... sheesh. haha. So, me, nurul, firah decided to meet up on our own just to see each other lah. Followed Nurul go buy paint and cloth for her banner. Went all the way from 399 to boon lay to jurong west. haha. Kinda fun. Talking crap etc etc. as usual lah.
Glad that I went with my first instinct and decided to meet with them. Coz today actually my mood a bit weird coz i was quite fed-up lah. My own fault. Dropped my phone. I guess it decided that it doesn't want to be dropped anymore so it spoilt. I dropped it dunno how many times before lah. But today it spoils. *sigh*
Didn't get to go to nadhiyah's house coz i had to go home early so that Hafiz won't be locked out of the house again.

Rekha!!!! Read my blog than never tag lah. Hmph. haha. anyway, good luck for your upcoming performance! Everything will go great ok? remember, lousy rehearsals means that it's going to be a great opening night! All the best! Love ya ok?

A walk down my friendship line...
Image hosted by
1A05: Miss you guys, LOTS!!! (sorry. only pic i have that can relate to 1A05...)
Image hosted by
05A22: Wish that people don't have to be lost... *sigh*
Image hosted by
IJC 1st student's council: Big challenges ahead. Our 1st major event tgt. We'll pull through ok?
My other IJC friends: You guys rawk too. =D
4/4 (2004): realized that i really miss the collective lameness of the class =D ( argh! Can't find a good pic. anybody has one?)
Image hosted by
JSSRCY commitee 03-04: I totally miss ALL the things we've gone through tgt.
Image hosted by
JSS 21st student council: you guys are incomparable. Nobody can beat working with you guys. 21st SC rawks!
Image hosted by
Finally, FaBuLouS: You guys are the best! It has been wonderful having you guys in my life and I never want the three of you to be out of it. Life has been so much sweeter with your presence.
Bibi: Love ya lots! hope tmr goes well okiez? Happy belated bdae!
Faiz: Have fun in Sydney!! Thanks for everything. Love ya.
Lia: Love ya. Have fun and good luck with squash!

cheers! Love thy friends people, the way i do mine =D
Love you guys!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

so... I know I haven't been updating in a while. Well, guess why? That's because I haven't really been going online. Now you guys know... :) haha

so what has happened so far??
1. presentation for project work is finally over.
2. With the handing in of I&R, project work is officially over.
3. Still thinking whether should go for advance placement programme
4. had a "reunion"with a bunch of my fave gals (zara, joanne, yeda, weiling, me) too bad Rekha can't make it coz she's got rehearsal.
5. finally went to watch a movie after corpse bride AGES ago. Just Like Heaven is NICE..... must watch. haha
6. saving money to go watch ACJC's production of A Christmas Carol in support of Rekha. yes dear. We are going to go support you.... Anybody interested??? Don't forget. ACJC's productions are always worth watching. tix are going for $20 though.

anyway, advance placement(ap) programme. SHould I go for it??? Basically, if I'm successful after the screenings and the interviews etc, I'll have the chance to try life as a uni student studying economics at SMU every sat for the 1st 4 mth of next year. Its a wonderful experience but.... time??? *sigh* see how lah. Need to hand in the form by tue though.

aokiez lah. nothing much to write....


Saturday, November 05, 2005

late work sia

Okiez... Guess what time I went home today???

Reached home at 11.30pm. *sigh* and its not because I go out have fun lah. It was because I was working on my project work stuff at Weiling's house. Damn crap... Cooked food for our presentation. Wanted to do filming but we encountered like one problems after another. Memory card not enough space, then battery flat. Irritating. Now I'm very tired after sleeping at 1+ last night doing the website. After a whole day of going out visiting etc. *sigh*

( by the way, if you guys are interested in actually trying out healthy parsley recipes check out this website: Parsley Recipes )

anyway.. found out that today is send your messages to the wrong person day. 1st, Weiling actually wanted to sms her darling about something and she ended up sending it to Bryan. For myself, I wanted to sms Weiling about something and I accidentally sent it to Vern. Bryan wanted to SMS weiling in reply to her mistaken sms and accidentally sent it to somebody else. Its like a cycle or somthing. Very funny when you think about it.... haha.

okiez lah. I wanna sleep seh.. Tired. Luckily tomorrow no meeting. But there's still Sunday. whatever! project work's going to be over REALLY soon. Monday... Come quick!!!