Tuesday, October 04, 2005

naughty, tired, me??

Yay!!! Tmr start fasting!! i like it ok?? I think its great that I get this opp to fast and stuff!!

Very tired... Super sleepy. Haven't been able to get a good night's sleep very easily recenty. *sigh*

Just remembered... Need to prepare Lit file for collection tmr. Damn her... Whole class not feeling very favourable toward her.. Nah.. I shouldn't be mean. By being mean I'll just be transcending (correct usage of word?? can't be bothered to check) to her level. So i'm gonna wish her ALL the best in her life and wadeva lofty ambitions she may have esp in her working life. And I'm actually sincere. i mean, maybe she'll get promoted SUPER quickly or sth (fat hope) so that she won't have to be directly involved with students... I'm not going to be like some other bloggers who curse their teachers online and all that. I just wish she'll stop irritating the hell out of my class.

My class gonna do a class jacket. Mizundastood- Mugging Slackers. Cool slogan?? Get it done ASAP okiez?? I wanna bring it to the Temasek Youth Camp(TYC).

Speaking of which. I can't wait to go to the camp even if I have to do CHINESE OPERA... Its going to be such fun. Interacting not only with fellow Singaporean youths, I'll also be camping with youths from India, UK, China, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. How cool is that?? Making new friends with people from other countries. Can't wait, cant wait!!

However, going for the camp means that I have to forego my class chalet since it's on the last 3 days of the TYC. :( I really wanted to go. Besides the fact that I already paid $20 for it... But its ok. My class is gonna be chalet-ing at Sentosa and on the 2nd last day of the TYC, we'll be going to Sentosa. Gonna figure out a way to sneak out and crash the chalet. Technically speaking I won't really be crashing since its MY class chalet but... yupz. Haha. My TYC friends... Gotta help me figure out a way to sneak away... haha.

Inspite of the stress etc of skool and teachers, I feel like i'm having much more fun in skool now. Could be coz my class equilibrium is stable again and now it feels quite at ease except for 2 probems... I enjoy being with my classmates even more now..

Happy Birthday to Yun Kay by the way =)

Siti. (gonna go update her countdown which she negelected yesterday)

Start of fasting month: 1 day
GP paper: 3 days
Econs and MLA paper: 6 days
Lit paper:9 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 10 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 19 days
Real MTAO paper: 27 days

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