Thursday, October 27, 2005

just something super RaNdOm..
Ok.. no surprise right??? I am a very random person. *sigh*

Anyway... Just some stuff i picked over the net.

check out this link for a cool comic strip =D

anyway, since Faiz asked me to do this. I'll do it...
here goes....
seven things that will scare me:
(in no order of importance)
Not having a firm ground on my feet
flying insects
not being able to see the people i love
not being able to read
not having any of my senses
losing my identity

seven things that i like most:
(in no order of importance)
the people i love
seaside views
my computer (most of the times....)
books & comics (fiction ones. not school....)
my mp3 player= music
my bed

seven most important things in my room:
(in order of importance)
my bed

whatever book i'm reading at the time
my diary
photo albums
that door-hanger thingy =)

seven random facts abt me:
a very very short attention span
can't swim but loves the beach
always laughs to myself when i read comics
i'm actually a really shy person although i'm better now.
pack rat
not very good at keeping up with correspondence

seven things i plan to do b4 i die:
(in order of importance)
tell my love ones that i love them and always will
go haji, be a better muslim
get my dream job and be successful
take care of my family
find as many of my old friends as possible
get over my fear and do a high element properly!!!

seven things i can do:
cook for myself (coz i've got quirky taste)
look confident
look on the bright side of things

seven things i can't do:
be very sociable
keep myself occupied
tell people what i feel
concentrate on something without stopping every 10 secs
play an instrument

seven words i say the most:
go and die
funny mah??
anything lah

seven celeb crushes:
(i know people will say that some of my celeb crushes is weird.. whatever.)
clay aiken
christopher michael lee
johnny depp
tom felton (draco malfoy in harry potter)
tom cruise
jennifer garner
michael vartan

seven ppl i'd love to see doing this:
Bibi ( I noe faiz asked you too already but you haven't done it yet..)
kate (if she ever gets to read this)
MM Lee Kuan Yew =)
George Bush (just to see what he's actually scared off..) oops

ok. that's all. cheers!

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