Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm Always bored.....

100 things about me, Part 1.

Personal Data... Kinda
1. My name is Siti Rozianti. You can call me Siti, Rozianti or Yanti. NOT Rozi, auntie Rozi, etc...
2. I am born on 1st Oct 1998, making me 17 this year
3. I'm the youngest of 3 siblings.
4. However, i'm staying with my aunt & uncle where i am the older sister to my 2 cousins.
5. Like all families, (I'm sure) my family drives me nuts, but... love them too.
6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my friends. Thanks for being a wonderful bunch of people!!!!

My No 1 Love???
7. Call me a geek or wadeva, but i really love reading books. They are the things that keep me occupied.
8. Name any genre and I'd would have probably read AT LEAST one book in that genre.
9. Harry Potter books are pretty cool (oh... and the movie's coming out!!!) But so far, I've only owned book 6.
10. Thrillers are pretty rawking too. JD Robb's Eve Dallas series, Jeffrey Deaver books (even the location scout ones...), Kathy Reich, Tom Clancy, Matthew Reilley. This are just those I can name offhand.
11. I know Stephen King books are cool, but i just don't seem to have the ability to finish one. Its either i just can't (won't) spare the time or my over-active imagination cause me to scare myself.. you pick =)
12. I'm also a big fan of romance (yes... I can hear all the cries of WHY?????) I dunno why. I just do.
13. Classics. love them. They are NOT boring! This Dec hols, planning (if i have the time....) to read/re-read some of my faves. Jane Austen books, Charles Dickens books, War of the Worlds, Tale of 2 cities. I'm thinking of finding Wuthering Heights too.
14.The kid in me won't forget children's books. still love reading Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl....
15. Comics!!! Can't forget them!!! Love them.... let's see: Foxtrot, Baby Blues, Sherman's Lagoon, Garfield, Peanuts, Ziggy, Dilbert, Calvin&Hobbes, Archie.
16. Speaking of Archie, i have a WHOLE collection of Archie comics.
17. Finally, joke books. This is another genre where I have quite a LARGE collection.

More about me.....
18. I'm a major procrastinator. Why do something today that you can put of till tmr? (ok. Bad advice.)
19. I'm also very good at digressing. Give me a topic and i can bring you to another one that is just VAGUELY related.
20. I can be the most unmotivated person. Just look at the bunch of crafts that I have not finished. Especially cross-stitch. since promary skool (about 6 years ago??) till now...
21. My attention span is REALLY REALLY short. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADHD.
22. I'm a good listener. If friends need to talk, I WILL listen. Its when they don't talk that I get worried.
23. I'm an optimist. There are times when I'm down but usually I'm able to bounce back from a crisis really quickly. I firmly believe in looking at the bright side of life.
24. I'm a really emotional person. I cry really easily. even at the smallest things. Books, movies, tears of joy, anger, frustration, sadness.
25. I don't get angry very easily. Just frustrated. When I do get angry though, those around me better watch out.
26. I'm usually a good student. However, twice in my 4 years of Secodary school education I actually quarrelled with my teachers. *sigh* People usually can't believe that's me.
27. I can be a VERY sarcastic person. I'm currently out of practiec, but my best (or worst) can be even scarier than some people i can name.
28. I like crowds. Its because among a crowd, you are just one anonymous face in a sea of other faces.
29. I like being alone too. When you are alone, you are the only one that matters. You can be yourself, totally.
30. i usually follow rules but sometimes... some rules are just made to be broken.
31. To me... Life is about living and loving -- and being positive.

School =/
32. I'm a student at Innova Junior College. I'm also an "alumni" of Jin Tai Primary and Jurong Secondary.
33. i HATE maths! I just don't have the aptitude for numbers, i guess.
34. I enjoy science especially chemistry
35. A big lover of languages, language based subs, kinda. Aim to learn as many languages as possible.
36. I CANNOT draw for nuts. Nope... no artistic talent at all.
37. Sometimes... Friends are the only reason i go to school.
38. Literature. Economics. Malay. My life focus.
39. I have my future all mapped out. Hope i can achieve it. That's all.

Random Stuffs :)
40. Life IS beautiful. ==> but even beauty isn't perfect.
41. I seriously think i'm addicted to the internet or something. If you guys don't see me online as often, its most likely coz I'm going cold turkey =P
42. I have a SERIOUSLY independent streak.
43. I've never been in a relationship but I don't think I'm deprived. When the time is right....
44. i hate cameras! I am so unphotogenic.
45. I wish i'm taller. I use to want to be 165. Now I'd be happy with a 160 instead of my 158.
46. I can actually live without my handphone!!! haha
47. Rumours... sheesh. think they are self-explanatory isn't it?? not my cup of tea.
48. People always get this impression that I'm a good girl. oh well. at least its a good 1st impression. but they should be prepared to be surprised.
49. I dream to be a journalist. *sigh* must work REALLY hard.
50. it took me about 2 hours to create this list.


Part 2: likes/Dislikes. Hobbies??? Dreams/nightmares? More random stuffs.

thanks to Kate, Beaver, anya for the idea.

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