Wednesday, October 05, 2005


wad I said yesterday about my classmates?? I take it back... I dunno. I think I'm one big confused mess now. *sigh*

Anyway. Soccer today was fun. Played it for PE. Our last PE lesson of the year. *sigh* gonna miss all the crazy PE lessons which was even more fun since recently, we don't have to run. haha... also gonna miss tommie chen. hope he becomes our PE teacher again next year.
Happy fasting to all my Muslim friends!!!

Siti( might be going back to skool tmr for consultation. *sigh* far...)

GP paper: 3 days
Econs and MLA paper: 6 days
Lit paper:9 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 10 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 19 days
Real MTAO paper: 27 days

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