Thursday, October 13, 2005


Hey everyone...

Finally, my exams are over!!!! YES!!! I'm just gonna slack around and do my other stuffs and NOT think about studying until like 30/10 or something. And that's only for malay. Otherwise, school books and me?? So not happening until like next year or something. Also got other things to prepare for. Council there's orientation(who knows what we'll be doing), Hari Raya's coming up too =D And of course there's PW. but best of all... There's the temasek youth camp to look out for!!! Can't wait to camp out for 8 days!! And nope. I'm not being sarcastic. I've always loved camps but this camp is even more special!! muahahahahaha......

Anyway.. Met a crazy woman just now. I am sooooo not kidding. Details will be at a later post okiez?? Me going off now.



First Chinese Opera rehearsal: 9 days
MTAO paper:18 days
Hari Raya: 21 days

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