Friday, October 07, 2005

bored, sianz, unmotivated.

bored, sian, unmotivated.

That's just how i'm feeling right now. My studying momentum?? Just disappeared, just like that. *sigh* *double sigh*

I'm quite mad now. I don't believe that this had to happen lah. Why the hell accuse me without any basis. Am i not human? Dont I have feelings? Am I a robot to you?? Okiez. Maybe I sound ungrateful. After all you took care of me. *sigh* I'm just.. I don't deserve your unreal judgements. HAve some faith in me. I am 17 after all. I'm not 7 or even 1. I know how to take care of myself. I know how to be independent. I feel quite mean now. Shouldn't have bitched here? I dunno. At least this is a release as compared to me walking around the house with a angry expression on my face and bitchy thoughts in my head. *sigh*

Anyway, I just realized that blogger is back to normal. Finally. Or was it just my comp?? *sigh*

anyway.. gotta go study. I really don't wanna disappoint Mr Ng my econs teacher) and Cikgu Suhana (my Malay teacher) this Monday at the exams. You guys will most probably not see me over the weekends (online that is) as I will be doing intensive revisions.

Those who has already finished their exams, good for you!! Have fun!!!

Those who are like me and still "suffering": Come on guys!! You can do it. We can all pass well!!


Econs and MLA paper: 3 days
Lit paper:6 days (must rmb to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 7 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 15 days
Real MTAO paper: 24 days

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