Sunday, October 02, 2005

another quickie

Project work meeting this morning. Vern and aaron not there. Get well soon aaron!! My sis was a "guest".. Went shopping with her =). She bought for me a new skool bag, I used my bdae money to buy a pair of earring and a bag to go out. happy happy. Followed her go buy shoe. Saw this really nice one I'd love to have for hari raya... hehe

sending songs to Bryan now...


Start of fasting month: 3 days
MLAO paper: 1 days
GP paper: 5 days
Econs and MLA paper: 8 days
Lit paper:11 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 12 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 20 days

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