Sunday, September 04, 2005

you've got to be kidding me

Okiez.. Its official. I have a bad relationship with research. I'm having trouble doing research for my projects. I'm having trouble finding stuff for Lit and i'm having trouble finding stuff for Project Work.

*so what is she doing here blogging?*

is that what you are asking yourself?? well.... I'm blogging coz at least i know i don't have a bad relationship with blogger, my blog and best of all words. I love writing, especially when its for leisure. So since i'm very frustrated with search engines and non-fiction books right now, i may as well come here to keep my mind calm. *sighs* I also have a nice purely fiction book open in front of me right now, thus, putting me as far away from what i don't like as possible.

*huh?? what is she saying?? Is siti feeling ok??*

to those who are doubting my sanity... Yes, i am feeling ok. just slightly frustrated. But i'll get over it. I need to finish up my research anyway. *sighs* by the way, i am ONLY 3/4 crazy. I'm not fully there yet *just being random* i can't believe it lah. This week is known as a skool holiday but, guess what?? It is definitely no holiday. At least the geog and bio peeps are going to tioman. Where am i going?? Little India and NUS.. *sighs*

schedule for the week:
Monday: Literature Wkshop- Othello competition, going to Little India
Tuesday: Morning-Economics Tutorial. Afternoon- MLA students visit to NUS (we get to be uni students for 2 hrs!!)
Wednesday; PW group meeting at esplanade, Study for Econs diagnostic
thursday: Econs diagnostic test
Friday: tentatively another PW group meeting
Saturday: Free
Sunday: Go Darul Ihsan.

So... That's how my one week holiday looks like.. oh well

when life gives you lemons, turn it into lemonade =D

cheers from the always optimistic me,

p/s i heard that sighing isn't very good for you. so.. I'm trying to control my sighs.. *sighs* haha.
argh!! I can't believe my friends would do this to me!! What's the big idea?? why me and him?? sheesh

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