Friday, September 02, 2005

Visits =D


I'm so happy!! yay!! yeda, rekha(the ac gals), joanne and zara(the sa girls) came over to visit us Innovians!! haha. It was sooooo great to be able to meet up and catch up with them again. It has been like 5 mths since i last saw them and i really missed them a lot..

So.. My class was supposed to be released late but dunno why, mr ng had this sudden inspiration to be nice?? And therefore, he let us off on time.. (take note he is actually a nice guy but a rather boring teacher). Wei Ling and i, who were super excited coz the ac gals said they were already at the canteen, immediately and literally ran down to the canteen. haha.. and about 1hr and 20 mins later the sa gals arrived.

we basically hung around in the canteen, went around skool looking for teachers (but sadly they are all busy) in the end, we left at about 2++, 3 and went to eat at BK. after which we sat there for like 3 hrs chatting while waiting for aaron.. (okiez.. actually we waited for aaron for 2 hrs, and chatted for another 1 hr more) haha.. basically what i missed most is the sincerity in the friendship amongst the 6 of us or 7 including aaron. we know that what is said is the truth from the heart and we don't try to be two-faced with each other. Not that i'm saying any of my friends are like that now but its just different amongst us 6. We talked about all kinda of things and just spent the time laughing and laughing and laughing. I haven't really done that since the six of us separated after 1st 3 mths.. ya.. there has been other friends i've laughed and laughed and laughed with but i guess i just missed US. Do you guys know what i'm talking about??

Anyway.. I've gotta in a way thanks Ms yeo for coming to JSS and promoting Innova JC and thus moving my heart to join Innova, leading me to such a great group of friends. Although we are mostly seperated into 3 groups now, we still do rm our memories here and our friendship still hold strong. I am so happy i met these gals..

To all my other friends: You guys are great too.. Thanks for being there for me and joking and laughing and tolerating my lameness and randomness =) i so appreciate it!!


p/s to my gp of malay girlfriends: I really heard it as u guys calling Siti just now, which is why i turned.. Not the other name.. ARGH!!

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