Tuesday, September 27, 2005

should i go home??

Hey there!!

Should i go home?? I'm like still feeling very dizzy and i was quite unstable when i was walking to skool lah. I think like during civics i'm gonna approach Mdm C and tell her i'm goin home. I actually have 2 days MC right?? Maybe that's why the doctor gave me 2 days break. Should have listened to the one who knows better right?? *sighs*

Anyway... As usual, on a tue morning, i'd either be in my skool comp lab or library. Since i'm typing now, I am of course in the comp lab lah.. haha. anyway.. Guess that's all for now.


My birthday: 4 days
MLAO paper: 6days
GP paper: 10 days
Econs and MLA paper: 13 days
Lit paper:16 days
Temporary freedom: 17 days!!!

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