Saturday, September 10, 2005


okiez... My holidays. This is how it went:

Sunday: Found out that my grandmother (okiez, i'm sooo not close to her, but still...) just passed away. When, somebody pass away, the WHOLE family (extended, non-extended. nucleus, non-nucleus), is affected.

Monday: Skipped the Lit wkshop coz of what happened. Had to help babysit and stuff. Heard that the lit wkshop was pretty fun.

Tuesday: Woke up in the morn, decided was too tired to attend Econs tutorial(i paid for that.. dearly). But did got to NUS.. Had this "talk" but the associate professor in-charge of Malay Studies at the uni. *he said i asked a good qns. woohoo =)* Then, we attended a lecture. I was bored so i copied out the title of the lecture: Malay Feudalism as Impediment to Modernisation of the Malays. Quite cool ain't it?? All the uni students went into the lecture hall and looked at us like we are some weirdos. They were probably thinking what is this bunch of kids doing here. We were wearing our uniforms lah... in a place where NOBODY wears uniforms.. sheesh. but it was kinda fun. The lecture is interesting, but.. i was too tired to really appreciate it =)

Wednesday: PW meeting cancelled. So ya.. Slacked at home. did a bit of hmwk. Did a LOT of studying for Econs.. *sux.. i should know better than to do last minute.*

Thurs: Economics diagnostic test. I bombed... I'm pretty sure i failed the test HORRIBLY..
but in a way... Its a good thing. Woke me up. Made me vow to really work harder for the mid-course exams coming up. I'm going to make sure that by the time mid-course comes around, i'm confident about passing my economics. I know i can do this!! i'm determined. I hope i don't disappoint myself. like i always do.

Friday: Also no PW meeting. No purpose lah. Since we have nothing to discuss.

Today: Did homework. Clearing *still in process* all the backlog. I'll be done with it by tmr... Even if i have to sleep at the wee hours of the morn to do so. Then went out library with my family. Met Nurul twice haha.. I'm SOOO happy!! missed ya gal!! so much!
After that, my neighbourhood had this function, ate satay... Yum.. But no gravy. Finished by the time i went down to collect it. Went back up to bring the food. Went back down at 9.30pm. Supposedly the lucky draw starts at that time. WTH.. had to wait for 45 freaking mins before it actually started. Know how much of my backlog i can clear at that time?? *sighs* worst thing is? I had to hear pple who don't have much talent sing.. Especially a lot of the OLD chinese aunties and uncles were singing. A few had talent, most don't? Yang Ce was great though.. she always sings everytime there's this kinda function in my neighbourhood. At least she can sing. *Must ask her sing next time i go back JSS* haha

So yup.. That's my hols so far. Tmr morning still have to go out..
*hears all the homework, backlog and current calling*

Okiez... Gotta go peeps... A big thanks to all those who tagged me.
to date: Beaver, Bibi, Faiz, Filziee, Kif Zool, Anya, Yana

P/S super happy coz finally got the MIDI file for that's what friends are for. Yes people. The song you hear playing on my blog is what my blog template is based on. Have been looking for the file for quite a while. Thanks to clair3 for the file.. Appreciate it =)

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