Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fun Fun Fun

I missed my JSS friends soooo much! Haha. So glad that i organised the lunch outing just now. ALthough only a few (8 out of 15) pple came, it was still FUN!!

Hui Wen

First went to play at arcade. hmmm... Haven't been to an arcade in a while.. there was this one game which was meant to be played by 1 person but end up, 6 pple played tgt.. haha..

had lunch at pizza hut.. rich ah?? Not really lah... But we spent like $99.. haha... Okiez lah, 8 pple, $99 at pizza hut actually still quite reasonable i guess...

After lunch-ing, we spent like at least 1 hour in pizza hut taking photos! *yay for camera phones!!* the pizza hut staff was looking at us like we are a bunch of crazy peeps!! So fun! I'll try to get near a laptop so that i can post the photos okiez? haha...

after paying and everything, went back to arcade while waiting for Lia to go home and change etc. Saw somebody very expertly playing (by himself) what took us 6 pple to play... So embarassing *blushes then remembered that she is not the blushing type* oh.. Me and louie also decided to play this drumming game... Fiiiiine.... I'm lousy at arcade games can?? I've got super slow reflexes lah... Now you guys know why i don't spend much time at the arcade?? *sigh*

finally, ended the day by studying with Lia, Alfred, Bibi at Taman Mac... Thanks for helping me peeps!! Oooohhh... Saw Alex too. He was eating dinner at Macdonalds before going to work. Hung out and chat with us for a while... Everybody(as in the 4 of us) was asking him why he didn't join us for lunch earlier...

Mid-course exams (or more affectionately known as the promotional exams) coming up. Must start studying! needs to get promoted to continue chasing dream. will get promoted coz don't want to be a failure to myself. coz i have had enough of disappointing my teachers, my family, friends and finally, myself!! I am a good student. Gotta prove it! Unlike what some teachers think, i can and WILL succeed!

The hardworker will achieve sucess as he has shown to want it most!


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