Monday, September 26, 2005

Doctors failing tests??

Hey everyone....

There is something wrong with my computer... What the freak.... Crap lah.... How to do work??

Anyway.. Those who thought that I pon skool today for no good reason please repent and ask for forgiveness. Haha... Joking. But i really was sick lah. Fever, flu, cough headache. My aunt damn bad lah... Say i having dengue. What seh...

So since i was sick, i went to see the doctor. Hey... I got 2 days leave from skool. But i think i'm going to skool tmr lah. Coz exams is like just next week. *sigh* I wish i didn't have to take MC just now. One day wasted.

Anyway, had an interesting conversation with my doctor. He asked me what year i'm in. When i told him that I'm in JC year one, he had this grimace on his face. The doctor actually winced. He then asked me how is JC life nowadays and i said that its super stressing and all that. Guess what?? He vehemently agreed with me. Take note, he is probably like 40++, yet when he remembers his 1st JC year he still winces?? He was saying how it was fun but there's just so many things and its like there's just NO time to do everything. He also said that he used to fail his tests too... Like a doctor, failing tests in year 1?? Wow... but its great lah. He knows exactly what i mean when i talk about the stress of a JC student. But he did say that as times pass and you get use to it, life will get so much easier. I really hope so. *alfred... This is for you! It's ok if you are failing now, you can still be a gynaecologist in the future!! Yay!*

So... I should be back in skool tmr. Don't think i'd be 100% well but i should at least be better than today.. Hopefully. And ya... Can finally hand in ALL my backlog. Can also finally really settle down and start my studies for exams... 2 more weeks... Haha... I have the best wishes of my doctor when he found out that my exams is like within the next 3 weeks.... I am going PASS!!


My birthday: 5 days(mwahahaha)
MLAO paper: 7 days
GP paper: 11 days
Econs and MLA paper: 14more days
Literature paper: 17 more days

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