Friday, September 30, 2005

quickie =) ooohhh... ONE MORE DAY!!

Just a quick post to update my countdown list... Will continue studying (coz i started last week but totally stopped this week) tmr. *sigh* good luck to me!! I'm gonna ace the promos man... And to all my worried friends, so will you guys, DON'T WORRY!!

By the way people... I'm 16 years, 364 days today. *hint hint* =)


My birthday:1 day!!!!!!!
Start of fasting month: 5 days
MLAO paper: 3 days
GP paper: 7 days
Econs and MLA paper: 10 days
Lit paper:13 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 14 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 22 days

==nothing new to add today==

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is it just my computer's fault or is it blogger's problem?? There seems to be something wrong here.... *sigh* I dunno lah. My computer is currently "a bug-infested nightmare" (quoted from one of my fave comics, Sherman's Lagoon). What the hell... think i need to debug my comp or sth... *sigh* anybody know how??

anyway, i know A LOT of my friends are like temporarily shutting down their blogs so that they can spend "more time studying". Well... Guess what?? I'm not gonna do that.. *yay* that's coz writing is just one of the ways I can use to de-stress myself and if i shut down my blog, then there's not much outlet for me is there?? yes, there's still my personal written diary but that's just not enough any more, i guess... *what am i talking?? Don't mind me if you don't understand what i'm saying... i'm just rambling and rambling and rambling....* anyway.. there's my countdown to maintain. So guys, you'll most likely see that my blog will be updated everyday.

Happy reading!!

Siti <3

My birthday:2 days
Start of fasting month: 4/6??
MLAO paper: 4 days
GP paper: 8 days
Econs and MLA paper: 11 days
Lit paper:14 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 15 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 23 days

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

wad seh...

Is it my fault that her "no" sounded like "go" ?? Fine then... why didn't call me back. Sheesh...

haha... Nothing much to write lah. Just wanna update my countdown list... Hmmmm... I wonder is it stupid and reckless of me not to feel a sense of urgency when my exams are really so near?? Its like I don't really feel anything, yet i know that this is an especially important exam. *sigh* I dunno lah... Its not like as if i'm well prepared for it either... *sigh*


My birthday: 3 days
MLAO paper: 5 days
GP paper: 9 days
Econs and MLA paper: 12 days
Lit paper:15 days (must remember to bring BLAKE!!)
Temporary freedom: 16 days!!!
First Chinese Opera rehearsal (dun ask!!!): 24 days

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

should i go home??

Hey there!!

Should i go home?? I'm like still feeling very dizzy and i was quite unstable when i was walking to skool lah. I think like during civics i'm gonna approach Mdm C and tell her i'm goin home. I actually have 2 days MC right?? Maybe that's why the doctor gave me 2 days break. Should have listened to the one who knows better right?? *sighs*

Anyway... As usual, on a tue morning, i'd either be in my skool comp lab or library. Since i'm typing now, I am of course in the comp lab lah.. haha. anyway.. Guess that's all for now.


My birthday: 4 days
MLAO paper: 6days
GP paper: 10 days
Econs and MLA paper: 13 days
Lit paper:16 days
Temporary freedom: 17 days!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Doctors failing tests??

Hey everyone....

There is something wrong with my computer... What the freak.... Crap lah.... How to do work??

Anyway.. Those who thought that I pon skool today for no good reason please repent and ask for forgiveness. Haha... Joking. But i really was sick lah. Fever, flu, cough headache. My aunt damn bad lah... Say i having dengue. What seh...

So since i was sick, i went to see the doctor. Hey... I got 2 days leave from skool. But i think i'm going to skool tmr lah. Coz exams is like just next week. *sigh* I wish i didn't have to take MC just now. One day wasted.

Anyway, had an interesting conversation with my doctor. He asked me what year i'm in. When i told him that I'm in JC year one, he had this grimace on his face. The doctor actually winced. He then asked me how is JC life nowadays and i said that its super stressing and all that. Guess what?? He vehemently agreed with me. Take note, he is probably like 40++, yet when he remembers his 1st JC year he still winces?? He was saying how it was fun but there's just so many things and its like there's just NO time to do everything. He also said that he used to fail his tests too... Like a doctor, failing tests in year 1?? Wow... but its great lah. He knows exactly what i mean when i talk about the stress of a JC student. But he did say that as times pass and you get use to it, life will get so much easier. I really hope so. *alfred... This is for you! It's ok if you are failing now, you can still be a gynaecologist in the future!! Yay!*

So... I should be back in skool tmr. Don't think i'd be 100% well but i should at least be better than today.. Hopefully. And ya... Can finally hand in ALL my backlog. Can also finally really settle down and start my studies for exams... 2 more weeks... Haha... I have the best wishes of my doctor when he found out that my exams is like within the next 3 weeks.... I am going PASS!!


My birthday: 5 days(mwahahaha)
MLAO paper: 7 days
GP paper: 11 days
Econs and MLA paper: 14more days
Literature paper: 17 more days

Sunday, September 25, 2005

not gonna write much.

Just wanna ask you guys to maybe check this out:

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

okiez... I'm bored

So... Just writing in to document my boredom... Likr super bored... Okiez, i can spend this time doing homework lah, but since when do i make good use of my time?? =)

anyway, now in skool comp lab. Supposedly doing PW....... WADEVA!! haha... I'm just killing time until its 2.30 actually. coz i have to get ready for a meeting with the principal at that time. =(
She wants to meet all the councillors. What's the purpose?? Dunno. Its either to talk to us or to screw us... Who knows???

not going to write much lah. Just killing time...


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fun Fun Fun

I missed my JSS friends soooo much! Haha. So glad that i organised the lunch outing just now. ALthough only a few (8 out of 15) pple came, it was still FUN!!

Hui Wen

First went to play at arcade. hmmm... Haven't been to an arcade in a while.. there was this one game which was meant to be played by 1 person but end up, 6 pple played tgt.. haha..

had lunch at pizza hut.. rich ah?? Not really lah... But we spent like $99.. haha... Okiez lah, 8 pple, $99 at pizza hut actually still quite reasonable i guess...

After lunch-ing, we spent like at least 1 hour in pizza hut taking photos! *yay for camera phones!!* the pizza hut staff was looking at us like we are a bunch of crazy peeps!! So fun! I'll try to get near a laptop so that i can post the photos okiez? haha...

after paying and everything, went back to arcade while waiting for Lia to go home and change etc. Saw somebody very expertly playing (by himself) what took us 6 pple to play... So embarassing *blushes then remembered that she is not the blushing type* oh.. Me and louie also decided to play this drumming game... Fiiiiine.... I'm lousy at arcade games can?? I've got super slow reflexes lah... Now you guys know why i don't spend much time at the arcade?? *sigh*

finally, ended the day by studying with Lia, Alfred, Bibi at Taman Mac... Thanks for helping me peeps!! Oooohhh... Saw Alex too. He was eating dinner at Macdonalds before going to work. Hung out and chat with us for a while... Everybody(as in the 4 of us) was asking him why he didn't join us for lunch earlier...

Mid-course exams (or more affectionately known as the promotional exams) coming up. Must start studying! needs to get promoted to continue chasing dream. will get promoted coz don't want to be a failure to myself. coz i have had enough of disappointing my teachers, my family, friends and finally, myself!! I am a good student. Gotta prove it! Unlike what some teachers think, i can and WILL succeed!

The hardworker will achieve sucess as he has shown to want it most!


Fun Fun Fun

Saturday, September 10, 2005


okiez... My holidays. This is how it went:

Sunday: Found out that my grandmother (okiez, i'm sooo not close to her, but still...) just passed away. When, somebody pass away, the WHOLE family (extended, non-extended. nucleus, non-nucleus), is affected.

Monday: Skipped the Lit wkshop coz of what happened. Had to help babysit and stuff. Heard that the lit wkshop was pretty fun.

Tuesday: Woke up in the morn, decided was too tired to attend Econs tutorial(i paid for that.. dearly). But did got to NUS.. Had this "talk" but the associate professor in-charge of Malay Studies at the uni. *he said i asked a good qns. woohoo =)* Then, we attended a lecture. I was bored so i copied out the title of the lecture: Malay Feudalism as Impediment to Modernisation of the Malays. Quite cool ain't it?? All the uni students went into the lecture hall and looked at us like we are some weirdos. They were probably thinking what is this bunch of kids doing here. We were wearing our uniforms lah... in a place where NOBODY wears uniforms.. sheesh. but it was kinda fun. The lecture is interesting, but.. i was too tired to really appreciate it =)

Wednesday: PW meeting cancelled. So ya.. Slacked at home. did a bit of hmwk. Did a LOT of studying for Econs.. *sux.. i should know better than to do last minute.*

Thurs: Economics diagnostic test. I bombed... I'm pretty sure i failed the test HORRIBLY..
but in a way... Its a good thing. Woke me up. Made me vow to really work harder for the mid-course exams coming up. I'm going to make sure that by the time mid-course comes around, i'm confident about passing my economics. I know i can do this!! i'm determined. I hope i don't disappoint myself. like i always do.

Friday: Also no PW meeting. No purpose lah. Since we have nothing to discuss.

Today: Did homework. Clearing *still in process* all the backlog. I'll be done with it by tmr... Even if i have to sleep at the wee hours of the morn to do so. Then went out library with my family. Met Nurul twice haha.. I'm SOOO happy!! missed ya gal!! so much!
After that, my neighbourhood had this function, ate satay... Yum.. But no gravy. Finished by the time i went down to collect it. Went back up to bring the food. Went back down at 9.30pm. Supposedly the lucky draw starts at that time. WTH.. had to wait for 45 freaking mins before it actually started. Know how much of my backlog i can clear at that time?? *sighs* worst thing is? I had to hear pple who don't have much talent sing.. Especially a lot of the OLD chinese aunties and uncles were singing. A few had talent, most don't? Yang Ce was great though.. she always sings everytime there's this kinda function in my neighbourhood. At least she can sing. *Must ask her sing next time i go back JSS* haha

So yup.. That's my hols so far. Tmr morning still have to go out..
*hears all the homework, backlog and current calling*

Okiez... Gotta go peeps... A big thanks to all those who tagged me.
to date: Beaver, Bibi, Faiz, Filziee, Kif Zool, Anya, Yana

P/S super happy coz finally got the MIDI file for that's what friends are for. Yes people. The song you hear playing on my blog is what my blog template is based on. Have been looking for the file for quite a while. Thanks to clair3 for the file.. Appreciate it =)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

you've got to be kidding me

Okiez.. Its official. I have a bad relationship with research. I'm having trouble doing research for my projects. I'm having trouble finding stuff for Lit and i'm having trouble finding stuff for Project Work.

*so what is she doing here blogging?*

is that what you are asking yourself?? well.... I'm blogging coz at least i know i don't have a bad relationship with blogger, my blog and best of all words. I love writing, especially when its for leisure. So since i'm very frustrated with search engines and non-fiction books right now, i may as well come here to keep my mind calm. *sighs* I also have a nice purely fiction book open in front of me right now, thus, putting me as far away from what i don't like as possible.

*huh?? what is she saying?? Is siti feeling ok??*

to those who are doubting my sanity... Yes, i am feeling ok. just slightly frustrated. But i'll get over it. I need to finish up my research anyway. *sighs* by the way, i am ONLY 3/4 crazy. I'm not fully there yet *just being random* i can't believe it lah. This week is known as a skool holiday but, guess what?? It is definitely no holiday. At least the geog and bio peeps are going to tioman. Where am i going?? Little India and NUS.. *sighs*

schedule for the week:
Monday: Literature Wkshop- Othello competition, going to Little India
Tuesday: Morning-Economics Tutorial. Afternoon- MLA students visit to NUS (we get to be uni students for 2 hrs!!)
Wednesday; PW group meeting at esplanade, Study for Econs diagnostic
thursday: Econs diagnostic test
Friday: tentatively another PW group meeting
Saturday: Free
Sunday: Go Darul Ihsan.

So... That's how my one week holiday looks like.. oh well

when life gives you lemons, turn it into lemonade =D

cheers from the always optimistic me,

p/s i heard that sighing isn't very good for you. so.. I'm trying to control my sighs.. *sighs* haha.
argh!! I can't believe my friends would do this to me!! What's the big idea?? why me and him?? sheesh

Friday, September 02, 2005

Visits =D


I'm so happy!! yay!! yeda, rekha(the ac gals), joanne and zara(the sa girls) came over to visit us Innovians!! haha. It was sooooo great to be able to meet up and catch up with them again. It has been like 5 mths since i last saw them and i really missed them a lot..

So.. My class was supposed to be released late but dunno why, mr ng had this sudden inspiration to be nice?? And therefore, he let us off on time.. (take note he is actually a nice guy but a rather boring teacher). Wei Ling and i, who were super excited coz the ac gals said they were already at the canteen, immediately and literally ran down to the canteen. haha.. and about 1hr and 20 mins later the sa gals arrived.

we basically hung around in the canteen, went around skool looking for teachers (but sadly they are all busy) in the end, we left at about 2++, 3 and went to eat at BK. after which we sat there for like 3 hrs chatting while waiting for aaron.. (okiez.. actually we waited for aaron for 2 hrs, and chatted for another 1 hr more) haha.. basically what i missed most is the sincerity in the friendship amongst the 6 of us or 7 including aaron. we know that what is said is the truth from the heart and we don't try to be two-faced with each other. Not that i'm saying any of my friends are like that now but its just different amongst us 6. We talked about all kinda of things and just spent the time laughing and laughing and laughing. I haven't really done that since the six of us separated after 1st 3 mths.. ya.. there has been other friends i've laughed and laughed and laughed with but i guess i just missed US. Do you guys know what i'm talking about??

Anyway.. I've gotta in a way thanks Ms yeo for coming to JSS and promoting Innova JC and thus moving my heart to join Innova, leading me to such a great group of friends. Although we are mostly seperated into 3 groups now, we still do rm our memories here and our friendship still hold strong. I am so happy i met these gals..

To all my other friends: You guys are great too.. Thanks for being there for me and joking and laughing and tolerating my lameness and randomness =) i so appreciate it!!


p/s to my gp of malay girlfriends: I really heard it as u guys calling Siti just now, which is why i turned.. Not the other name.. ARGH!!