Monday, August 29, 2005


me??? me???

gosh.. i'm so not feeling well now.. Sore throat, blocknose/flu
i sincerely hope that i'm not having a fever *goes to take temperature*
nope no fever.. But i seem to be going back to my old i've got no appetite to eat routine.. and the worse thing about this is that i'll usually eat more coz i'll be forcing myself to eat.. ARGH!! I hate feelin sick!! I get SO you wouldn't believe it. Most of the time i can curb my crankiness but if you catch me at the wrong time... Well, you are DEAD.. you don't want to see me when i'm angry and cranky..

well i should just go and get a good night's sleep right??? Well nope.. I still have like a miniature research paper on the book The Handmaid's Tale to write... How is the theme of Christianity evident in The Handmaid's Tale? You wanna noe the truth?? I don't care!! Argh!! This is so the wrong day to assign me this kinda assignment.. My aunt's asking me to eat dinner then eat medicine but i can't!! The medicine will make me too drowsy to do work.. Then how am i going to get my work done?? Why did i take Literature?? I'm already in *minor* trouble with one of my 3 lit teachers, *slight* trouble with my Economics teacher.. Guess what?? Why don't all of my 5 teacher get a number to see who can screw with me first..

Damn.. Sorry people... This is just my crankiness and my frustrations at work.. sorry if i offended anybody with any of my language.. by the way to the world at large.. A word of advice.. Please don't complicate my life, please don't give me hell just fir the sake of it.. i am SOOOO not in the mood!! Thanks for reading guys..

siti rozianti

p/s the world is so twisted nowadays.. I was in LT5 just now for econs and on the "table" beside mine somebody wrote this "I need a gun" I felt like going to the person and i dunno just ask them what's wrong.. Stress is not worth losing your life over.. *sighs* in my heart i'm really hoping that he/she/it doesn't get a gun and am soo grateful its hard to actually obtain one here in Singapore

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