Thursday, August 04, 2005

OP workshop

Hey there everyone.. Now in my skool comp lab attending the OP wkshop.. quite a waste of time lah.. but since i paid $100++ for it, oh well may as well attend.. sheesh.. eric just got scolding.. coz he play play.. actually both him and alex lah.. haha.. but quite funny lah.. not the fact that he got scolding.. juz that he is juz super funny. haha

actually i'm juz blogging in coz i'm bored.. oh wells :D haha.. "phobias are nothing but strong negative anchors" hmmm.. maybe i should think about this?? muahaha.. oh ya.. i found out that Eric was telling wei chiang that i'm afraid of heights.. sheesh.. tell everyone why dun he?? wadeva.. haha.. actually i dun really mind lah.. blog in more later when i go home about the camp.. :) later peeps!!!


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