Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Innova Junior College 1st Parliamentary Investiture 2005

The Council Song Lyrics

Have you heard of the Innovian Council?
Can you see the stars shine brighter today?
Yeah you know we're coming right back at you
The council's gonna show you the way

Yeah the thunder's rumbling
Yeah the earth is shaking
The council's gonna lead the way
[Yeah you know we're immortal]

Chorus (to be "shouted"):
The Council's got it on
The council's got it on
Innova's got it on (repeat)

Repeat verse
[Yeah you know we're immortal]
Repeat chorus

We may face some problems
Disappointments ahead
Strife may fill our paths
But you know...........
[Yeah you know that we're immortal]

Have you heard of the Innovian Council?
Can you see the stars shine brighter today.....
written by: Ian Nicholas Chew,
President 1st IJC Students Council

Woweee.. Finally our investiture day is here.
After all the rehearsals and stuff.. Can't really say that the event ran without a hitch.. Can't say that Shawn wasn't walking a round feeling and looking stressed.. There were a few things here and there but otherwise.. PRETTY GOOD JOB 1st IJC council!! Something to be proud of..
(by the way to all those Innovians who were wondering.. The banner in front of LT3 says alpha not *some weird symbol*LPH*same weird symbol* )

As stated before.. I was the tray girl.. Eeewww.. There was so many photos of me taken lah.. Coz i'm holding the important stuff what and i had to stand onstage sometimes and all that.. the problem is, I HATE taking photos.. sheesh.. Feedback from people: i fidget too much.. muahaha.. cannot take it lah.. I'm a person with VERY short attention span and is quite restless.. therefore: during principal's speech i was trying to distract myself.. Its like wow.. She talked (as usual) so long winded.. then halfway through, she said in conclusion.. I tot it was the conclusion to her whole speech but.. NO!! it was just a conclusion to that part of the speech.. GOSH!! sheesh.. But ok lah.. had a lot to distract me.. Jocelyn Chia rolling her eyes *and i do agree with you Joce*, Mr Chen and his i'm the best act *this i don't agree* (For your info: Ms yeo was talking about how our president Mr S.R. Nathan was such a good leader etc and mr chen keep on pointing to himself in a manner where the meaning is super obvious), Ian laughing and smiling *for most of the time i dunno the reason.. Is it just euphoria over the presidency?? I honestly don't think so.. hmmm* and Rafidah was looking super interested *later realised that she don't have MUCH choice coz vice-principal was beside her*.. haha.. Oh ya.. Seems that ms yeo don't know how to pin on badge.. okiez fine.. It is a pretty complicated pin.. Poor Dan had to wait there for dont know how long while she tries to figure out how to pin it on.. haha

Reception: Just mingled around and chat with the other skool councillors and also our skool own peeps.. The BPGHS peeps suddenly start cheering *huh?? where's the link?? Just that a whole bunch of them managed to get tgt so they excited* than IJC council also did an IJC cheer..

After that whole bunch of us (me, Raf, hanafie, Syek yi, Lindsay, Dan, Sharon [S63 CG chair], Joash, tristan, Shawn, Jocelyn Chia, Ian, Cindy [they went off earlier though]) went out for dinner at Mcdonalds.. GoD.. Dan is so lame can?? sheesh.. I said i'd put this on my blog so i will :
Lindsay: I got to ate the cheesy tofu.. Nice.
Daniel: Cheesy tofu?? Why? What did it say??
*everybody just ...*
Got a lot more lah.. we just spent about 1 hour talking crap and stuff.. haha.. syek yi says i look like a nice girl, the kind who won't talk bad abt pple etc.. People also v good to me.. That kinda gal.. My close friends.. I want your opinion.. Is this true?? In your opinion ok?? haha.. I hope so.. muahaha..

So generally.. Pretty fun day in spite of the bad morning i had!!
Gosh.. Thanks Faiz and Zul *esp Faiz* for tolerating me.. And i really dont mind that you go watch C&C Factory first..
To IJC's 1st Students' Council: Hope we have a great term of office ahead!! Remember working together IS important!! We can do it!!

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