Thursday, August 18, 2005

in skool comp lab now..
should be studying for tests (Econs and Malay A)
so NOT studying..
decided to do useless stuff instead
mountains of homework to finish up..
my skool day will end at about 5.30 today..
Late right?? haha.. not..
Today is actually the day i finish the earliest this week.
All the best to me :)
*gotta try some last minute cramming*

oh.. Thought i should let you guys know that i am on a self-imposed ban from internet websites that is not skool-related from today (ok, tonight) up till Sat morning or when ALL my old homework is cleared up, whichever is earlier.. SO if you guys see me online, don't chat ok?? I'll most likely be studying.. i will still reply to tags and comments though!! see you guys once i'm free!!


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