Tuesday, August 30, 2005

in the comp lab

hey hey.. I am at where i usually spend my mornings on mondays and tuesdays. The skool computer lab.. I get sick of this place sometimes but hey, it is the least boring place to spend your time in when u have 2 1/2 hours to spare.. Why do i have 2 1/2 hr break?? Ask the admin peeps who happily scheduled my timetable that way.. Wadeva. Guess i'm quite used to it..

anyway.. still sick but feeling slightly better.. Think coz of the weather. I has been so hot the past few days that my body just couldn't take it. Its raining now though and i'm kinda freezing in the fully air-conditioned comp lab.. yay!! i love rain.. but i'm still feeling bad enough that i'm kinda contemplating going home half way through skool.. dunno lah. see how... seriously though, don't think i'm going home coz have econs later and they are teaching a new topic.. *sighs* if things get really bad i'll go to the doctor tonight i guess.. But an MC won't be necessary lah seeing as its a holiday on Thursday.. and tmr is only a half day.. Can't wait to go back JSS tmr and see everybody. And of course enjoy the holiday on thurs, go back to skool on fri beforebeing released for a one week holiday.. Even the, the holiday is not really like a holiday coz i still have to ome back most days.. Oh well.. At least its a break from normal skool routine :D


p/s i am sooo woried for my friend.. Why is she sayin the things she is and threatening to do the things she does.. Please!! I care for you so much, i don't want to lose you.. I'm sorry if i haven't been there for you but i DON'T wanna lose you!! Please!! Is there anyway i can help??

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