Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hey everyone.. What a week..
First of all.. I'm most likely going to get a zero for one of my Lit essays coz i hand it in late.. oh well WADEVA!! I will finish it and hand in but i honestly don't really care about the marks.. Just as long as its marked and commented on.. Its my own fault anyway right??

Sheesh.. Okiez.. Mon:
Monday wasn't too bad lah.. The national day observance at skool was kinda boring :P Oh well but i didn't regret going for PE.. Softball was quite fun.. Although i think i pulled my thigh muscle on Sunday somehow and it hurt while running..

ok.. It was Singapore's 40th national day.. Went to JE to celebrate in the afternoon.. Saw Bibi, Sheila, Alfred, Pei Ming, Chee Keong and Peng Chong.. Saw Hafirah from far.. Was kinda like a fool while trying to find her in the crowd.. Looking around aimlessly.. Haha.. Was quite fun!!
Then my littlest cousin (he's 5) came to stay over and he's sooo cute!! watched the parade on TV at home *boohoo i wanted tickets to go the Padang* LOVED the fireworks as usual.. Saw mr Lee, one of my skool's PE teacher, up on one of the floats.. That's because he's a national athlete. on the shooting team. Seems that he has A LOT of records in SEA games and ASEAN games.. WOW!!

Was supposed to be a skool holiday but i had to go back skool For students' council investiture rehearsal.. Started at 1.30, was abit late though :P ended at about 5.45.. At first wanted to go eat with the others but realized that i wasn't hungry.. Wasn't too waste a time though.. Got a lot of things done.. Dunno whether am i over-pessimistic, too low in expectations or what.. But i do feel that IJC's 1st Students' Council is closer nowadays.. Slightly.. or maybe its just me.. I've made more friends there.. As in like more people i'll say hi too and talk too casually instead of only when i have to.. Ok. Whatever. Most of you probably don't understand what i'm talking about either :)

Long skool day made short coz cikgu moved up our malay class but it was still a long day coz i had to stay for another investiture rehearsal, this time with everybody else, not just the councillors.. And guess what?? This is what mrs naidu said to me:

mrs naidu: *gesturing at me after which she got distracted and didn't say what she wanted to say*
me:*the good girl that i am :p went to her* "Is there anything you want me to do??
Mrs naidu: Oh yes.. You see i've promoted you!! *i was thinking what?? waiting suspiciously coz she is very unpredictable* yup.. You are now the tray girl
me: Wowee!! ok.....

So basically i'm on the prize table.. And NO!! there is no proper stage and hall and all that.. Its just a table (most likely a skool table) set at the side of the mini stage and instead of sitting down, i'll have to stand during most of the investiture.. WOW!! some promotion.. can i put it on my portfolio for skool?? seriously though.. I don't really mind :p So ya.. the other leader were lucky.. They get to finish at 6.30pm.. The councillors can only go at 7pm.. But like i said.. Its ok.. Investiture is this Wednesday!!

Talk with this guy who is the Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister's Office, Mr Eddie Teo. Was super bored!! Luckily there's alex and his stash of food.. My class was like having a party at the back:D then stayed in skool to try finish the essay mentione above but realized that i can't do it.. So in the end went home.. Thanks Wani for accopanying me!!

Had this tea-session with representatives of the MCYS (Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports Development for those of you who don't know).. Quite fun lah.. the issues brought up was interesting.. Got to network and met other councillors of other JCs who are interested in inter-JC activities.. I told them i'll get the opinions of my council (they should say yes lah) and i'll get back to them.. Made new friends!! I realize that in a way JC has been good for me.. I've been less shy about talking, approaching and befriending new people.. *pats self on back* Good job siti!!

so that's all!! Hope you guys are happy with my update!!


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