Saturday, August 06, 2005

Hey everyone!!

it seems that everybody, even the camp 2 peeps have blogged in about the camp.. so i guess now it's my turn:D

generally i thought that the camp was FUN!! although.. oh well..

reported to skool as per normal.. only difference is that i had to carry like a super big big bag instead of my normal tote.. but my bag wasn't too heavy..
anyway.. reached the campsite.. settled down, disappointed we can't bunk in with A11.. tried our best to persuade the other class to change.. YAY!! success:D
played low elements.. FUN!! FUN!! and my class are pretty cool peeps.. we set a few records.. haha.. after lunch we had Tower games.. i got stuck at the abseiling area again.. gosh.. I'm a coward can?? actually its also coz i was soo not prepared.. i was actually mentally prepared to do flying fox.. but there was no time so had to do abseiling.. wth.. sheesh.. but i went through with it lah.. after quite a while :p haha.. after that we had orienteering.. YAY!! my group finished first!! although we didn't really start out to well, we ended up great!! thanks to my brilliant answer-finding skills.. haha.. kidding :D

We did intermediate and high element.. it rained halfway through high element though so had to stop.. sad:( we played games though.. quite lame lah.. but fun also.. haha.. LOL "evolution" haha.. but we continued high elements after that coz the rain stopped.. *ok.. guess wad?? i didn't dare to do any of the high and intermediate elements ok?? i was just too SUPER scared can? sheesh* anyway.. we were preparing for campfire after our field cooking.. combined with A11.. cool.. within 1hr++ we came up with our ideas.. haha..
the campfire itself was pretty fun lah.. haha.. i liked the waterboys performance.. cute :D.. loved OUR performance more though.. coz i'm biased.. haha.. other than that.. had to help the ODAC leaders lead the songs and stuff coz i'm a councillor.. oh well..

NOthing much lah.. was one of those who reported late.. man.. Ms Lee was soo mad.. punished us.. oh well.. its been a very slacko camp so its ok.. haha.. ooohh.. we found out that A22 was second best CG!! yay!! we rawk.. lost to A11 but its ok.. haha.. ARTS CLASSES rawks!!! haha.. even in camp 2 A31 got 2nd.. haha..

quite sad though coz taurus beat us in house points.. :( but like alison said.. its only 9 pts diff.. sure can catch up one!! yay!! SAGGITARIUS!! JIAYOU!!

and a final thanks to my classmates for helping and encouraging me in this camp.. even when i fail.. THANKS!!

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