Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Teacher's day celebration

first of all...

Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers
Thanks for everything you've done for me, it was appreciated.
Can't really imagine school without you...
Thanks so much!!

So ya.. I had fun today... Especially when i went back to JSS.
Argh!! My JSS frenz, i MISS you guys sooooo much!! It was so fun meeting you guys again.
Then went to jurong point to eat, walk walk..
I miss JSS!!
okiez lah... Nothing much to write actually =D

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

just a last min addition...

think i'm losing faith in the human spirit and in resilience... Why???

but then i think again and i remember Lewis's friend Jennifer's struggles with leukemia and how she is resilient and so brave in handling of her sickness and her chemo.. thanks Lewis for letting me know about her and making me an optimistic person again.. Thanks Jennifer.. May your recovery be speedy..

in the comp lab

hey hey.. I am at where i usually spend my mornings on mondays and tuesdays. The skool computer lab.. I get sick of this place sometimes but hey, it is the least boring place to spend your time in when u have 2 1/2 hours to spare.. Why do i have 2 1/2 hr break?? Ask the admin peeps who happily scheduled my timetable that way.. Wadeva. Guess i'm quite used to it..

anyway.. still sick but feeling slightly better.. Think coz of the weather. I has been so hot the past few days that my body just couldn't take it. Its raining now though and i'm kinda freezing in the fully air-conditioned comp lab.. yay!! i love rain.. but i'm still feeling bad enough that i'm kinda contemplating going home half way through skool.. dunno lah. see how... seriously though, don't think i'm going home coz have econs later and they are teaching a new topic.. *sighs* if things get really bad i'll go to the doctor tonight i guess.. But an MC won't be necessary lah seeing as its a holiday on Thursday.. and tmr is only a half day.. Can't wait to go back JSS tmr and see everybody. And of course enjoy the holiday on thurs, go back to skool on fri beforebeing released for a one week holiday.. Even the, the holiday is not really like a holiday coz i still have to ome back most days.. Oh well.. At least its a break from normal skool routine :D


p/s i am sooo woried for my friend.. Why is she sayin the things she is and threatening to do the things she does.. Please!! I care for you so much, i don't want to lose you.. I'm sorry if i haven't been there for you but i DON'T wanna lose you!! Please!! Is there anyway i can help??

Monday, August 29, 2005


me??? me???

gosh.. i'm so not feeling well now.. Sore throat, blocknose/flu
i sincerely hope that i'm not having a fever *goes to take temperature*
nope no fever.. But i seem to be going back to my old i've got no appetite to eat routine.. and the worse thing about this is that i'll usually eat more coz i'll be forcing myself to eat.. ARGH!! I hate feelin sick!! I get SO you wouldn't believe it. Most of the time i can curb my crankiness but if you catch me at the wrong time... Well, you are DEAD.. you don't want to see me when i'm angry and cranky..

well i should just go and get a good night's sleep right??? Well nope.. I still have like a miniature research paper on the book The Handmaid's Tale to write... How is the theme of Christianity evident in The Handmaid's Tale? You wanna noe the truth?? I don't care!! Argh!! This is so the wrong day to assign me this kinda assignment.. My aunt's asking me to eat dinner then eat medicine but i can't!! The medicine will make me too drowsy to do work.. Then how am i going to get my work done?? Why did i take Literature?? I'm already in *minor* trouble with one of my 3 lit teachers, *slight* trouble with my Economics teacher.. Guess what?? Why don't all of my 5 teacher get a number to see who can screw with me first..

Damn.. Sorry people... This is just my crankiness and my frustrations at work.. sorry if i offended anybody with any of my language.. by the way to the world at large.. A word of advice.. Please don't complicate my life, please don't give me hell just fir the sake of it.. i am SOOOO not in the mood!! Thanks for reading guys..

siti rozianti

p/s the world is so twisted nowadays.. I was in LT5 just now for econs and on the "table" beside mine somebody wrote this "I need a gun" I felt like going to the person and i dunno just ask them what's wrong.. Stress is not worth losing your life over.. *sighs* in my heart i'm really hoping that he/she/it doesn't get a gun and am soo grateful its hard to actually obtain one here in Singapore

Thursday, August 25, 2005

You Are a Snarky Blogger!
You've got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of.
And that's why they read your posts as often as they can!
What kind of blogger are you?

Thanks to Beaver
for the link!!

Anyway.. Tiring week for me.. Although i'm at least going home earlier, it has been really mentally taxing.. Oh well.. I've gotta go now.. Not really in the mood and don't really have the time to write long post!!

p/s thanks to all those who tagged me!! Love you guys!!

Friday, August 19, 2005


I just thought i should document this day..
The day where i come skool early!! YAY!!
I reached skool like at 7.30 lah..
Never happened before :D
Okiez.. gotta thank my uncle for sending me i guess..
He was late for work and since skool is on the way, he decided to send me by taxi.. Yippee!!
Okiez.. I'll try to be a good girl and finish up somemore homework while waiting for assembly time..
Or... maybe not.. haha..
but i will try to persuade myself to go for the econs remedial later :)


Thursday, August 18, 2005

in skool comp lab now..
should be studying for tests (Econs and Malay A)
so NOT studying..
decided to do useless stuff instead
mountains of homework to finish up..
my skool day will end at about 5.30 today..
Late right?? haha.. not..
Today is actually the day i finish the earliest this week.
All the best to me :)
*gotta try some last minute cramming*

oh.. Thought i should let you guys know that i am on a self-imposed ban from internet websites that is not skool-related from today (ok, tonight) up till Sat morning or when ALL my old homework is cleared up, whichever is earlier.. SO if you guys see me online, don't chat ok?? I'll most likely be studying.. i will still reply to tags and comments though!! see you guys once i'm free!!


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Innova Junior College 1st Parliamentary Investiture 2005

The Council Song Lyrics

Have you heard of the Innovian Council?
Can you see the stars shine brighter today?
Yeah you know we're coming right back at you
The council's gonna show you the way

Yeah the thunder's rumbling
Yeah the earth is shaking
The council's gonna lead the way
[Yeah you know we're immortal]

Chorus (to be "shouted"):
The Council's got it on
The council's got it on
Innova's got it on (repeat)

Repeat verse
[Yeah you know we're immortal]
Repeat chorus

We may face some problems
Disappointments ahead
Strife may fill our paths
But you know...........
[Yeah you know that we're immortal]

Have you heard of the Innovian Council?
Can you see the stars shine brighter today.....
written by: Ian Nicholas Chew,
President 1st IJC Students Council

Woweee.. Finally our investiture day is here.
After all the rehearsals and stuff.. Can't really say that the event ran without a hitch.. Can't say that Shawn wasn't walking a round feeling and looking stressed.. There were a few things here and there but otherwise.. PRETTY GOOD JOB 1st IJC council!! Something to be proud of..
(by the way to all those Innovians who were wondering.. The banner in front of LT3 says alpha not *some weird symbol*LPH*same weird symbol* )

As stated before.. I was the tray girl.. Eeewww.. There was so many photos of me taken lah.. Coz i'm holding the important stuff what and i had to stand onstage sometimes and all that.. the problem is, I HATE taking photos.. sheesh.. Feedback from people: i fidget too much.. muahaha.. cannot take it lah.. I'm a person with VERY short attention span and is quite restless.. therefore: during principal's speech i was trying to distract myself.. Its like wow.. She talked (as usual) so long winded.. then halfway through, she said in conclusion.. I tot it was the conclusion to her whole speech but.. NO!! it was just a conclusion to that part of the speech.. GOSH!! sheesh.. But ok lah.. had a lot to distract me.. Jocelyn Chia rolling her eyes *and i do agree with you Joce*, Mr Chen and his i'm the best act *this i don't agree* (For your info: Ms yeo was talking about how our president Mr S.R. Nathan was such a good leader etc and mr chen keep on pointing to himself in a manner where the meaning is super obvious), Ian laughing and smiling *for most of the time i dunno the reason.. Is it just euphoria over the presidency?? I honestly don't think so.. hmmm* and Rafidah was looking super interested *later realised that she don't have MUCH choice coz vice-principal was beside her*.. haha.. Oh ya.. Seems that ms yeo don't know how to pin on badge.. okiez fine.. It is a pretty complicated pin.. Poor Dan had to wait there for dont know how long while she tries to figure out how to pin it on.. haha

Reception: Just mingled around and chat with the other skool councillors and also our skool own peeps.. The BPGHS peeps suddenly start cheering *huh?? where's the link?? Just that a whole bunch of them managed to get tgt so they excited* than IJC council also did an IJC cheer..

After that whole bunch of us (me, Raf, hanafie, Syek yi, Lindsay, Dan, Sharon [S63 CG chair], Joash, tristan, Shawn, Jocelyn Chia, Ian, Cindy [they went off earlier though]) went out for dinner at Mcdonalds.. GoD.. Dan is so lame can?? sheesh.. I said i'd put this on my blog so i will :
Lindsay: I got to ate the cheesy tofu.. Nice.
Daniel: Cheesy tofu?? Why? What did it say??
*everybody just ...*
Got a lot more lah.. we just spent about 1 hour talking crap and stuff.. haha.. syek yi says i look like a nice girl, the kind who won't talk bad abt pple etc.. People also v good to me.. That kinda gal.. My close friends.. I want your opinion.. Is this true?? In your opinion ok?? haha.. I hope so.. muahaha..

So generally.. Pretty fun day in spite of the bad morning i had!!
Gosh.. Thanks Faiz and Zul *esp Faiz* for tolerating me.. And i really dont mind that you go watch C&C Factory first..
To IJC's 1st Students' Council: Hope we have a great term of office ahead!! Remember working together IS important!! We can do it!!

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hey everyone.. What a week..
First of all.. I'm most likely going to get a zero for one of my Lit essays coz i hand it in late.. oh well WADEVA!! I will finish it and hand in but i honestly don't really care about the marks.. Just as long as its marked and commented on.. Its my own fault anyway right??

Sheesh.. Okiez.. Mon:
Monday wasn't too bad lah.. The national day observance at skool was kinda boring :P Oh well but i didn't regret going for PE.. Softball was quite fun.. Although i think i pulled my thigh muscle on Sunday somehow and it hurt while running..

ok.. It was Singapore's 40th national day.. Went to JE to celebrate in the afternoon.. Saw Bibi, Sheila, Alfred, Pei Ming, Chee Keong and Peng Chong.. Saw Hafirah from far.. Was kinda like a fool while trying to find her in the crowd.. Looking around aimlessly.. Haha.. Was quite fun!!
Then my littlest cousin (he's 5) came to stay over and he's sooo cute!! watched the parade on TV at home *boohoo i wanted tickets to go the Padang* LOVED the fireworks as usual.. Saw mr Lee, one of my skool's PE teacher, up on one of the floats.. That's because he's a national athlete. on the shooting team. Seems that he has A LOT of records in SEA games and ASEAN games.. WOW!!

Was supposed to be a skool holiday but i had to go back skool For students' council investiture rehearsal.. Started at 1.30, was abit late though :P ended at about 5.45.. At first wanted to go eat with the others but realized that i wasn't hungry.. Wasn't too waste a time though.. Got a lot of things done.. Dunno whether am i over-pessimistic, too low in expectations or what.. But i do feel that IJC's 1st Students' Council is closer nowadays.. Slightly.. or maybe its just me.. I've made more friends there.. As in like more people i'll say hi too and talk too casually instead of only when i have to.. Ok. Whatever. Most of you probably don't understand what i'm talking about either :)

Long skool day made short coz cikgu moved up our malay class but it was still a long day coz i had to stay for another investiture rehearsal, this time with everybody else, not just the councillors.. And guess what?? This is what mrs naidu said to me:

mrs naidu: *gesturing at me after which she got distracted and didn't say what she wanted to say*
me:*the good girl that i am :p went to her* "Is there anything you want me to do??
Mrs naidu: Oh yes.. You see i've promoted you!! *i was thinking what?? waiting suspiciously coz she is very unpredictable* yup.. You are now the tray girl
me: Wowee!! ok.....

So basically i'm on the prize table.. And NO!! there is no proper stage and hall and all that.. Its just a table (most likely a skool table) set at the side of the mini stage and instead of sitting down, i'll have to stand during most of the investiture.. WOW!! some promotion.. can i put it on my portfolio for skool?? seriously though.. I don't really mind :p So ya.. the other leader were lucky.. They get to finish at 6.30pm.. The councillors can only go at 7pm.. But like i said.. Its ok.. Investiture is this Wednesday!!

Talk with this guy who is the Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister's Office, Mr Eddie Teo. Was super bored!! Luckily there's alex and his stash of food.. My class was like having a party at the back:D then stayed in skool to try finish the essay mentione above but realized that i can't do it.. So in the end went home.. Thanks Wani for accopanying me!!

Had this tea-session with representatives of the MCYS (Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports Development for those of you who don't know).. Quite fun lah.. the issues brought up was interesting.. Got to network and met other councillors of other JCs who are interested in inter-JC activities.. I told them i'll get the opinions of my council (they should say yes lah) and i'll get back to them.. Made new friends!! I realize that in a way JC has been good for me.. I've been less shy about talking, approaching and befriending new people.. *pats self on back* Good job siti!!

so that's all!! Hope you guys are happy with my update!!


Saturday, August 06, 2005

Hey everyone!!

it seems that everybody, even the camp 2 peeps have blogged in about the camp.. so i guess now it's my turn:D

generally i thought that the camp was FUN!! although.. oh well..

reported to skool as per normal.. only difference is that i had to carry like a super big big bag instead of my normal tote.. but my bag wasn't too heavy..
anyway.. reached the campsite.. settled down, disappointed we can't bunk in with A11.. tried our best to persuade the other class to change.. YAY!! success:D
played low elements.. FUN!! FUN!! and my class are pretty cool peeps.. we set a few records.. haha.. after lunch we had Tower games.. i got stuck at the abseiling area again.. gosh.. I'm a coward can?? actually its also coz i was soo not prepared.. i was actually mentally prepared to do flying fox.. but there was no time so had to do abseiling.. wth.. sheesh.. but i went through with it lah.. after quite a while :p haha.. after that we had orienteering.. YAY!! my group finished first!! although we didn't really start out to well, we ended up great!! thanks to my brilliant answer-finding skills.. haha.. kidding :D

We did intermediate and high element.. it rained halfway through high element though so had to stop.. sad:( we played games though.. quite lame lah.. but fun also.. haha.. LOL "evolution" haha.. but we continued high elements after that coz the rain stopped.. *ok.. guess wad?? i didn't dare to do any of the high and intermediate elements ok?? i was just too SUPER scared can? sheesh* anyway.. we were preparing for campfire after our field cooking.. combined with A11.. cool.. within 1hr++ we came up with our ideas.. haha..
the campfire itself was pretty fun lah.. haha.. i liked the waterboys performance.. cute :D.. loved OUR performance more though.. coz i'm biased.. haha.. other than that.. had to help the ODAC leaders lead the songs and stuff coz i'm a councillor.. oh well..

NOthing much lah.. was one of those who reported late.. man.. Ms Lee was soo mad.. punished us.. oh well.. its been a very slacko camp so its ok.. haha.. ooohh.. we found out that A22 was second best CG!! yay!! we rawk.. lost to A11 but its ok.. haha.. ARTS CLASSES rawks!!! haha.. even in camp 2 A31 got 2nd.. haha..

quite sad though coz taurus beat us in house points.. :( but like alison said.. its only 9 pts diff.. sure can catch up one!! yay!! SAGGITARIUS!! JIAYOU!!

and a final thanks to my classmates for helping and encouraging me in this camp.. even when i fail.. THANKS!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

OP workshop

Hey there everyone.. Now in my skool comp lab attending the OP wkshop.. quite a waste of time lah.. but since i paid $100++ for it, oh well may as well attend.. sheesh.. eric just got scolding.. coz he play play.. actually both him and alex lah.. haha.. but quite funny lah.. not the fact that he got scolding.. juz that he is juz super funny. haha

actually i'm juz blogging in coz i'm bored.. oh wells :D haha.. "phobias are nothing but strong negative anchors" hmmm.. maybe i should think about this?? muahaha.. oh ya.. i found out that Eric was telling wei chiang that i'm afraid of heights.. sheesh.. tell everyone why dun he?? wadeva.. haha.. actually i dun really mind lah.. blog in more later when i go home about the camp.. :) later peeps!!!