Sunday, July 03, 2005

week of challenges?? hmmm...

hey everyone..
thinking back on the past week..
wow!! what a week.. haish..
quite a week of challenges i guess..

finally all my exams are OVER!!
for this term at least..
and of course there are still tests, but the one that matters most is done..
even my MT oral is over.. YAY!!
but what a screwed up week lah..
sure all those things are over but i wonder about my performance in the exams..
sheesh.. i think the only one i have faith in is like MALAY??
that one also not very sure i can score really well..
sheesh.. i dunno.. it is my own fault lah..
who ask me not to study right?? so.. technically speaking, i can't complain..
but who ask the teachers set such hard papers?? sheesh..
ok.. haha.. ignore me.. juz that i'm kinda worried about the results..
my first major test in junior college and i might be flunking it.. *sighs*
JC life, full of challenges.. (ok fine, life is always full of challenges)

so ya.. then there's also my first day at work..
WOW!! i'm working?? ok.. i need the money..
saving up to buy an mp3 player..
i'm also buying the new harry potter book *wide grin*
so.. ya.. earning money for all these..
(hmm anybody wanna donate any cash??)
hmmm.. the jobs not really tough lah..
and i'm surrounded by books!!!
(noot that i'll get to read them while on the job.. haha..
but its really interesting lah (as in the books i saw)..
its like we were packing and preparing all these old reference type books...
a lot of them feature things about S'pore history..
and you noe i really like history.. so it kinda pained me that i cant read the books..
a lot of the books i handled yesterday was like older than me..
there was even one book which was writeen in the pre-WW2 period (1940s)
how cool was that?? haha.. ok.. fine.. i've been rambling about the books..
juz that i thought it ws pretty cool.. haha..
so.. they need us to help get ready the library books for the re-opening of the newer, bigger NATIONAL LIBRARY!! wow!! [ok excuse me.. i'm juz being lame :) ]
but getting an aching butt and a cramped neck are occupational hazards..
haha.. so yup.. that's how i spent (and will be spending) my Saturdays in the month of july (at least.. we do have the option of extending until Sept)..

so.. anyway i was wondering something just now..
why people staying in HDB flats or condos dunno eaah other..
i mean think about it.. unless you live on the 1st floor or is a fitness freak, you'll take the lift every single day.. and more often than not, you'll share the lift with somebody who stays in your block.. soo.. isn't that like prime time for interaction?? hmmm..
actually this came about coz i was remembering how the other day this woman suddenly started asking about innova and stuff.. then another day this old auntie asked me if i juz came back from skool(i was wearing my skool uni..) so.. why arent more people (including me i guess) isn't like that.. isn't the courtesy campaign trying to teach us about making courtesy a way of life?? so what's soo courteous about staring at each other in the lift? hmmm.. anyway.. those who take lifts and actually to everybody else also lah.. remember..

a simple smile is being courteous and it can really brighten up a person's day!!

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