Saturday, July 16, 2005

hey everyone.. so this is the continuation of my 12/7 entry..

hmmm... dunno how it happened but i got a pass for my econs.. maybe it was mr ng who gave me one more mark, or else it's a skool policy.. either way, i guess i kinda owe him coz i dont really deserve the pass.. oh well.. count your blessings right?? so.. thank you GOD for letting me pass.. anyway.. promising to be a BETTER student to my teachers.. i'm such a horrible student. don't hand in homework, don't listen in class.. ok.. maybe its pretty normal, but my teachers are sooo nice.. and they kinda make me feel guilty!!! sheesh..

oh ya.. swimming lessons.. sheesh.. i am sooo fat!!! and i still cant swim.. about 3 more weeks of swimming to go. WTH!! but the rest of my class gals seem quite n with swimming. even wanna organize a class swim at one of the condos that my frenz stay at(am i making any sense??) well, if they organizing, well... i guess i'm going.. hahahaha..

anyway, today i learn that taking the MRT on saturdays could be quite a hazard.. i mean like wow?? wow?? how can you PUSH (as in literally use ur hand and push) just to get a seat on the train.. i just cannot believe that lah.. then.. after you push JUST for that stupid seat, you go down at the next stop which is at most wad, 3 mins away?? GOD!!! some people are just soooo damn rude and inconsiderate!!! i don't believe such people exist in this world.. while yes, singaporeans ARE kiasu, this is the absolute limit.. you don't push somebody (hard enough that the person nearly fall) just to get a seat when you will be seating for only 3 freaking minutes.. damn it.. imagine if the person being pushed is a tourist.. what kinda impression are you showing about singaporeans.. GOD.. i'm sooo embarrased to admit i'm of the same nationality with this *WOMAN* (more like nyonya) who dont have a sense of shame or consideration that she will do such a thing!! (sorry if i've been ranting.. just that extremely inconsiderate people are a pet peeve of mine).. Faiz.. so sorry you were the one being pushed.. i felt like pushing that woman back actually.. hahaha...

then.. another lesson i learnt about MRT trains.. people fart in it.. PLEASE!!! at least make it a silent one.. but no!! it's LOUD AND DISTINCT!! goodness!! an MRT train is sooo noisy yet we can still hear the fart.. ugh!!! and you know wad's worse?? she was standing in front of us and we were sitting on the floor.. but at least this was funny.. haha.. faiz and i was laughing like a couple of crazy people in the train from like bouna vista to clementi.. something like that lah.. pretty sure people were looking at us, but... WHO CARES?? muahahaha!!!

okiez guys.. me gotta go.. almost fininshed my MLA hmwk but too tired to continue so i'm stopping.. also juz fininshed reading book 5 of Harry Potter and sooooooo...... i'm gonna be starting on my book 6!!!
HARRY POTTER and the HALF-BLOOD PRINCE... hahahahaha!!! just really happy that i got to buy it.. hmmm... love reading and love reading harry potter books!! okiez.. bye guys.. PLEASE don't distract for the next few hours while i try to finish the book ok?? muahahaha.. BOOK 6, here i come!!!

siti rozianti...

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