Thursday, July 28, 2005

hey everyone!! i know, i know.. i keep on saying sory for not updating and all that but i do mean it!! i've really been too busy to sit in front of the computer and start typing.. well... it's either i'm too busy or too tired.. oh well..

ok.. so it's been like almost 2 weeks since my last entry.. hmmm..
anyway, as stated in my last entry i started reading harry potter at about 1030pm on sat and finished it at 3 am sunday morning :)

ok.. the whole of last week i was kinda in a funk.. i was very stressed out, hating my teachers who put too much expectation on usand i was just feeling pretty bad.. but... that week's over and i hope there's no more like it no matter how much pressure my teacher put to me!!
22nd july 2005
went to watch the pementasan (play) at AJC!! wow!! ajc's malay language society is sooo cool! the performance was really nice lah.. lifted me out of my week-long funk and made me really happy... then i met Bibi at lakeside.. what a big surprise.. girl, next time if you think you see me, juz.. i dunno.. call?? (either out loud or by phone.. doesn't matter :p)
23rd july 2005
went to 4th day at work!! haha.. was super high.. think coz faiz was also really high.. but i woke up really late lah.. the journey from home to work takes about 1 hour and i have to reach work at 8am.. gues wad time i woke up?? 6.50am!! i was soo panicking.. faiz.. thanks for waiting!!
so this sat will be like my last day on the job.. can't wait!!!

so far this week has been a great week for me!!
i officially call this week the reunion week!!
that's because, from mon up to today i've been unexpectedly meetinga a lot of my secondary school frenz. how cool is that???
mon i saw alfred at popular
tue i saw nurul and linnet at the MRT
wed i saw nurul, yihui and sylvia at the MRT
today i saw nadiah at the MRT!!
yay!!! i love this week!!

swimming lesson ROCK!!! mr chen is such a great teacher.. haha.. even though there were so many other people also at the pool, my class of 5 gals managed to get mr chen all to himself. yay!! it was soo fun lah.. although i still can't properly swim he gave me a pass juz coz i made an improvement as compared to the last time :)
then, while other classes was being tested he let us play about after our test coz we finished really early!! that was soo fun :)
after that had students' council meeting. actually the first half was the parliament meeting. which means that not only the councillors had to go, the cca leaders, house captains and CG reps also had to go.. it was for the upcoming investiture..
the second half was the council meeting and we were told our post.. i'm publicity member.. haha.. i like it coz i have no ambition to be in exco and publicity was my first choice.. yay!!

today i'm preparing to go home late.. investiture rehearsal.. most likely end at about 7+ or 8+ then journey home takes about 45 mins so... i'll most likely reach home at 9.. all this is at night mind you.. sheesh.. and i still have a lot of homework to do.. argh!! oh well.. i think i haven't told you guys, i'm now in my school computer lab, wasting away the few free time i have..

well think i better go now.. grab a bite of lunch and then go study for my economics test..

see ya guys..
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