Thursday, July 28, 2005

hey everyone!! i know, i know.. i keep on saying sory for not updating and all that but i do mean it!! i've really been too busy to sit in front of the computer and start typing.. well... it's either i'm too busy or too tired.. oh well..

ok.. so it's been like almost 2 weeks since my last entry.. hmmm..
anyway, as stated in my last entry i started reading harry potter at about 1030pm on sat and finished it at 3 am sunday morning :)

ok.. the whole of last week i was kinda in a funk.. i was very stressed out, hating my teachers who put too much expectation on usand i was just feeling pretty bad.. but... that week's over and i hope there's no more like it no matter how much pressure my teacher put to me!!
22nd july 2005
went to watch the pementasan (play) at AJC!! wow!! ajc's malay language society is sooo cool! the performance was really nice lah.. lifted me out of my week-long funk and made me really happy... then i met Bibi at lakeside.. what a big surprise.. girl, next time if you think you see me, juz.. i dunno.. call?? (either out loud or by phone.. doesn't matter :p)
23rd july 2005
went to 4th day at work!! haha.. was super high.. think coz faiz was also really high.. but i woke up really late lah.. the journey from home to work takes about 1 hour and i have to reach work at 8am.. gues wad time i woke up?? 6.50am!! i was soo panicking.. faiz.. thanks for waiting!!
so this sat will be like my last day on the job.. can't wait!!!

so far this week has been a great week for me!!
i officially call this week the reunion week!!
that's because, from mon up to today i've been unexpectedly meetinga a lot of my secondary school frenz. how cool is that???
mon i saw alfred at popular
tue i saw nurul and linnet at the MRT
wed i saw nurul, yihui and sylvia at the MRT
today i saw nadiah at the MRT!!
yay!!! i love this week!!

swimming lesson ROCK!!! mr chen is such a great teacher.. haha.. even though there were so many other people also at the pool, my class of 5 gals managed to get mr chen all to himself. yay!! it was soo fun lah.. although i still can't properly swim he gave me a pass juz coz i made an improvement as compared to the last time :)
then, while other classes was being tested he let us play about after our test coz we finished really early!! that was soo fun :)
after that had students' council meeting. actually the first half was the parliament meeting. which means that not only the councillors had to go, the cca leaders, house captains and CG reps also had to go.. it was for the upcoming investiture..
the second half was the council meeting and we were told our post.. i'm publicity member.. haha.. i like it coz i have no ambition to be in exco and publicity was my first choice.. yay!!

today i'm preparing to go home late.. investiture rehearsal.. most likely end at about 7+ or 8+ then journey home takes about 45 mins so... i'll most likely reach home at 9.. all this is at night mind you.. sheesh.. and i still have a lot of homework to do.. argh!! oh well.. i think i haven't told you guys, i'm now in my school computer lab, wasting away the few free time i have..

well think i better go now.. grab a bite of lunch and then go study for my economics test..

see ya guys..
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Saturday, July 16, 2005

hey everyone.. so this is the continuation of my 12/7 entry..

hmmm... dunno how it happened but i got a pass for my econs.. maybe it was mr ng who gave me one more mark, or else it's a skool policy.. either way, i guess i kinda owe him coz i dont really deserve the pass.. oh well.. count your blessings right?? so.. thank you GOD for letting me pass.. anyway.. promising to be a BETTER student to my teachers.. i'm such a horrible student. don't hand in homework, don't listen in class.. ok.. maybe its pretty normal, but my teachers are sooo nice.. and they kinda make me feel guilty!!! sheesh..

oh ya.. swimming lessons.. sheesh.. i am sooo fat!!! and i still cant swim.. about 3 more weeks of swimming to go. WTH!! but the rest of my class gals seem quite n with swimming. even wanna organize a class swim at one of the condos that my frenz stay at(am i making any sense??) well, if they organizing, well... i guess i'm going.. hahahaha..

anyway, today i learn that taking the MRT on saturdays could be quite a hazard.. i mean like wow?? wow?? how can you PUSH (as in literally use ur hand and push) just to get a seat on the train.. i just cannot believe that lah.. then.. after you push JUST for that stupid seat, you go down at the next stop which is at most wad, 3 mins away?? GOD!!! some people are just soooo damn rude and inconsiderate!!! i don't believe such people exist in this world.. while yes, singaporeans ARE kiasu, this is the absolute limit.. you don't push somebody (hard enough that the person nearly fall) just to get a seat when you will be seating for only 3 freaking minutes.. damn it.. imagine if the person being pushed is a tourist.. what kinda impression are you showing about singaporeans.. GOD.. i'm sooo embarrased to admit i'm of the same nationality with this *WOMAN* (more like nyonya) who dont have a sense of shame or consideration that she will do such a thing!! (sorry if i've been ranting.. just that extremely inconsiderate people are a pet peeve of mine).. Faiz.. so sorry you were the one being pushed.. i felt like pushing that woman back actually.. hahaha...

then.. another lesson i learnt about MRT trains.. people fart in it.. PLEASE!!! at least make it a silent one.. but no!! it's LOUD AND DISTINCT!! goodness!! an MRT train is sooo noisy yet we can still hear the fart.. ugh!!! and you know wad's worse?? she was standing in front of us and we were sitting on the floor.. but at least this was funny.. haha.. faiz and i was laughing like a couple of crazy people in the train from like bouna vista to clementi.. something like that lah.. pretty sure people were looking at us, but... WHO CARES?? muahahaha!!!

okiez guys.. me gotta go.. almost fininshed my MLA hmwk but too tired to continue so i'm stopping.. also juz fininshed reading book 5 of Harry Potter and sooooooo...... i'm gonna be starting on my book 6!!!
HARRY POTTER and the HALF-BLOOD PRINCE... hahahahaha!!! just really happy that i got to buy it.. hmmm... love reading and love reading harry potter books!! okiez.. bye guys.. PLEASE don't distract for the next few hours while i try to finish the book ok?? muahahaha.. BOOK 6, here i come!!!

siti rozianti...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


okiez.. very long never update already..
have been too busy to update.. SORRY!!!

so yup.. got back all of my exam results.
I HATE ECONS!! actually nope..
i dun really hate econs, just that i needed 1 to get a pass and i cant get it..
ok fine.. it's mainly my fault.. 2nd quetion of the whole paper and i made ! very stupid, very careless mistake... WADEVA SITI!!! sheesh..
hmmm... at least i passed the others..
D for lit, C for MLA, B4 for GP.. ok never mind..
1st time doing papers of a new (and higher standard)..

Posted on 16/7.. to be continued...

Sunday, July 03, 2005

week of challenges?? hmmm...

hey everyone..
thinking back on the past week..
wow!! what a week.. haish..
quite a week of challenges i guess..

finally all my exams are OVER!!
for this term at least..
and of course there are still tests, but the one that matters most is done..
even my MT oral is over.. YAY!!
but what a screwed up week lah..
sure all those things are over but i wonder about my performance in the exams..
sheesh.. i think the only one i have faith in is like MALAY??
that one also not very sure i can score really well..
sheesh.. i dunno.. it is my own fault lah..
who ask me not to study right?? so.. technically speaking, i can't complain..
but who ask the teachers set such hard papers?? sheesh..
ok.. haha.. ignore me.. juz that i'm kinda worried about the results..
my first major test in junior college and i might be flunking it.. *sighs*
JC life, full of challenges.. (ok fine, life is always full of challenges)

so ya.. then there's also my first day at work..
WOW!! i'm working?? ok.. i need the money..
saving up to buy an mp3 player..
i'm also buying the new harry potter book *wide grin*
so.. ya.. earning money for all these..
(hmm anybody wanna donate any cash??)
hmmm.. the jobs not really tough lah..
and i'm surrounded by books!!!
(noot that i'll get to read them while on the job.. haha..
but its really interesting lah (as in the books i saw)..
its like we were packing and preparing all these old reference type books...
a lot of them feature things about S'pore history..
and you noe i really like history.. so it kinda pained me that i cant read the books..
a lot of the books i handled yesterday was like older than me..
there was even one book which was writeen in the pre-WW2 period (1940s)
how cool was that?? haha.. ok.. fine.. i've been rambling about the books..
juz that i thought it ws pretty cool.. haha..
so.. they need us to help get ready the library books for the re-opening of the newer, bigger NATIONAL LIBRARY!! wow!! [ok excuse me.. i'm juz being lame :) ]
but getting an aching butt and a cramped neck are occupational hazards..
haha.. so yup.. that's how i spent (and will be spending) my Saturdays in the month of july (at least.. we do have the option of extending until Sept)..

so.. anyway i was wondering something just now..
why people staying in HDB flats or condos dunno eaah other..
i mean think about it.. unless you live on the 1st floor or is a fitness freak, you'll take the lift every single day.. and more often than not, you'll share the lift with somebody who stays in your block.. soo.. isn't that like prime time for interaction?? hmmm..
actually this came about coz i was remembering how the other day this woman suddenly started asking about innova and stuff.. then another day this old auntie asked me if i juz came back from skool(i was wearing my skool uni..) so.. why arent more people (including me i guess) isn't like that.. isn't the courtesy campaign trying to teach us about making courtesy a way of life?? so what's soo courteous about staring at each other in the lift? hmmm.. anyway.. those who take lifts and actually to everybody else also lah.. remember..

a simple smile is being courteous and it can really brighten up a person's day!!