Thursday, June 02, 2005

wow... haha.. its been quite a while

yo.. haha.. i haven't updated in like 2 weeks?? ok.. that hasn't happen since the time i got my new comp.. juz that i was v tired the past few weeks.. no mood to go online.. so.. actually now also not much mood but since i'm really bored.. may as well...

Highlights of the week from 21/5 to 29/5
25th may
went back to JSS.. collect my cert..
went with linnet, hui ying, yan pei...
met xiat fei..
then jing bao who was on the way home on 154,
saw us and went down the bus..
so it was this BIG group who went in..
went to bombard mrs tong in HOD room..
took A LOT of her sweets.. haha..
then wanted to find mr ching
but he was in dunno wad meeting.. haish..
unexpected surprise though.. met LIA!!! yay!!
when we saw each other we were like screaming and running towards each other..
haha... it was sooo great to meet you lia!!
but found out that she has become really crazy..
but its ok.. haha.. kinda used to it anyway..
i am currently surrounded by really crazy frenz too.. haha..
no offence to my ij frenz... haha..

27th may GP "summer test"
Be Yourself Day, Mayden Rock Show

i still stand firm by my stand that the term summer test is juz a nice way to say mid-year exam.
man.. i think its a pretty lame euphemism lah..
wadeva.. anyway.. i think i blew it..
wrote a lot of crap.. think i didn't really substantiate my essay..
haish.. [sheesh... my mind's feelimg really scrambled now..]
anyway.. be yourself day was kinda funny.. haha
yay.. chor kiat won for best dressed... funny lah him..
hmmm... but too bad fie didn't get nominated..
yay mafia!! haha.. she looked soo cool lah.. haha
and the rock "concert"... damn good for a maiden affair..
pretty cool.. ij has sooo many great talents man..
continue rawking on IJ.. great musicians.. great singers..
felt sorta like a real concert lah.. but i got deaf pretty early..
came late mah.. so had no choice of seat had to sit near speaker..
oh well.. thanks faiz and zul for making me go..
if not i would have missed on quite a lot.. thanks!!

hmm.. so... wad have i been doing this past few days??
helping out at JSS first ever Combined UG camp..
man.. damn beat.. but at least i'm not as bad as those who went for the whole 4 days 3 night..
i went for 4 days lah.. but only slept on one night..
rest of the time at least got to sleep on my own bed..
*sighs deeply* but its really tiring coz i still had things on in the morning for all 4 days..
so its like in the morn i go to IJ (cept on tue where i went to bryan's house..),
afternoon spend time in JSS, at night no mood to do anything else but sleep..
i've been travelling like crazy lahz..
and i predict that i would be doing the same thing next week when i go visit in at SLC..
haish.. and worse (or maybe its best) i can't stay overnight except for the 1st day..
haish.. tired.. oh well.. but while the camp itself wasn't V fun..
met old frenz, made new frenz.. that is sooo cool.. haha..
[most] of the pple are really funny.. really fun to be with lah..
hmmm... i mean the instructors lah.. haha...
ok fine.. some of the campers wasn't too bad.. haha..

to the capricorn i/c..(i forgot wad's ur name)
haish.. dun feel bad.. everything's ok..
thanks for apologizing though.. so nice of u..
to faiz (the NCC one.. not faizlyana..)
haha... u dun feel bad either.. its juz me..
i was kinda overwhelmed by everything..
and i was in kinda a weird mood..
so... sorry if i made u feel guilty..
it's really not ur fault.. :D haha..
to mike and eddie(hmmm.. correct spelling?? i wonder)
i'm not a person who gets NERVOUS easily..
hmph.. wadeva.. scouts guys are total lamers..
to somebody.. i'm still waiting for my SUV.. haha.. kidding..
to the guides gals..
thanks for being sooo honest... i'm really touched..
u wanna finish up ur 220? haha...
finally.. to everybody else:
it was (mostly) great to have known u guys..
i'm so gonna miss some of u a lot!!! haha..
hope we get to see each other again..
hmmm.. while there are somethings that we'd wanna forget..
make sure u remember all the good times ok?

okiez... that's all from me...
my bed is calling me.. really beat..
still have lessons tmr..
think my class can create some kinda record..
the only class to go to skool everyday for the first week of hols..
its the first week lor.. but i've been going to innova every single freaking day..
oh well... haish.. econs tutorial.. here i come.. sorta..
nitez everyone..

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