Saturday, June 11, 2005

JSS 21st SC is the BEST!!! always.. 4/4 rawks too..

hey there everyone...
some people has been demanding that i update my blog.. haha...
so well... here i am.. haha..

hmmm.. update on SLC 2005..
do u noe wad's the best thing about the camp??
its the fact that at the end of the camp only 3 out of the 34 pple in 21st wasn't able to make it..
everybody else was there at least for one of the days..
haish.. the 3 pple(wen jin,alfred,khairul) we missed u guys..
haha.. at times the camp felt like a 21st S.C. camp lah..
there was sooo many of us..
like on the 1st day of camp, the only seniors there were 20 of the 21st sc peeps plus luqman.
nobody else.. was quite surprised coz usually there's more..
as in usually there'd be pple from the other batches... hmmm...
haha... but it was cool..
like some kinda 21st SC reunion... haha...
hmmm.. wai lon say going to be an outing some time soon.. hope so..

so 1st day was also marjorie's bdae...
HAPPY BDAE MARJORIE!!! so we celebrated.. haha...
while the campers was playing telematch, we went to bowl..
ok lahz.. actually only 5 pple bowled.. the rest of us juz watched..
then ate cake.. haha.. had so much fun talking crap with everyone..
dunno which jc's principal ah keep on asking for ezlink card everytime make mistake..
haha... on the overall it was sooo sooo fun!! yay!!
haha... can't wait for another reunion..
all the crapping and stuff reminded me on how much i miss u guys..

2nd day was talent night.. and the theme was ghost stories in JSS..
something like that lah.. wow.. the campers quite creative..
they were scaring some of the instructors even.. haha..
and BBQ.. cool.. for those who wasn't there..
i'll tell u in person ok?? silence u noe...

and last day.. at first wanted to go home after stand by bunk..
but in the end stayed until the break camp..
even went to eat at kfc.. that'd be at about 3++ close to 4..
inspite if the fact that i was dead beat..
but at least i had about 1 1/2 hour of sleep..
some of the others haven't even slept..
so ya.. a big CONGRATULATIONS to the 23rd SC..
to the seniors.. there are a few new posts..
and there's no exco or member.. all "same" rank..
let me list down the pple whose post i noe"
president(s): izzat and tze ling
ssmc (changed from ssae to scool spirit and morale):
qi shan and yan hong
the rest i not v sure.. =) haha.. no offense..
those who noe please tell me ok??
oh ya.. 21st councillors..
we "made" plans such that muz come back EVERY SLC..
kinda like a yearly reunion..
then if a lot of us come back every year..
maybe we'll get our own regular table.. u noe?? haha..
ok.. wadeva.. haha...

hmmm.. then 4/4 class outing..
that was another fun reunion..
another bunch of pple i missed talking crap with..
and guess wad??
me, faiz and zool (who was accompanying faiz)
was probably the first few pple to ever go sentosa in
haha... actually it was coz we juz came back from a comp..
but ok lahz.. haha... at least i got to change..
those pple who didn't come.. u guys are mean..
dun wanna meet us.. haish..
but not too bad lahz..
out of the 43 pple got 20+ pple who came..
about half the class.. haha...
then we took photos at the mrt station..
that was funny... pity the person who helped us take..
about 3 to 4 cams?? haha...
and we took forever to get ready lahz.. haha..

okiez.. that's all..
the day i finish i entry on 13 june..
2 days after i started it..
juz that i keep on getting interrupted everytime i continue..
1st time, pple come my house..
2nd time mass sc chat... (have more mass chats!!!)
3rd time had to go out for dinner..
this is the 4th time.. so for those peeps (namely alfred)
who was waiting.. i'm sooo sorry!!! nitez everyone..

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