Sunday, June 19, 2005

don't miss me ok??

hey there pple!!!
haish.. hmmm... dun miss me ok??
for the next 3 days, u guys
(unless u are an IJC councillor)
won't be able to see me.. or talk to me..
but maybe i'll sms u... hmmm... haha..

anyway.. i'll be going to council camp..
conducted at dunman high hostel..
dun even noe dunman high has a hostel seh..
haha.. me got into a panic juz now..
coz realize i only have 2 shorts..
how to last for 3 days?? haish..
thank you sooo much for lending me the shorts..
i'm indebted.. hmmm...
in aug i'm having a 5 day camp..
can i borrow ur shorts again then??
haha.. ok.. dunno y i'm doing this..
after 2 year as instructor
then now back to being camper..
haish.. its ok.. promise myself to have fun..
hopefully i can.. GOD WILLING!!
i'll have fun, i'll be safe and i'll lose weight?
sorry.. juz that no matter wad other peeps say..
i can't afford to gain more weight..
i gain juz one more kg and i'll be overweight..
haish.. so.. ya.. while i'm gone..
dun hesitate to tag..
i'll love to read ur tags when i come back..

ok.. sooo yesterday i did a very embarassing thing..
mdm chitra called a bunch of us (from drama and my class)
to audition for this film for discovery centre..
so i tot.. y not.. a bit of acting would be fun..
then the guy in charge called me and said that for the audition,
i would have to DANCE!!!
and u noe how "good" i am at dancing lah..
on a scale of 1-10 i'm probably a 10, -10 that is..
but i tot it'd be choreographed..
coz that's wad they said on the MLG..
but it turned out we'd have to impromptu..
man.. total humiliation of myself..
can u see dancing to the tune of crazy in love
"like i'm dancing in a club"
(quoted from the mouth of the guy in charge)
and we were supposed to act appealing in front of the camera..
"flirt with the camera, constact eye contact with the camera
smile at the camera" so said the 3 judges..
CRAP... i'm soooo not photogenic.. haish..
but it was an experience lah..
hmmm... experience that will add to my testimonial..
silver lining to every cloud..

i also learned that looks can be deceiving..
a few pple there who look like they can't dance danced sooo well..
and those who look like they can dance, can't dance.. wow!!
sooo.. dun judge a book by its cover..
haha.. got a bunch of poly students
and models also auditioning..
okiez.. as a normal straight gal,
i should be looking at guys right??
ok.. i did look at guys.. quite a few cute ones..
right hama, mel, li ying??
but some of the gals juz floored me.. wow!!
they are either v pretty or v cute..
and not juz the models.. the poly gals too..
and there was this one model..
i juz can't help it.. she's juz SOOOO CUTE!!
really adorable face.. v sweet..
she was wearing v girly colours also..
white top, pink pants..
who cares that she can't dance..
she's cute and tall.. she wasn;t even wearing make-up..
and another thing.. she kinda look like
christopher michael lee of sg idol..
and u noe i'm "in love"and crazy over that guy..
so.. ya.. ok.. wadeva.. haha..

hmmm... okiez.. that's all...
i'll see u guys on 22nd june..
rmb to continue tagging..
haish... gonna miss the outside world
while in dunman.. gonna miss my frenz..
to those in JC and sec sch and pri sch,
have a great last week of skool...
those with *summer tests* (ie exams)
dun forget to study!! or at least try too..
haha.. sooo.. byezz everyone..
and rmb.. dun miss me!!

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