Friday, June 24, 2005

back from camp

ok... hi there everyone...
*sniff sniff cough cough*
so.. i'm back in the real world...
actually back 2 days ago..
but was sick so didnt blog in..
i can't beleive that i actually fell sick in camp..
i mean.. honestly.. never happened before.

so anyway, the camp was super slacko..
1st day whole day stuck in air con room.
hmmm.. maybe that's how i got sick??
do wkshops... it was boring...
but kinda interesting too.. get wad i mean??
at least the wkshops kinda taught us something new..
then everybody said they wanna stay up late..
in the end, dun think many did..

2nd day: more wkshops.. sheesh right??
but b4 lunch something happened..
quite surprised.. so.. change in programme.
we had station game.. very thinking based.
and very group based..
got a lot of leadership stuff inside also lah.
oh.. then after dinner played the burn the string game??
and my group was the FIRST to to "die"
everybody was attacking us.. damn..
no use creating alliance sia..
and things got pretty heated up between me and somebody..
coz he was juz sooooo unreasonable..
bt we kinda apologized to each other after that.
then that night.. a lot of peeps didn't sleep..
or at least didn't sleep before 1++
except for me.. coz i was too sick to join the fun..
i had a headache, flu, sore throat, cough..
i was soo noisy while i slept though..
dunno how bern (my roomie) can sleep peacefully
when i keep waking up to blow my nose, cough..

3rd day woke up.. not much change..
but tot it was nothing.. still can survive..
(hmmm... bring back memories of alien song)
went for breakfast.. played games,
like i not sick like that.
and guess wad happened when i reached home??
took my temp, and i think i hit a personal record or sth..
39.5 degree C
i've never had a temperature that high before lah..
(i think it was because nobody has PANADOL
so i didn't get to curb my sickness early)
at home, i immediately took 2 panadols and crashed on my bed
*sigh bed sweet bed*
for 5 straight hors.. how shiok was that??
woke up feeling SLIGHTLY better..

spent the whole of yesterday recuperating
sorry to my PW group for not attending meeting..
thanks soo much to HAPPY TIES (my camp group)
especially calvin for being soo concerned..
Thanks also to my roomie Bern for her slippers..
made bathing soo much more tolerable.
anyway did i tell u people this??
us girls shared a 2 bed-er room WITH
our OWN toilet
while the guys had to share a 4 bed-er room
and had to use the outside toilet..
how good it is to be a girl.. haha..
and yah.. our instructors has really cool videos in their laptops..
a final thanks to ALFRED for his bag
and to NURUL for her shorts..

haish.. still sick but gotta study...
signing off,

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