Friday, June 24, 2005

back from camp

ok... hi there everyone...
*sniff sniff cough cough*
so.. i'm back in the real world...
actually back 2 days ago..
but was sick so didnt blog in..
i can't beleive that i actually fell sick in camp..
i mean.. honestly.. never happened before.

so anyway, the camp was super slacko..
1st day whole day stuck in air con room.
hmmm.. maybe that's how i got sick??
do wkshops... it was boring...
but kinda interesting too.. get wad i mean??
at least the wkshops kinda taught us something new..
then everybody said they wanna stay up late..
in the end, dun think many did..

2nd day: more wkshops.. sheesh right??
but b4 lunch something happened..
quite surprised.. so.. change in programme.
we had station game.. very thinking based.
and very group based..
got a lot of leadership stuff inside also lah.
oh.. then after dinner played the burn the string game??
and my group was the FIRST to to "die"
everybody was attacking us.. damn..
no use creating alliance sia..
and things got pretty heated up between me and somebody..
coz he was juz sooooo unreasonable..
bt we kinda apologized to each other after that.
then that night.. a lot of peeps didn't sleep..
or at least didn't sleep before 1++
except for me.. coz i was too sick to join the fun..
i had a headache, flu, sore throat, cough..
i was soo noisy while i slept though..
dunno how bern (my roomie) can sleep peacefully
when i keep waking up to blow my nose, cough..

3rd day woke up.. not much change..
but tot it was nothing.. still can survive..
(hmmm... bring back memories of alien song)
went for breakfast.. played games,
like i not sick like that.
and guess wad happened when i reached home??
took my temp, and i think i hit a personal record or sth..
39.5 degree C
i've never had a temperature that high before lah..
(i think it was because nobody has PANADOL
so i didn't get to curb my sickness early)
at home, i immediately took 2 panadols and crashed on my bed
*sigh bed sweet bed*
for 5 straight hors.. how shiok was that??
woke up feeling SLIGHTLY better..

spent the whole of yesterday recuperating
sorry to my PW group for not attending meeting..
thanks soo much to HAPPY TIES (my camp group)
especially calvin for being soo concerned..
Thanks also to my roomie Bern for her slippers..
made bathing soo much more tolerable.
anyway did i tell u people this??
us girls shared a 2 bed-er room WITH
our OWN toilet
while the guys had to share a 4 bed-er room
and had to use the outside toilet..
how good it is to be a girl.. haha..
and yah.. our instructors has really cool videos in their laptops..
a final thanks to ALFRED for his bag
and to NURUL for her shorts..

haish.. still sick but gotta study...
signing off,

Sunday, June 19, 2005

don't miss me ok??

hey there pple!!!
haish.. hmmm... dun miss me ok??
for the next 3 days, u guys
(unless u are an IJC councillor)
won't be able to see me.. or talk to me..
but maybe i'll sms u... hmmm... haha..

anyway.. i'll be going to council camp..
conducted at dunman high hostel..
dun even noe dunman high has a hostel seh..
haha.. me got into a panic juz now..
coz realize i only have 2 shorts..
how to last for 3 days?? haish..
thank you sooo much for lending me the shorts..
i'm indebted.. hmmm...
in aug i'm having a 5 day camp..
can i borrow ur shorts again then??
haha.. ok.. dunno y i'm doing this..
after 2 year as instructor
then now back to being camper..
haish.. its ok.. promise myself to have fun..
hopefully i can.. GOD WILLING!!
i'll have fun, i'll be safe and i'll lose weight?
sorry.. juz that no matter wad other peeps say..
i can't afford to gain more weight..
i gain juz one more kg and i'll be overweight..
haish.. so.. ya.. while i'm gone..
dun hesitate to tag..
i'll love to read ur tags when i come back..

ok.. sooo yesterday i did a very embarassing thing..
mdm chitra called a bunch of us (from drama and my class)
to audition for this film for discovery centre..
so i tot.. y not.. a bit of acting would be fun..
then the guy in charge called me and said that for the audition,
i would have to DANCE!!!
and u noe how "good" i am at dancing lah..
on a scale of 1-10 i'm probably a 10, -10 that is..
but i tot it'd be choreographed..
coz that's wad they said on the MLG..
but it turned out we'd have to impromptu..
man.. total humiliation of myself..
can u see dancing to the tune of crazy in love
"like i'm dancing in a club"
(quoted from the mouth of the guy in charge)
and we were supposed to act appealing in front of the camera..
"flirt with the camera, constact eye contact with the camera
smile at the camera" so said the 3 judges..
CRAP... i'm soooo not photogenic.. haish..
but it was an experience lah..
hmmm... experience that will add to my testimonial..
silver lining to every cloud..

i also learned that looks can be deceiving..
a few pple there who look like they can't dance danced sooo well..
and those who look like they can dance, can't dance.. wow!!
sooo.. dun judge a book by its cover..
haha.. got a bunch of poly students
and models also auditioning..
okiez.. as a normal straight gal,
i should be looking at guys right??
ok.. i did look at guys.. quite a few cute ones..
right hama, mel, li ying??
but some of the gals juz floored me.. wow!!
they are either v pretty or v cute..
and not juz the models.. the poly gals too..
and there was this one model..
i juz can't help it.. she's juz SOOOO CUTE!!
really adorable face.. v sweet..
she was wearing v girly colours also..
white top, pink pants..
who cares that she can't dance..
she's cute and tall.. she wasn;t even wearing make-up..
and another thing.. she kinda look like
christopher michael lee of sg idol..
and u noe i'm "in love"and crazy over that guy..
so.. ya.. ok.. wadeva.. haha..

hmmm... okiez.. that's all...
i'll see u guys on 22nd june..
rmb to continue tagging..
haish... gonna miss the outside world
while in dunman.. gonna miss my frenz..
to those in JC and sec sch and pri sch,
have a great last week of skool...
those with *summer tests* (ie exams)
dun forget to study!! or at least try too..
haha.. sooo.. byezz everyone..
and rmb.. dun miss me!!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

JSS 21st SC is the BEST!!! always.. 4/4 rawks too..

hey there everyone...
some people has been demanding that i update my blog.. haha...
so well... here i am.. haha..

hmmm.. update on SLC 2005..
do u noe wad's the best thing about the camp??
its the fact that at the end of the camp only 3 out of the 34 pple in 21st wasn't able to make it..
everybody else was there at least for one of the days..
haish.. the 3 pple(wen jin,alfred,khairul) we missed u guys..
haha.. at times the camp felt like a 21st S.C. camp lah..
there was sooo many of us..
like on the 1st day of camp, the only seniors there were 20 of the 21st sc peeps plus luqman.
nobody else.. was quite surprised coz usually there's more..
as in usually there'd be pple from the other batches... hmmm...
haha... but it was cool..
like some kinda 21st SC reunion... haha...
hmmm.. wai lon say going to be an outing some time soon.. hope so..

so 1st day was also marjorie's bdae...
HAPPY BDAE MARJORIE!!! so we celebrated.. haha...
while the campers was playing telematch, we went to bowl..
ok lahz.. actually only 5 pple bowled.. the rest of us juz watched..
then ate cake.. haha.. had so much fun talking crap with everyone..
dunno which jc's principal ah keep on asking for ezlink card everytime make mistake..
haha... on the overall it was sooo sooo fun!! yay!!
haha... can't wait for another reunion..
all the crapping and stuff reminded me on how much i miss u guys..

2nd day was talent night.. and the theme was ghost stories in JSS..
something like that lah.. wow.. the campers quite creative..
they were scaring some of the instructors even.. haha..
and BBQ.. cool.. for those who wasn't there..
i'll tell u in person ok?? silence u noe...

and last day.. at first wanted to go home after stand by bunk..
but in the end stayed until the break camp..
even went to eat at kfc.. that'd be at about 3++ close to 4..
inspite if the fact that i was dead beat..
but at least i had about 1 1/2 hour of sleep..
some of the others haven't even slept..
so ya.. a big CONGRATULATIONS to the 23rd SC..
to the seniors.. there are a few new posts..
and there's no exco or member.. all "same" rank..
let me list down the pple whose post i noe"
president(s): izzat and tze ling
ssmc (changed from ssae to scool spirit and morale):
qi shan and yan hong
the rest i not v sure.. =) haha.. no offense..
those who noe please tell me ok??
oh ya.. 21st councillors..
we "made" plans such that muz come back EVERY SLC..
kinda like a yearly reunion..
then if a lot of us come back every year..
maybe we'll get our own regular table.. u noe?? haha..
ok.. wadeva.. haha...

hmmm.. then 4/4 class outing..
that was another fun reunion..
another bunch of pple i missed talking crap with..
and guess wad??
me, faiz and zool (who was accompanying faiz)
was probably the first few pple to ever go sentosa in
haha... actually it was coz we juz came back from a comp..
but ok lahz.. haha... at least i got to change..
those pple who didn't come.. u guys are mean..
dun wanna meet us.. haish..
but not too bad lahz..
out of the 43 pple got 20+ pple who came..
about half the class.. haha...
then we took photos at the mrt station..
that was funny... pity the person who helped us take..
about 3 to 4 cams?? haha...
and we took forever to get ready lahz.. haha..

okiez.. that's all..
the day i finish i entry on 13 june..
2 days after i started it..
juz that i keep on getting interrupted everytime i continue..
1st time, pple come my house..
2nd time mass sc chat... (have more mass chats!!!)
3rd time had to go out for dinner..
this is the 4th time.. so for those peeps (namely alfred)
who was waiting.. i'm sooo sorry!!! nitez everyone..

Thursday, June 02, 2005

wow... haha.. its been quite a while

yo.. haha.. i haven't updated in like 2 weeks?? ok.. that hasn't happen since the time i got my new comp.. juz that i was v tired the past few weeks.. no mood to go online.. so.. actually now also not much mood but since i'm really bored.. may as well...

Highlights of the week from 21/5 to 29/5
25th may
went back to JSS.. collect my cert..
went with linnet, hui ying, yan pei...
met xiat fei..
then jing bao who was on the way home on 154,
saw us and went down the bus..
so it was this BIG group who went in..
went to bombard mrs tong in HOD room..
took A LOT of her sweets.. haha..
then wanted to find mr ching
but he was in dunno wad meeting.. haish..
unexpected surprise though.. met LIA!!! yay!!
when we saw each other we were like screaming and running towards each other..
haha... it was sooo great to meet you lia!!
but found out that she has become really crazy..
but its ok.. haha.. kinda used to it anyway..
i am currently surrounded by really crazy frenz too.. haha..
no offence to my ij frenz... haha..

27th may GP "summer test"
Be Yourself Day, Mayden Rock Show

i still stand firm by my stand that the term summer test is juz a nice way to say mid-year exam.
man.. i think its a pretty lame euphemism lah..
wadeva.. anyway.. i think i blew it..
wrote a lot of crap.. think i didn't really substantiate my essay..
haish.. [sheesh... my mind's feelimg really scrambled now..]
anyway.. be yourself day was kinda funny.. haha
yay.. chor kiat won for best dressed... funny lah him..
hmmm... but too bad fie didn't get nominated..
yay mafia!! haha.. she looked soo cool lah.. haha
and the rock "concert"... damn good for a maiden affair..
pretty cool.. ij has sooo many great talents man..
continue rawking on IJ.. great musicians.. great singers..
felt sorta like a real concert lah.. but i got deaf pretty early..
came late mah.. so had no choice of seat had to sit near speaker..
oh well.. thanks faiz and zul for making me go..
if not i would have missed on quite a lot.. thanks!!

hmm.. so... wad have i been doing this past few days??
helping out at JSS first ever Combined UG camp..
man.. damn beat.. but at least i'm not as bad as those who went for the whole 4 days 3 night..
i went for 4 days lah.. but only slept on one night..
rest of the time at least got to sleep on my own bed..
*sighs deeply* but its really tiring coz i still had things on in the morning for all 4 days..
so its like in the morn i go to IJ (cept on tue where i went to bryan's house..),
afternoon spend time in JSS, at night no mood to do anything else but sleep..
i've been travelling like crazy lahz..
and i predict that i would be doing the same thing next week when i go visit in at SLC..
haish.. and worse (or maybe its best) i can't stay overnight except for the 1st day..
haish.. tired.. oh well.. but while the camp itself wasn't V fun..
met old frenz, made new frenz.. that is sooo cool.. haha..
[most] of the pple are really funny.. really fun to be with lah..
hmmm... i mean the instructors lah.. haha...
ok fine.. some of the campers wasn't too bad.. haha..

to the capricorn i/c..(i forgot wad's ur name)
haish.. dun feel bad.. everything's ok..
thanks for apologizing though.. so nice of u..
to faiz (the NCC one.. not faizlyana..)
haha... u dun feel bad either.. its juz me..
i was kinda overwhelmed by everything..
and i was in kinda a weird mood..
so... sorry if i made u feel guilty..
it's really not ur fault.. :D haha..
to mike and eddie(hmmm.. correct spelling?? i wonder)
i'm not a person who gets NERVOUS easily..
hmph.. wadeva.. scouts guys are total lamers..
to somebody.. i'm still waiting for my SUV.. haha.. kidding..
to the guides gals..
thanks for being sooo honest... i'm really touched..
u wanna finish up ur 220? haha...
finally.. to everybody else:
it was (mostly) great to have known u guys..
i'm so gonna miss some of u a lot!!! haha..
hope we get to see each other again..
hmmm.. while there are somethings that we'd wanna forget..
make sure u remember all the good times ok?

okiez... that's all from me...
my bed is calling me.. really beat..
still have lessons tmr..
think my class can create some kinda record..
the only class to go to skool everyday for the first week of hols..
its the first week lor.. but i've been going to innova every single freaking day..
oh well... haish.. econs tutorial.. here i come.. sorta..
nitez everyone..