Tuesday, May 03, 2005

yoz!!! haha...
once again..
irresponsible me is at work..
i'm juz using blogging as an excuse
NOT to continue doing my PI..
haish... oh well.. truly speaking..
i DON'T care... i mean i'm forced to pay
$36 dollars juz to take this stooopid exam..
haish... WADEVA man... haish...

ok.. today's a GREAT day...
i was almost late to skool,
BUT... i wasn't..
came in juz as the bell rang..
YAY!!! haha..
then... after waiting for abt
25 mins for our econs teacher to come,
he wasn't there!! double YAY!!
at least i wasn't driven asleep...
oh ya... the PI that i took 3 days to do
(2&1/2 days to think, 2 hrs to complete)
wasn't completely rejected..
lucky me.. so now..
i'm supposed to make the suggested changes...
triple YAY!! coz hopefully...
after this.. can finally wash my hand of PI!!!
*sigh of content* doesn't that sound good??

ok... me really gotta go do the changes..
coz still got 1&1/2 lit essay for me to do..
(short attention span.. so always doing 2 things at 1 time)
i'm actually quite a pro multi-tasker.. haha..
gtg... nitez everyone!!

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